Six Month Progress and Ham Breakfast Cups

When I started this blog in September of 2008, I really thought that by showing what I ate, what I did for exercise, would motivate, er, guilt me into making the right choices because I wouldn’t be able to hide anything.  I remember Biggest Loser was starting up, and I thought – “I will just take it slow and steady and be at my goal weight by my birthday next March!”  Well, long time readers will know that didn’t happen.  And every subsequent New Years I declared it:  “2009 is Mine!”  “2010 is When” I’ll lose weight, etc.

But you know what turned on my Switch?  One damn picture.


That was a fun day on Lake Travis in May with Tony, my step-son Joe and daughter-in-law Lizz.  When I first saw that picture on Facebook I couldn’t believe I had let myself go so much.  I knew it, but I didn’t at the same time, does that make any sense?  And when Joe told me he had Insanity and could make me a copy, I was all in.   When we got back, June 1 was when I decided to start Insanity and I had to step on the scale and face the music.


While that isn’t my highest of all time (which was 211 pounds in 1999), this was my heaviest weight in years.  I always seemed to hover around the high 160s.   The only thing I did differently this time?  I had no actual goal, other than to do the Insanity program every day.  I had no goal date, no goal weight, I just made this my lifestyle.  I didn’t deprive myself anything.  I still had burgers, pizza, wine, etc., but I was in control of when I had those things, and I didn’t say “shit I just ate four pieces of pizza – I can’t do this!” and then eat like shit for days/weeks/months.  I just moved on.  No guilt!

Well, and I also worked out a lot!

Create the Life of Your Dreams

And after I finished 110 days of Insanity, I moved onto strength training – this week I begin Week 11 already!   I actually think it’s the strength that has done the most in reshaping my body.  Sadly, I meant to have Tony take a picture of me where I am at, and by the time I thought of it again, it was dark.  I will post a picture next week though!

So I went from 175.8 to 155.4!  I lost 20.4 pounds in six months.

WI 001

WI 005WI 006

But the best part are the measurements!

  • Thighs went from 24.5 to 22.5 – loss of 2 inches
  • Hips went from 40.5 to 38.5 – loss of 2 inches
  • Waist went from 38 to 36.5 – lost of 1.5 inches
  • Chest went from 38 to 37.5 – loss of .5 inches
  • Bicep went from 14 to 11.75 – loss of 2.25 inches!!

So I lost 8.25 inches if my math is right.  When we went on vacation in May I could barely fit into my size 14s, now my size 12s are getting loose.   I am just so proud of myself.  Tony always tells me that he loves me no matter what I weigh.  I was 139 pounds when I met him and he’s seen me at my highest since we’ve been together.  He loves me unconditionally and I am a lucky woman for that!

Thanks to everyone who cheered me on along the way, and I know you’ll continue to cheer me on – you guys are the best!

So as I go into week 11 of this strength training program, I realized I’ve never really paid any attention to the diet portion of this program.  So this week I am going to try to follow it – basically you carb cycle by alternating between high and lower carbs.  Today’s workout is legs, so that’s a high carb day – according to their chart – 211 grams.  On low carb days, that number drops to 80, but for me that’s too low so I’ve decided to make my low carb days 125.  My diabetes RN friend Nicole suggests that no one, even diabetics, should ever eat below 125 carbs.

Yesterday was a low carb day because it was a rest day.  Tony asked what I wanted for breakfast and I said I didn’t know.  He said “do we have ham?”  Yep!  He asked me to find the muffin tin, because with my brain, it could have been in one of ten places!  Once I got his mise en place, I let him do his magic.


12.1 010

12.1 012

I know it’s so simple, but these were so good!  I think the tang of the goat cheese made it for me.  The eggs were light and fluffy and I loved the crispy edges of the ham.  Thanks Tony!!

I have to be to work 30 minutes early today, but luckily my leg workout is one that I can do from home.  We are onto high reps!   Only 5 workouts, but 30 sets of each that you have to do continually for 150 reps, then rest a few minutes and do it 2 more times.  “As a result, the weights you use should be pretty light. You won’t be able to go heavy with this style of training. But your muscles will be taxed because of the time under tension.”  I am using 10 pound weights at home.

Alright, gotta get this how on the road.  Make it a great day!!

46 thoughts on “Six Month Progress and Ham Breakfast Cups

  1. Jennifer Olszowy
    Great job. The think I've learned is as we get older losing weight because more challenging. You are very inspiring. Keep up the awesome job!
  2. Heather
    congrats Biz..your hard work is paying off & I bet if you keep alternating low & high carb days while still strength training the rest of that weight will melt off....if you've ever read Chris Powell he has a whole system based on alternating days like that
  3. You are KILLING it - I'm so proud of you! Keep up the great work, Biz - you look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And just think of the muscles you're gonna have....... :)
  4. As you know I've been enjoying the carb and calorie cycling I've been doing, although I think poor Nicole, RD would probably have a heart attack if she saw some of my numbers. Most low carb days I only eat around 60-70 grams! But I'm feeling OK and I guess I make up for it on high days when I'm eating between 150-200. I think you'll enjoy it - you get through the low days by realizing you get more the next day! Plus you just never know if this will give you a bit of a jump start.
    • Biz
      Today was a high carb day, so I enjoyed it! I have egg white veggie omelets and taco salad on the menu tomorrow - it may be a stretch to get to 100 carbs tomorrow!
  5. Kym
    Slow and steady:) You should be proud of what you have achieved. You are such a great roll model. Tony's ham/egg cups look wonderful. MMMmmmm goat cheese.
  6. Good for you Biz...155.4 that is awesome. I would love to see 155 again. I am doing a cleansing this week of just fruits and vegies this week....I'll let you know how I did. This will be quite the challenge for me as I will still be cooking regualr meals for the husband so there will be a lot of temptations along the way. But it is just for a week, so maybe I will be able to handle that. You are a very good inspiration...if Biz can do it, maybe I can to!! Have a great day!!!
  7. Tony (Mr. Biz Moto)
    Ummm, one clarification. My Ham and egg cups, I added the goat cheese after I poured the egg and inedible sauce mixture into the muffin tin. I then fought off my instincts to throw it all in the garbage and make pancakes.
    • Biz
      Hahaha! Thank you for that clarification Tony. I still think the goat cheese made it - and Tony would just throw it out because of the cheese and hot sauce!
  8. Renee V.
    I love that you took measurements! It show the full change rather than just weight loss. Pictures are literally worth a thousand words, in this case motivational ones. A picture of me with a similar sitting position with short pool hair led me to my desire to not want to get any larger as well. how do you know what a high and low carday should be?
    • Biz
      Renee, if you go on - look for Jamie Eason's program which is free. Once I got to week 10, at the bottom of the workout, it would tell you to enter your weight, and whether it would be low or high carb - high carb days are the bigger muscle groups (i.e. legs) where low carb days would be lighter muscle groups (i.e. shoulders). Just following the plan! Here is the example for today - Day 71: Hope that helps!
  9. Sherry Werth
    Congratulations!! You are doing great and you're looking awesome!! I didn't do so good over the Thanksgiving holiday and weigh in this week should be...interesting. lol But I'm back on track today & my plan is to get back into the weight room at the gym this month. Thanks for being our motivator!! :-D
  10. Elizabeth
    Great job!!! You look great & are so positive! I've got my ingredients together to make the ham egg goat cheese bowls tomorrow am!
  11. They say timing is everything. I think you timed it just right this time! You are doing great and I know you are feeling great. Now I just need to kick my butt into action. OK-I did go on a three mile walk, but that is nothing like strength training. And hooray for Tony! What a great husband. But don't let it go to his head!
  12. FANTASTIC! You did it this time and I can't tell you enough how much you inspire me! You can be so proud of yourself, know that I am.
  13. Lisa
    Hey the new site and the new Recipe Box function. I use this function on several other food blogs and it's very convenient. I didn't realize when you switched over to the new site I would need to resubscribe. After coming back to work on Monday, I didn't have your blog for my daily morning read and I was kinda bummed out. So...I just googled your blog and re-signed up...and voila!! Your blog is such an inspiration to me and I love reading it every morning...mostly because you don't promote any sort of crazy deprivation for weight loss. Your approach is balanced and doable. That's the kind of methods I like to incorporate into my own life, and it's just nice to know someone out there who shares a similar philosophy. Keep up the great look amazing!!

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