Happy Birthday Jacob!

Today is Hannah’s fiancés birthday – Happy Birthday Jacob!  We are celebrating tonight at Ruth’s Chris and I cannot wait.  It’s been over two years ago that I’ve been there and I just love their beef.  Well, and the sizzling buttery platter they serve it on!  And I will probably have one glass of pinot noir to go with my steak.  I’ve been good all week with my 21 Day Detox, and I am using the 90/10 rule, and it is a special occasion.


Yesterday morning I looked at the clock and I had 25 minutes to go before I had to leave for work and I was like “I have time to make pancakes!”  I totally threw this together with what I had on hand, and I seriously had doubts if it was going to work or not.  This batter takes a bit longer to cook than regular pancakes.  I had to cook them on medium low heat so that they bottom didn’t burn before it was set enough to flip.  I had time to cook exactly two pancakes before throwing the rest of the batter in the fridge and hitting the road.


I heated them up about 45 seconds at work.  My syrup was 1/2 teaspoon almond butter mixed with 1 tablespoon sugar free pancake syrup, then drizzled with 5 chopped pecans.

3.36 007

Still plenty fluffy and so good.  I normally don’t gravitate towards sweet breakfasts, but the almond butter and pecans gave it just enough salty savory flavor to offset the sweetness.  And because there’s only 3 tablespoons of brown sugar in the batter, the pancakes in and of themselves weren’t too sweet.  Best part?  The stats!  Each pancakes comes in at 99 calories, 2.2 fat, 13 carbs, .8 fiber and 6.1 protein.  These are a keeper!

It was party sunny yesterday, and even though it was only 40 degrees, I put on an extra jacket and got my steps outside – I am hoping that if I walk outside more it will feel more like spring than winter!  This is at a forest preserve a mere 3 minute drive from my office – nice!

PicMonkey Collage - walk

Then more lasagna soup for lunch – except this time I grated a medium size zucchini into the soup while it heated up – delish!

3.36 025

I finished getting my steps in after work, just a 5k because I had to make a cake for Jacob – his favorite?  German Chocolate Cake – just like my Dad!  The recipe was super easy to follow, and even though I was a bit worried about my frosting, once I cooled it in the fridge it was fine.

3.36 028

Since I was busy making cake and frosting, dinner was on the fly, just heated up buffalo chicken chili and some cheese and I had a serving of tortilla chips for dipping.

3.36 033

I will admit I did have a couple licks and tastes while I was baking the cake and making the frosting.  Um, let’s just say that on more than half a dozen occasions I’ve forgotten to add sugar to cake and/or muffin batters?

So I am killing it with my steps these last couple days!

3.36 035

I’ll post a picture of the German Chocolate Cake on Instagram tomorrow.  I haven’t frosted it yet because I had the frosting in the fridge overnight.  Hope you have a great weekend!  Other than dinner tonight I don’t have anything planned, but of course, you know I’ll be Bizzy in My Kitchen on Sunday.  The kids have requested my rosemary sea salt artisan bread, and when I looked at the picture I realized its been a while since I made it!

artisan bread

Make it a great day!

25 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jacob!

  1. Your buffalo chicken chili won me the office chili contest last week. Mad a double batch, so my freezer is stocked with it! Love serving it over baby spinach.
    • Biz319
      Woop! So excited about that Jacky! I had thoughts of making like a zucchini lasagna with the chili and adding a layer of ricotta, kind of like a buffalo chicken veggie lasagna. Turns out good in my head, so we'll see if it works out this weekend when I make it! :D
      • Molly
        I like the BBC (Bizzy's Buf Chili) Lasagna idea...I've made the chili many times...yummy...adding this to my make list for next week. so please post if it was a bust or not....maybe some blu cheese???
  2. Katherine
    All the food looks yummy and your exercising is awesome. I don't know how you find the time to do it all!
    • Biz
      It helps that I only have a 30 minute commute to work. I get up at 6:30 and don't leave the house until 8 - so there's 90 minutes for getting stuff done. Even after working out at the gym after work I am usually home by 6:30 - I go to bed at 11:00 and I declare 9:00 my "Biz t.v. time" and I don't go on social media the rest of the night. So I just realized that even with all that walking I am still watching 2 hours of t.v. a night! :P
  3. Erica
    Oh my gosh- that bread! YUM! Happy Birthday Jacob! Have fun at Ruth's Chris tonight. I love how you can do SO much in 25 minutes. I pride myself on really utilizing my time well, but you might put me to a little bit of shame :)
  4. Bullets! ~ Birthday in the house! :-) ~ Now *I* just might have to have a steak tonight! I was planning on this almond crusted walleye that I love at a joint not too far from us... Hmmm... ~ You always have such great ideas! Cottage in pancakes for more protein. Almond butter with syrup - GENIUS! ~ Have a great weekend!
  5. Joanne
    You get so much done in a short amount of time. Your food organization skills are the best. I run out of good ideas for meals for a fellow diabetic. Where do you get most of your ideas? Have fun tonight with Jacob & Hannah! Birthdays are fun to celebrate, aren't they? Enjoy the weekend.
    • Biz
      Well, my ideas first come from my sale paper - whatever meat is on sale is where I start out - so if chicken breasts aren't on sale, then I go to Plan B. Nowadays Pinterest has taken over as my main source of meal planning, and of course with all the blog reading I do, I'll pin stuff from other bloggers for inspiration. :D
  6. Happy Birthday to Jacob - he seems like a great guy, and I'm so glad Hannah's found such a sweet match! Enjoy the birthday dinner - I've never been to Ruth's Chris, but someday... :)
    • Biz
      Ruth's Chris is definitely a treat for once in a while. I've been watching the Travel Channel all week while working out and all the shows seem to be about beef, so I am ready!
  7. Melissa
    I Love Ruth's Chris. Try the Save Me San Francisco wine, its really good! Happy Birthday to Jacob. Enjoy the celebrations.
  8. Kim
    Happy birthday to Jacob!!! I'm sure y'all will have fun celebrating. I've never been to a Ruths Chris but have heard they are great.
  9. Kym
    Woo hoo for celebrating. I hope everyone enjoys the birthday dinner. You just had to post a photo of your bread. I'm okay when you talk about it but when you post a photo I'm hooked. I LOVE that bread but don't make it that often because it heats the house up with the oven that high. Lucky for me we are having some cooler weather (in the mid 60's) this weekend so I'll be able to do some baking. I'm off to hunt down your buffalo chicken chili recipe I think it will be tasty with the bread. Have a great weekend.
    • Biz319
      Here is the link for you Kym! Right now it's 23 degrees, so I'd take your "cool" weather any day! :D http://www.mybizzykitchen.com/2010/02/06/best-buffalo-chicken-chili/
      • Kym
        Well I haven't decided if you're the best because you saved me time by posting the link or you are evil for making it so easy. Thank you.
  10. Kimberly
    Happy birthday to Jacob! I hope you guys have an awesome dinner. The rosemary bread really appeals to me. I must make it!

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