Sunday Funday

I got up at 9:00 a.m. yesterday morning, even after not going to bed until nearly 1:30 on Saturday night.  Well, okay with day light savings, it was 10:00, but still.  Tony was still sleeping so I got up, grabbed a cup of coffee and hung out with my DRV for a couple hours.   It was awesome.  I was under my blanket, in my comfy chair.  I had no guilt thinking of all the things I should be doing – nice!  I’ve almost caught up on Girls – I love that show!

Although Kyle and/or Lyle was trying to get my attention – this scared the shit out of me.  I am watching t.v. and all of a sudden Kyle jumped on the screen right behind the t.v.!  I guess they wanted breakfast!

bowl 008

Around noon I was getting hangry, so Tony made me his famous tater tot egg cheese dish in our small cast iron skillet.  Every bite had a crunchy potato bite – so good!  I could only eat 3/4 of it though!

bowl 021

Before I knew it, it was time to head out to meet up with Hannah and her best friend and her son for bowling to celebrate Hannah’s birthday.  Mel and Hannah have been best friends since 4th grade.

bowl 040

I used to bowl in a league in my early 20s.  My average score was 205.  Yesterday?  My high score was 58!  Ha – but it was fun.  Mel and I each got a beer – which prompted me to get carded – nice!  Hannah had a fruity vodka drink.  We split a meat and cheese tray and got a small pepperoni pizza.

bowl 034

bowl 036

bowl 030

When Hannah first got there, she took off her coat and she said “Mom, there is something I need to tell you.  I’ve been thinking about doing this for a long time and I finally had the guts to go through with it.”  My mind was racing – I was thinking, did she switch majors?  quit her job?  Nope.  She got a tattoo!

bowl 027

It’s my handwriting from a birthday card I gave her when she was 20.  Tony and I always told our kids get any kind of piercing you want because they can always be removed, but tattoos are with you for the rest of your life.  But how the hell could I be upset with that one?  I actually cried when I saw it.  I love you Hanners!

We spent a couple hours bowling, eating and gabbing, and then went to Panera for some coffee.

bowl 044

Mel’s son is so cute – he’s almost two and loves watching movies on his Mom’s phone.   I think it was his first time bowling too – he loved it!  And because he was under 2, he got to bowl for free. Open-mouthed smile

bowl 046

So I had planned ahead.  Knowing I was going to be out, I made beef stew in the crock pot for Tony’s dinner.  When I called him to tell him I was on my way home, he said that earlier in the afternoon he turned the crock pot down to low.  I have a history of having undercooked potatoes and carrots with beef stew, but we were both convinced that by how long the stew was in the crock pot, they should be fine.  Only one tiny, tiny problem.  I turned the crock pot on, but then I made salsa and plugged in our food processor.  Not wanting to trip the fuse, I unplugged the crock pot and well, never plugged it back in.  So when I got home, Tony had it simmering on the stove.  We finally had some around 8:15.  I’ll post the recipe tomorrow because it was really good – I plan on having leftovers for lunch today.

So I haven’t exercised in 4 days.  On Friday night and Saturday night I had pizza bread and leftover pizza when I got home from work.  I guess my saving grace was all the exercise I got at work being on my feet.  My Monday WI: – I guess I weighed in on Tuesday last week?

bowl 002

I’ll take it!  And this week will concentrate on getting more time at the gym.

We are having a birthday celebration at work for one of the attorneys – I am making breakfast parfaits!  I made a strawberry compote and a pear, honey cinnamon compote for the fruit fillings with my homemade granola and vanilla Chobani.  Hope everyone won’t miss the donuts!

Make it a great day!

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    • Tony (Mr. Biz Moto)
      Its kind of simple. I take enough tots from the freezer to line the bottom of our small cast iron pan. I microwave them until they thawed. I spray the whole pan with Pam. I then smash them down into the pan until they form a complete crust. In a bowl I took two eggs and added far too much Tabasco sauce. I beat this for a while with a fork until they seem frothy. I then add the cheese, we had cheese ends so I cut them up and added them into the egg mixture. I start cooking the tot crust first for a few minutes, them add the egg mixture on top. I cover the pan so the egg and cheese can cook. When it looks like the eggs have cooked I turn it over onto a plate. I then run from the dish because it is too spicy for human consumption.
  1. bluvsu2
    Love the tat. When my son was 15 he got my name tatted on his arm. Thank god the person was good. Since he-was underage. Of course everyone was like so sweet, he got your name. Me not so happy! But it's all done now. Could you share Tony's recipe? Please!!♥
  2. Breakfast parfaits? Sounds like an awesome birthday treat to me!! I am not much for tattoos, but I love the one your daughter got- that is so sweet. Just beautiful. Hooray for the loss! Whoops on forgetting to plug the soup in- totally something I would do. Just a note- you wrote DRV instead of DVR :) I always mistype things too so I thought I'd tell you ;)
  3. Krista
    Chubs, our naughtiest squirrel, completely trashed our screen door. Hannah's tattoo got me right in the feels! What a sweet thing.
  4. Oh wow what a unique idea for a tattoo. That was very sweet of Hannah. My tattoo is neither meaningful nor sweet. My saving grace is that it is not visible unless I'm wearing a bikini which I promise the world I will not do! I think it's impossible not to have fun when you're wearing bowling shoes. I'm glad you had a good time. Congratulations on the loss! I lost a pound and was just so thrilled to see the scale move again. Maybe you and I are both starting to get back into the groove.
  5. What a lovely gift from your daughter. Like you I don't really like tattoos but this is so sweet and it's very nicely done too. Didn't Tony want to come with you?

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