My recipes will be sorted by course, i.e, soup, main dish, side dish, etc. – you will also be able to pinterest a recipe, print it out, search by ingredient.  I have about . . . eek, 1000 recipes to add, but if you see a recipe after 1.5.12, it will automatically be updated there.

UPDATE as if 1.1.11:  Since starting the WW PointsPlus program, I will be showing the points for all my recipes, both old and new.  And hopefully add the 300+ recipes I still need to add to this page!

Below are some of the recipes I’ve made here at BDL over the past two years.  It will probably take a while to move all of them over though, it’s an ongoing process!

Most are healthy, some are most definitely not healthy (um 1 cup of oil in my carrot cake?) but I hope you find something to try!

















23 thoughts on “Index of Recipes!

  1. John Anderson

    Would you like to try out my recipe for Mint Noodle Salad? I am hoping you may be able to improve upon it with a little experimentation:


    Soba Noodles ( enough for 2 servings) Fresh Mint Leaves
    Aji Mirran (Sweet Rice flavoring) Fresh Cilantro
    1 Medium Carrot 1 Tbs Olive Oil
    1/2 Red Bell Pepper 1/2 tsp sesame oil (season to taste)
    Nellie and Joe’s Famous Key West Lime Juice

    Possible Options: Rice Wine Vinegar, Salt, Yakisoba sauce, Sesame seeds or toasted sesame seeds, diced tomatoes, chopped garlic

    1. Rinse Cilantro and mint leaves, let sit on paper towel.
    2. Peel fresh carrot and you may cut using a shredding tool or cut into little match sticks. (set aside)
    3. Dice red pepper. (set aside)
    4. Bring 4 Cups water to boil, add soba noodles and let cook 2 minutes. Rinse under cold water several times and strain.
    5. Put noodles in bowl you will serve in.
    6. Mix olive and sesame oils together. Add 2 Tbs Lime juice and 2 Tbs Aji Mirran
    Pour on top of noodles and mix.
    7. Add chopped cilantro and mint. Mix
    8. Artfully arrange the peppers and carrots on top. Sprinkle with sesame seeds for garnish.

    So far, I have not been able to get this to taste the way I want. It is an interesting salad/appetizer that can be made under 15 minutes or less, and can be served warm or cold, depending on your mood. We have served it with prawns we bbq’d and with flank steak Kalbi and both went well with this. It is low calorie, but I haven’t worked out the nutritional information yet. I don’t see why prawns or lightly sauteed scallops couldn’t be added, or some sauteed chicken slices, either. A bit of cayenne might improve it, and I want to add some vinegar as well. Oh, and a light rose wine works well, if you are so inclined. Enjoy, and let me know if you can improve upon this.

    • I love these best of all cookies. But one night I made them in revsere order of ingrediants. Basically just dumping all the stuff in my mixer at once.Well, let me tell ya they were practically unrollable into balls they had a bit too much flour in them. But I baked them that way. They almost came out like keebler m&m cookie crunchy with that golden toffee perfect crunch thing.I need a cookie fix now. I’ve made them that way only once. Am going to see if I can duplicate it a second time. Oh yea, I add walnuts too.

  2. While these recipes all look just delish and I intend to try many of them, I’m looking for the Zucchini Pasta that I just read about on Shelley’s blog.

    Is it simply steamed shredded zucchini with Parmesan or is there something else? Or did I just not see it in the index? Thanks!

    • Yep – all I do is use a julienne peeler – peel the zucchini, with skin, until you reach the seeds. Then saute in Pam, or a bit of butter and Parmesan cheese – so simple and delicious! I didn’t really put it in the index because I don’t really consider it a recipe 😀

  3. Ivy

    I was hoping to find your Points+ listing for your “Green Eggs and Ham!” Looks delish, but I don’t want to start my morning off with too many points!

  4. You have my new favorite blog! I am also on weight watchers and have been looking for recipes that are delicious but healthy as well. Thank you! I have started my own food blog but it seems quite rinky dink in comparison lol.

  5. Cassandra

    Awesome!!! I can’t wait to try the chille rellenos casserole!!! This site really saved me from making chili rellenos the old fashioned fatty oil way!! Thank you so much for your amazing weight watcher cooking ideas!!!! 🙂

  6. Lisa

    Was looking for the mini raisin breads in the Starbucks protein box…the search linked to your site…but I couldn’t find them

  7. Susan Mentink

    I love your blog and recipes! I’ve been following you for several years yet have never commented! Sorry! I’m looking for a recipe of yours that everyone raved about when I made it a few years ago. It’s a Shrimp Cocktail with avocado, V8 juice, and some other veggies maybe? So yum! I’m hoping to make it for a Christmas party. Thank you!

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