Now we…Wait

I got to the hospital at 7:00 a.m. yesterday morning.  I can never know exactly when doctors are going to do their rounds, so I figured the early bird gets the worm!  At 7:15, one doctor came in to tell us that they would be performing Tony’s liver biopsy that day.  That’s to determine what type of liver problems we are dealing with.  His autoimmune numbers are off (not sure exactly what that means) and his bilirubin number is climbing and was at 9ml yesterday morning.  Since Tony is on blood thinners, even though he’s been off his medication for that, there is still a chance for bleeding, so they ended up making an incision in his neck and putting a tube down into his liver and getting the biopsy that way.  Ouch!

I felt horrible for not being with him all day yesterday, but work has been crazeballs.  The first day of the month is the busiest day of the month.  We do billing for the month, lots of chart work, entering attorney time in and it’s super fast paced to try to get it all done.  On top of that, our new assistant came in today and I had to train her.  Um, I’ve never trained anyone in a job before AND it was a hectic day so it was a bit overwhelming, but in actuality, it took my mind off of Tony, even if for a few hours.  I carried my cell phone around me like a necklace, just in case he called.

So I had a quick breakfast – Chobani and another granola bar.  Let’s just ignore the fact that the sell by date was April 14.  It tasted fine!

wait 001

I already know I am totally going to get along with the new person that started.  She’s my age, has a 24 year old.  Very smart and picked things up very quickly.  I finally sent her to lunch at 12:45 and then since I was leaving early to get the afternoon doctor rounds, I ate at my desk.  More Italian sausage gnocchi soup which I promise I will share the recipe soon.  So fricken good.  I took such a quick shot of my soup that I didn’t realize until I downloaded the pictures that I had my insulin pen next to it – ha!

wait 002

My step-son Joe and his wife Lizz have been peppering me with snapchats, which I love.  Here is the latest from Joe!

wait 003

I got to the hospital literally 10 minutes after Tony got back from his biopsy.  He was heavily sedated because he said he could feel a lot of stuff and they kept pumping him with stuff until he fell asleep.  So sleep he did!  He slept for the first hour I was there, then kind of woke up enough to know that he was hangry!  He hasn’t really eaten much food at all other than clear liquids since Monday.  They finally cleared him of a regular diet, but not to push the envelope too much, ordered apple sauce and fresh fruit – he was in heaven eating the fruit.

I then went down to the cafeteria to see if there was anything remotely that sounded good.  Um, no thank you on the pretzel crusted cod!

wait 004

Again, all the sides looked like ass, so I ended up once again at the salad bar.  Not even any damn chicken fingers to accessorize my salad – it was 6:15 and the cafeteria closes at 7:00 and they said it was too late to make more.  How long does it take to make a chicken finger – I can make chicken fingers from scratch in less than 45 minutes!  So I loaded up on beans as protein – black beans, kidney beans and chick peas.  My dressing is half blue cheese (regular because they don’t have reduced fat or fat free dressing) mixed the balsamic vinegar.

wait 005

After I ate, I ended up lying in bed with Tony where he fell in and out of sleep for the next three hours.  It kind of worries me that other than getting in and out of a wheel chair between tests, he really hasn’t done much walking at all.  I was able to find someone to work at the restaurant for me tonight, so maybe I’ll try to get him to take a few laps around the floor tonight.

Because of the crazeball day I had at work running around, still managed a decent step total!

wait 006

Again, thanks for all the virtual hugs coming our way – I am way far behind in blog commenting – I can read blogs fine on my phone but its hard to comment on my iPhone.  Just know I am keeping up with you all!

They said the results of the biopsy wouldn’t be 100% conclusive for a few days, so now we . . . wait. 

17 thoughts on “Now we…Wait

  1. Lynne

    Oh, I’m so sorry for you both. Keep taking care of yourself with good food and sleep!I’ll keep you both in my thoughts & prayers that you get good, positive answers and Tony is on the road to recovery soon 🙂

  2. Don’t worry Biz, you have other things on your mind. Focus on Tony and yourself right now, that’s what’s important.

    I keep you in my thoughts.

  3. Erica

    Thinking of you two!!! You’re an amazing wife. Tony is so lucky to have you. You really do a great job making healthy food choices in a tough situation

  4. Ugh on waiting for the test results, but I hope the worst of this is over. Hang in there – still sending good vibes your direction!

  5. Sherry Werth

    So sorry Tony is having to go through all that!! Hopefully he will be all better soon! Will keep sending get well wishes and hugs your way!

  6. Waiting is so hard. Maybe you can perform one of your great workouts for
    Tony? Maybe you can send snapchats to Fathead. Maybe you can have the patience of a saint and just wait. Thinking of you.

  7. Kim

    You should never worry about commenting or responding – you have far more important things to take care of right now! Glad you got someone to work tonight so you can be with Tony!
    And – so awesome that the new hire is compatible – always good to like your coworkers!!

  8. Man, do I feel for you and Tony. I hope it all works out; it is so hard not to know what’s going on.

    You made a pretty good choice in the cafeteria; amazing in light of the options and the situation.

  9. So sorry for you both – you guys are in my thoughts and I have all my fingers crossed for the best results possible! This may be a super obvious question – but, what hospital is he at?

  10. Victoria Thomas

    Many thoughts and prayers for you and Tony, Biz. I hope they figure it out ASAP so he can start getting better. Hang in there! Vicky

  11. Kym

    Ditto to what Kim said. You have so much going on in life… as much as we love you and your witty fun comments don’t worry about getting back to us. You and Tony come first. I hate waiting. Don’t get me wrong, I have incredible patience with things and people but even though I still don’t like it. I hope you know we are all waiting with you.

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