Make The Magic Green Sauce

My car has built in Sirius radio and it’s free for the first three months of having my car, and I have until June 15 to decide if I want to keep it.  I am on the fence.  It is nice to have commercial free radio, but just like the radio, if you listen to a particular station long enough, you do end up hearing the same songs over and over again.  On the way to work yesterday I was flipping around and landed on the 80s station – heck ya!  First of all, I need to dust my car, but I am not going to lie, I knew every word to that song and belted it out while I was driving. Open-mouthed smile

6.4.15 019

You all pretty much know by now that I prefer savory breakfasts over sweet ones.  I had some leftover baked beans, so that was the inspiration of my breakfast.  Bush’s beans makes a new product called Sweet Heat and they are delicious – perfect balance of sweet and spicy.  I heated up 1/2 cup of those and scrambled egg whites with red pepper to put on top with some cheese, baby spinach and hot sauce delish!  This whole dish was only 376 calories and 32 grams of protein.

6.4.15 029

I am happy to say that I’ve been up for over 30 minutes and I have yet to cough!  I am hoping I am at the tail end of my bronchitis because I am really missing my lunch time walks and the gym.  Hopefully if I don’t overdo it this weekend, I can get back at it next week.

Since I had cooked tostadas and leftover toppings from our falafel tostadas, I just heated up the last bit of grilled Greek chicken I had and made chicken tostadas.  My eyes were bigger than my tummy though, and I ended up eating only two of these.

6.4.15 033

One of my co-workers gave me an avocado (thanks J!) that was really ready to eat.  I remembered seeing a “Magic Green Sauce” on Lindsay’s site (Pinch of Yum) that I thought I had all the ingredients to.  I had everything but the nuts, so while the texture is obviously a bit different than hers, this sauce was not only simple to make, but so flavorful – It’s kind of like chimichurri sauce meets avocado dip!

6.4.15 011

I grilled the zucchini in a pan with a touch of olive oil and Green seasoning.

6.4.15 042

When I got home from work I didn’t hear anything, that’s because Hannah and Jacob were napping.  I figured they would be up by the time dinner was ready.  Nope.  I was sitting outside with Red just listening to music and on my tablet, and finally around 7 I was like “fuck it” I was getting hungry, so I had to add more coals to the grill in order to grill the steak.  And a few minutes later, when I was outside, Hannah opened the window and said “I don’t know how that happened!”  Apparently they had been sleeping since 2:30 in the afternoon!  But I used to be just like that at that age.  But this makes me want to get a gas grill even more, because after I added the coals, the steak only needed to cook about 6-8 minutes, so the rest of the coals went to waste – being the end of the week, I didn’t have any more meat to grill.

6.4.15 046

6.4.15 047

So go make the Magic Green Sauce – you will thank me (and Lindsay!) that you did.  And look at me eating mushrooms?  Jennifer, do you like mushrooms?  My Dad loved them but I haven’t started liking them until this last year or so – perfect with beef.

Alright, time to get this show on the road.  I haven’t put any food together yet and I still need to shower.  At lunch I am going to a whole neighborhood garage sale near my office – you can never have too many plates and dishes! 

Have an awesome weekend!  Hugs Open-mouthed smile

33 thoughts on “Make The Magic Green Sauce

  1. Kym
    Hummm very interesting... onions and mushrooms entering the picture. :) I say taste are changing in the "Bizzy" household. I LOVE music! A certain song or lyric can instantly change my mood. I love that you were singing along and not holding back. One day I was singing (at the top of my lungs, with the windows down) and a car pulled up next to me and it was a group of 20 somethings and they all stared clapping for me. I just looked over gave a little bow (turned ten shades of red I'm sure) and kept on singing.
    • Biz319
      OMG, if you and i were driving together we'd be belting out the tunes! I knew there was a reason I liked you! :D
    • Biz319
      You should try them again - Hannah and I both like them now - sauteed until they are golden brown - they are really good :D
  2. Kim
    mmmmmm mushrooms!! So glad you are starting to like them!! I am notorious for putting way to many charcoal briquettes on our Weber! Ive learned if I close ALL vents and put the lid on it right after cooking the heat will go out and save what I have left of the briquettes. I can reuse the charcoal the next time I grill. Maybe this would work for you....
  3. Lisa
    My husband has Sirius. Call them and tell them you are considering not renewing, that the price is too much. They will play with you and should give a discount or promotion. Happy Friday!
    • Biz319
      Thanks for the tip Lisa - I am loving Spotify right now - I thought it was just an app that told you the name and artist of a song!
  4. We've had sirius for years. I got it in the beginning of it and was a fan. But you are right--listen to the same station long enough and it's the same songs. It's nice that they have variety though.
    • Biz319
      The variety is good, but I find myself listening to just a handful of stations - not sure its worth it just for that.
    • Biz319
      You will love that sauce Courtney - it goes great on so many things - and I was thinking it might be delicious tossed in with some sliced cucumbers and maybe fresh dill?
  5. If your car has an aux plug, just run I Heart Radio or Songza (or any other free music app) through your cell phone - no Satellite subscription fee, and a huge variety of songs! BTW, I want to eat that green sauce NOW!
    • Biz319
      Yep, I've been using the AUX to play Spotify - so many options for free - thanks for the tip! Let me know if you make the Green sauce - so good!
  6. I love my Sirius radio - got it free for one year with my car, but I'm planning on keeping the subscription when it's up. Did you know there's even a disco station? Channel 54, naturally. Sometimes I go there just to go back in time. Have a great weekend!
    • Biz319
      I had to laugh Shelley because Tony always used to say that's when 70s music died when it switched to Disco! (I do love the Bee Gees though!)
  7. You are a girl after my ♥ Mushrooms and onions on steak...yes and yes and Yum~yum~yum!!!! I am glad your taste are changing....onions and mushrooms and horseradish sauce on steaks. I must try the green sauce....that plate of food sure looks good!
  8. I've made that Green Sauce recipe already! It's great for doctoring up leftovers! I hated mushrooms as a kid! I don't remember that magic moment when I learned I liked them, but it is all because the ones my mom made were canned and the ones I love have to be fresh. But I love mushrooms! Happy Weekend, Biz!
    • Biz319
      yep, my Dad loved putting canned mushrooms on homemade pizza and they just looked so gross - but done slow in a pan with a touch of butter - so good! Glad you liked the green sauce!
  9. I'm pretty sure I would die w/o onions and mushrooms in my life. I eat them almost every morning in an egg scramble, and always when we grill steaks! Speaking of steak, I've seen so many of your steak posts that I bought some rib-eyes on sale to grill tomorrow night. I need to look up how many carbs are in 1/2 of a baked potato. :) Oh and I'll be using FB for the challenge. Thanks for setting it up! Hope you have a relaxing and refreshing weekend. :)
  10. ERIN
    Green sauce looks amazing. I made an herb sauce using whatever I had left of parsley, cilantro, and chives the other day and just did that up with some olive oil. It was pretty good over my chicken, but it would have been better with beef. I had Sirius in my 2012 Focus, and I now have a 2015 Fusion. I have the trial going in my Fusion, but I'm still getting letters saying "Come back! Your 2012 Ford Focus will thank you!" And I'm thinking that yeah, maybe the new owner would enjoy that. LOL
    • Biz319
      Yep, I've gotten the same things for my 2012 Rogue - I am like "I don't own that car anymore!"
  11. I love mushrooms! The green sauce looks delicious. I still chuckle when I write these words because I didn't eat a vegetable until I was in my 20s! I don't have Sirius, but I've enjoyed it in rental cars. I love the comedy stations.
    • Biz319
      Tony used to love the comedy stations and the talk radio - he rarely listened to music - I've probably listened to more music in the last seven months than I did in the last seven years :D I didn't eat a vegetable other than cucumbers and carrots until I was 32!
  12. Kim
    If you keep xm/Sirius just call and tell them you don't want to pay for radio. They will drop the price. Tell them again you just prefer not to pay for radio and they will drop it to something like $25 for 6 months. I have this conversation with them r dry six months and they ALWAYS reduce it that low.
    • Biz319
      Thanks for letting me know Kim! That's awesome - I will definitely let you know how that goes - thanks! :D
  13. Just out of curiosity: do you always have to pay for radio stations? Here it's all free so you can listen to what you want on the radio. I always thought you had a gas grill, didn't know you used coals. We switched from gas to coals but I still have to figure out how many coals to use for just meat for one meal. Usually we have a couple of pieces of meat to grill.
    • Biz319
      Nope, local radio stations are free, but Sirius radio is satellite radio, so you could listen to the same station driving across the country and there are no commercials. Our gas grill died last fall and I have yet to get a new one, so I am sticking with the tried and true Weber grill - I usually have the kids start the coals for me before I get home, so it's easier to grill on a weeknight.
      • Do you have a kickstarter for the Weber? We bought a Weber 2 years ago and with the kickstarter the coals are hot fast. LOL: my country is so small that all stations can be listened to in the whole country.

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