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  1. I was so sorry when I read aboutTony. I don't remember if you remember when I emailed you about Mayo Clinic but you had been there with Tony when I was there. I prayed for him and your family. He is in a better place and no more pain. I follow your blog faithfully but once I came home from Mayo I was working on getting better and haven't been following since but I have thought about you and Tony and how he was doing so today I looked you up and was sad to read about Tony. God bless you going forward and keep up your great site and all of the good recipes. I am not sure you still do Weight Watchers (which I follow) and you have sugar (which my husband has so I use your recipes a lot. Again I am sorry for your loss. Linda Robinson Diamond Il
    • Biz319
      Yes, I do remember you!! Hope you are doing better. Yep, I always thought we'd get through any medical hurdle but this one took me by surprise. It was going from "transplant!" to "hospice!" in the blink of an eye. Hugs!

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