Leftover Beef Chili

I didn’t expect it to be so cold when I left for work.  -8 degrees!   I don’t know why I thought that just because the calendar says February, our weather would get any better.  And now we have more snow on the way – lovely!

I made another batch of Nicole’s Olive Oil (aka crack!) granola over the weekend, not only for me but for the squirrels.  I worry about them not finding food in all this snow.  They do seem to love it!  I had a Chobani, some granola clusters, an ounce of cheese and some grapes.  Kind of a picky plate breakfast, but that’s what I was in the mood for.

crab! 022

Work was busy right off the bat – I much prefer to be busy.  All of a sudden it was 1:00 and I hadn’t gotten to the gym yet!  I had a window to leave and decided to swim to stretch out my legs from being on my feet a lot at work over the weekend.

All was well.  There were three kids taking swim lessons on one side of the pool.  I was at the opposite end of the pool when I heard a lifeguard whistle and someone saying “ma’am!”  Um, first of all, I am too young to be called “ma’am” and I couldn’t think of what I had done wrong to get the whistle!  Turns out a little girl pooped in the pool – and I had to get out immediately.  So I only got to swim for 25 minutes – oh well, better than nothing!  I felt sorry for the little girl – her Mom came down from the observation booth and picked her up and said in a loud voice “that is not okay!”  Of course, then she started crying.  The trials and tribulations of being three!

So in cleaning out the refrigerator over the weekend, I still had a one pound piece of sirloin tip roast leftover, so I decided to make chili.  I googled “leftover beef chili recipes” and found one I liked and printed it out.  I put the recipe into the recipe analyzer to get the stats, but for the life of me I can’t find where I got the recipe from.  I think I might have written it down at work – I will try to link to it later today.  Update: you can check out the inspiration for this chili recipe here

Leftover Beef Chili


zeal2.2 014

crab! 009

I would almost call this a soup chili – maybe if I let it cook down some more it would have gotten thicker, but the flavor is amazing – it’s spicy and I love the vinegary kick from the bbq sauce.  This made a lot so you may have to get used to this lunch every day this week!

Tony and I had two leftover items from our Super Bowl that we never got around to eating – so this is not a bad dinner for a Monday night!  I had already defrosted the crab legs.  Heat oven to 400 degrees – bake the crab legs for 10 minutes.  The water inside the legs steams the crab to perfection.   On the side – Hooter’s Copycat Shrimp.   Delish!

crab! 011

Such a treat to have crab legs.  I never even tried crab legs until I was well into my 30’s – so much wasted time!

Stats for the Day:

  • 1663 calories, 130 carbs, 49 fat, 85 protein and 19 fiber
  • 40% of calories from carbs, 33 from fat and 26% from protein
  • 25 minute swim
  • no T25 (yet!)

Question of the Day:  Have you always liked seafood, or not until you were an adult?

Alright, off to get my stuff together – make it a great day!

36 thoughts on “Leftover Beef Chili

    • Biz
      Thankfully I was on the other side when it happened! And you are correct - everything is better with bacon. Well, that and CHEESE!
  1. Lynne
    That chili looks great! I love soupy chili :) I've been eating 'seafood' all my life. Fish every Friday and it was usually something my dad caught in the local lakes - bluegills, crappies, perch. He never filleted, so we always had bones to pick out. No problem - it was probably the only time I ever ate slow;) We had salmon and trout from Lake Michigan - smoked, steamed, etc. Loved shrimp - it was a treat! Have had most shellfish and fishes and love 99% of them! Have a great day!
  2. Lisa
    You have such a good heart, Biz. It is always a joy to read your blog. Thanks for sharing your life with all of us.
  3. I didn't have the opportunity to each much seafood until I was an adult. I'm still pretty picky about it. But Mr. Helen makes up for it - he's been eating it all his life and there's very little he won't at least try!
    • Biz
      My parents are both from Virginia, so they both grew up on it - I just don't remember eating it much as a kid - but maybe it's because they couldn't get as fresh of fish in Chicago so they didn't want to bother?
  4. Oh, yum! All that food looks so good! I have always loved seafood, but I think I've become more squeamish about certain things as an adult--specifically oysters and soft shell crabs. I had no problem eating those as a kid, and now they just freak me out. Crab legs, on the other hand... so good!! Sorry your swim was cut short...but pretty funny that someone pooped in the pool :-D
    • Biz
      I will never do oysters - either raw or cooked - it's a texture thing. I once had a chef when I was in high school basically force me to eat an oyster, and I nearly puked!
  5. Sam
    I swear it felt like every time that I used to go to the base pool in Delaware a child would poop in it and we would all have to get out. That chili looks amazing by the way! Also I pretty much always liked seafood :)
  6. Poor little girl. At age three, they really don't know any better and don't expect it. We were at the pool months ago and a boy about the same age pooped in the pool. We were out of the pool by then, but my hubby got to witness the aftermath in the men's locker room after. Ah, geez. I went to the pool Sunday and today. My little guy isn't so sure he likes it.
  7. Sherry Werth
    The chili, crab legs and shrimp look awesome! I'm going to have to start reading the blog AFTER lunch. Always makes me hungry for something other than what I brought! lol Yep, like Lynne I grew up eating seafood and all kinds of fish. Friday's were always 'fish fry' night at my Granny's house. In my younger days we would go 'flounder gigging' at night. I was a brave soul back then to go wading around in knee deep water in the middle of the night to catch fish! lol Awh - bless the little girl's heart!
  8. I do *not* like fish, but I love seafood. I ate shrimp when I was a kid, but I never tried other things like scallops or crab until I got older. I love, love crab legs! I even at a softshell crab sandwich, which was good, but I couldn't get over the fact that I was eating the entire crab, shell and all LOL!
  9. I never ever ever ate seafood as a kid! I'm in love with shrimp, crab legs, salmon, etc now! Like you said, so much time wasted. Luckily Colin loves all these things now, too. Well, not lucky for me - the kid is expensive! haha
    • Biz
      In the summer we grill them right in the shell too - they are fully cooked, and once thawed, only take about 10 minutes at 400 degrees - much cheaper than we could ever get out at a restaurant!
  10. Let's see - at age three the should know, but, I would be putting on a swim diaper just incase! better to avoid the embarrassment all around :) Your chili looks awesome!! It's above 10 degrees today, woohoo!
  11. The poor little girl! It probably won't be her last poop in the pool. I didn't eat seafood and till I was 25 years old. I decided to try it when I lived in Mozambique because it is so fresh and plentiful there. I definitely miss seafood now, but I have decided that I reserve the right to eat seafood when we return to Mozambique. In my opinion, it is the best I've ever tasted.
  12. Christina
    I have ALWAYS loved seafood! Even as a kid. A few weeks ago I went to California to a charity crab feed. All you can eat crab and pasta! I skipped the pasta and went full crab. Delicious.
  13. Kym
    Seafood was more of an adult thing for me unless you count the fish from Long John Silvers. I love most seafood now. I too cringe at the thought of oysters because of the texture thing. Clams can be in the same boat to me but I have tried a fried one. I sometimes think I want a dog but we have three cats and dogs need a lot more attention. Maybe one day.
    • Biz
      Yep, I am probably forgetting all the times we'd have to let him out in the wee hours of the morning! OMG, I loves me some Long John Silver's - it's a good thing that the one closest to us is 30 miles away, otherwise I'd probably go three times a week. Not sure that really constitutes as "fish" though - just lots of breading. (and in case you were wondering, I've googled how close the nearest LJS is to us, and there still isn't one closer!)
  14. I'm with Shelley: never liked seafood and still don't eat it. I don't like "white" fish much either but I sometimes eat it. I won't touch salmon though, don't like the taste of it. Ah that poor little girl, she couldn't help it I think.

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