Tony to the Rescue!!!

Sometimes my brain just doesn’t function right.  I left my day job at 4 and made it to the restaurant at 4:30.  Got my station, waited on my tables, everything was going really smoothly.  I am more familiar with the menu, I got to try out the new cappuccino machine (Stacie, you would love it!).  I tipped out and made $100, which isn’t bad for a pretty slow night.  I was all set to come home around 11:20 – except I can’t find my fucking keys.  I check my coat, my purse, the coat room, the cubbie I store my purse.  One of the bartenders and I checked the parking lot – they were just . . . gone.

My car was locked, so part of me thinks they should be in the building somewhere!  Although as I was falling asleep last night, I was trying to retrace my steps from when I got out of the car.  I remembered that the first thing I did was go into the office because  had forgotten to tip out the bus boy on Saturday night.  My only hope is that I laid them down on the Chef’s desk.  I don’t know if you’ve ever seen Chef’s offices – but tyically it is shared by all the managers AND the Chef.  There is a shit ton of stuff everywhere.  Maybe someone tossed a menu over my keys?  Fingers crossed!

So, sadly, I had to call Tony to come bail me out.  While I’ve told you that the restaurant is close to my office, it’s um, 45 minutes from our house.  Yep, Tony brought me the spare key at 12:05 a.m. and we got back home around 12:50.   Gah!   THANK YOU TONY FOR COMING TO MY RESCUE!

Now here is a quick run down of my day – I slept in a little this morning and I have 20 minutes to finish this post, shower, iron my work shirt and get out the door.  Totally doable!

Breakfast – breakfast baked potato – 4 ounce baked potato, scoop the potato out and scramble that with 1 egg, 1.5 ounces taco meat, baby spinach and top with cheese and put under the broiler.  Only 315 calories and 31 grams of protein!
12.13 025

On tap at the gym for Fitmas?  Run a mile!

12.13 00412.13 005

I walked the first minute, so my time is a bit skewed, but not too bad considering I haven’t done any cardio in a while.

12.13 006

It was chest and calves for the day – it took me 35 minutes to complete the circuit.

12.13 009

My Fitmas gift for the day?  A cookie cutter with a sugar cookie recipe.  I had to laugh because the first two ingredients were 1 cup of shortening and 1 cup of sugar!

12.13 010

I had more of Tony’s soup for lunch.  It actually tasted better yesterday than the day before!  I need to buy some more chicken broth to have the rest of it.

12.13 031

And amazingly, I passed up on work treats.  This basket is the hit of the office.  Toffee, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered cherries – all of which I’ve already deemed insulin worthy!

12.13 012

I got to the restaurant and this week we have soup.  You all know what I think about soup – loves it!  But I had a new to me soup I’ve never heard of – it’s called Straciatella.  Think of it like an Italian egg drop soup.  It was chicken broth based, had wisps of egg white, Italian sausage and spinach.  This picture does not do it justice, but this was so flavorful, I didn’t even need to add hot sauce or crushed red pepper!  I had two cups of that for dinner and I was a happy camper.

12.13 016

I have no stats, but I am sure you all can live a day without knowing how many calories I ate today!

Which brings us to Tony’s portion of the blog today – enjoy!!

What’s in a name?

I have always hated my name. While I have an ethnic last name my first is boring and whiter than white. My folks were in an anti Italian mode when I was born, and I paid the price. Jeff is the melba toast of names. The reason I am known on the blog as Tony is because that was the name I always wished I had. My Grandfather who lived his whole life in and around Florence Italy was name Tonino, or Tony. Why the hell couldn’t I have been named Tony?

My sons name is Joe, or Joey to me. It’s a simple and direct name. My son has an air of cool about him. He doesn’t try to be cool, he just is. He isn’t perfect.  He recently had a run in with a Wal-Mart employee who was ignoring him, until he discovered she was deaf. His name fits him. I am not a particularly religious person, but I prayed for a son just like Joey. He and his wife are some of the best people I know.  Did his name define him, or did he define his name?

I have a friend name Joel. He is without question on of the finest people I have ever met. He is as honest and hardworking a person. He has a wonderful family, and I really am a better person because I know him.

I also have a friend that I have known from my childhood. His name is Mike. I strive to be more like Mike every day. He has two awesome kids, one is a teacher and one is serving our country. He and his amazing wife don’t try to be special, they just are.

All of this culminates into one thought. I believe people with simple names, seem to be better people.

I think names do a great deal to define a person.  The top five names this year for males are Liam, Noah, Ethan, Mason and Jacob. I was under the impression they are trying to stop bullying, these names will not help.

If you are currently pregnant think about what naming a kid means for their whole life.

But please, please do not name that beautiful innocent child Jeff!

21 thoughts on “Tony to the Rescue!!!

  1. Well, Tony Jeff, you could be on to something. I do agree with you though. Names always seem to fit the soul. I remember when we named our kids. It took a lot of soul searching and I think they truly fit them well, plus they hold true to their roots. A very good thing!

  2. Haha – love this post from Tony. I’m pregnant now and we are trying to decide on a boy’s name. My husband’s name is Robert (Bobby) which is a nice simple name so we might just use that. It’s also my brother’s name (Rob). I refuse to name my son anything weird – not a fan at all of those top names this year. Why can’t people just pick good old fashioned normal names! I’m also not a fan of names that are unisex. I suppose my name is very outdated (Margaret – it’s a family name) but I don’t mind it.

  3. Tony to the rescue for sure! I am fairly organized…but I do have a tendency to lose my keys. I don’t know how you’re pulling all these long days- you are a rock star. That soup <3. You're such a "Tony" Tony!!

  4. You are an amazing person and coach. Every day I think about what I am eating and say to myself “What Would Biz Do?” You are the real deal!

  5. As I was reading your lost keys story, Biz, I could feel my blood pressure rising. I am ALWAYS losing my keys!! I am really good about losing my office keys…oops? Hope you find your keys!!

    And Jeff-Tony-Jeff, I think you should start an ASK TONY series here on the blog. People can ask you for advice and you can just shoot it straight. I’ll go first: names are an ongoing debate in our house. We have two kids, both of their names start with B. The debate is that IF we have a third child at some point, do we continue the B-tradition or do we just pick a name we like, even if it starts with another letter than our existing children? :) :)

    • Tony (Mr. Biz Moto)

      I know when my dad was yelling at me or my sister he would get confused and yell at me as Jody and Jody got called Jeff. I think three B. kids is too much. Its much easier to yell at an F or R kid.

  6. My brother’s name is jeff. He’s an a$$.

    • Tony (Mr. Biz Moto)

      I don’t know how to take that Randi, but I am kind of an Ass ( I don’t like to involve dollar signs when I swear!)

  7. The food pics look wonderful and I’m hungry! lol I am always misplacing things so I do feel your pain. Hope you find your keys!
    Tony, I think Jeff is a nice name. :-D

  8. Biz- That soup looks yummy!

    Tony-I always thought you *looked* like a Tony! I didn’t know it wasn’t your name until Biz mentioned it in a post one time.

    I came across this fun article, just this week, on baby name trends. So funny!

  9. Ah see – I like the top 5 names Tony! I would never name one of my kids a top 5 name but I see nothing wrong with those. Mason was actually on my list for awhile until it became too popular.

    Biz – way to pass up the treats at work…! I remember how hard that was when I was working. Literally baskets of treats delivered daily for weeks, ah!

  10. My brother’s name is Jeff, I married a Jeff, and my cousin married a Jeff. All nice people, but enough with the Jeffs!

  11. Mr. Biz looks more like a Tony than a Jeff! He should change it legally! BTW I know you do awesome simple bfast recipes all the time, however today is probably one of the first day’s I’ve pinned it! Can’t wait to “Paleo-ize” it and have some! Thanks (hope you find your keys & you should start carrying a single one in your purse (i do and it’s super helpful)).

  12. Oh keys…I know, they tend to be elusive at times. I am always making sure they are in my hands when I lock the door and then I put them in my coat pocket or in my purse right away. One time I was putting groceries in the car trunk and laid the keys down and closed the trunk……………. :( ……….. oh no!! Called the husband and he came to my rescue!! There is such a sense of “lostness” at that point, what am I going to do….and, I should have put my keys in my pocket then comes the name calling….oh you stupid!!!! I know, have one of those t-shirts. “Been there, done that”.

    That soup sure looks good, Jeff Tony (ummm, sounds like Chef Tony :) ) soup, and the soup your Chef made. I think I will google the name and see if I can find a recipe like it. Sounds like something I would like to try.
    I was named after my two grandmothers…only wish they would have left the “a” on Louisa instead of “e” I like the name Louisa, sounds prettier :) Have a great day and I hope the cards make you smile today!!!

  13. I totally get you on the name thing!! I always wished I had a better name and not the super common – Kim.
    At least you have a more Italian name on here!!!
    And so nice of you to rescue your sweet wife in the middle of the night!!

  14. Biz, the keys story is my worst nightmare, oh and running out of gas! Yuck.

    As for the names thing I could not agree more. My middle name used to be Teresa and I always hated it, I think because people liked to call me Terry. When I got married I dumped it and just slid my last name into that spot and tacked my husband’s name after it. Problem solved. You will always be Tony to me!

  15. Yes, Tony suits you well. You look like a Tony. What a great husband to rescue Biz. I hope the keys turn up soon. Great guest you post and great insight. I put a lot of thought into naming my daughter. I had to make sure her initials didn’t spell anything bad and that her name would be safe in the “name game song”.
    The soup looks so yummy and the basket super tempting. My weakness… sweet and salty at the same time.

  16. Wow, what a crazy night! Yay for Tony/Jeff (lol)!

  17. @Biz: thank goodness for Tony! He’s such a sweet guy.

    @Tony: I agree on keeping a name simple although mine isn’t too easy. My full name is Janna Franciska but I’m proud to have it because I’m named after my grandfather whom’s name was Jan Frank.
    My husband name is Italian: Romano :) but he’s a 100% Dutch with no Italian roots at all, he doesn’t even look Italian (too bad because Italian men can be hotties :) ). But his name suits him, his (and my) favorite country is Italy and he restores Ducati motorcycles.

    For what it’s worth: Jeff or Tony it doesn’t matter to me. All that matters is that you are a great guy who loves Biz very much and has tons of humor! Oh and you cook: that’s a big plus!

  18. I like the name Jeff. My brother in law is Jeff.

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