I had such a busy work day yesterday.  I never know when one of my bosses is going to be in the office and he had a ton of stuff for me.  I love being busy because it makes the day go by fast, but I was too busy to Instagram my meals during the day yesterday – ha!

This is a Chobani bowl – (2) for the yogurt, (1) for the peanut butter powder and (2) for the granola.

I did squeeze in a 40 minute walk at lunch though, so that was good.  Right before I left Hannah texted me to tell me that the central air isn’t working.  Because of our schedules, service isn’t going to be until noon today.  Of course it had to go out on a day that was really humid and in the mid-80s.

Lunch was another pork sandwich with my homemade stove top sauerkraut.  I forgot the bbq sauce at home, but Plochman’s mustard was a great substitute.  With a serving of baked Lay’s, lunch was 9 points.

I was night secretary last night and two people on my floor signed up for help.  I got a call at 4:15 from the coach of the firms softball team telling me that the two women on the team cancelled last minute and he wanted to know if I could play.  I quickly figured out what the two attorneys needed and finished that in 30 minutes, so that I could leave at 4:45 to head to the game.

It was raining though, so I wasn’t sure we’d get a game in – apparently they are jinxed with rain on Wednesdays.  But it cleared up and we got the game in.  The firm’s team is in first place going into the playoffs – there are some really good people on the team.  I was happy I got a hit every at bat, and made a couple plays on the field.  It was so fun!

The park is in the West Loop.  I walked back to the train to get home steps in and passed by this place – Kaiser Tiger – sausage, bacon and beer – three of my favorite things?  Jacky, have you been there before?  

It was after 9 by the time I got home, and I really didn’t feel like cooking anything (it happens sometimes!) so I picked up these DiGiorno pizza flatbreads.  They were 10 points each, and I ate them both because I was really hungry.  Even though those were 20 points, I ended my day with 34/30 for the day – not bad!

Hoping the rain stays away at lunch so I can go to my Weight Watchers meeting – and hopefully my sister can go too – she’s been too busy to walk with me this week and I miss her! 

Two more days til the weekend, we’ve got this!  Make it a great day!

Stovetop Sauerkraut

I had a couple mason jars in the work kitchen cabinet, and when I went to make my parfait yesterday they were both gone.  So I had to make a breakfast bowl parfait.  Chobani (2) topped with blackberries and banana, 1/4 cup granola (3) and a drizzle of sugar free syrup.

It it was such a gorgeous day yesterday I didn’t want to come back to the office.

That’s the Pritzker Pavilion that my Mom and I were at the night before last – so pretty! I walked around Maggie Daly park too – and walked right on by the free Talenti they were handing out!

Lunch was a leftover bunless burger with hummus and veggies and fruit for 9 points.

For some reason I was super tired last night.  Both Hannah and Jacob are getting over colds, and I just felt achy so I took it easy last night – no insanity or the gym!

What I did do was make this super delicious stovetop sauerkraut from my friends Alison and Cameron’s garden. So pretty!



Stovetop Sauerkraut

A super quick and simple kraut that's ready in 10 minutes.

Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 8 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Servings 4 People
Author Biz


  • 4 Cups Red cabbage
  • 1 Tbs Dijon mustard
  • 1 Tbs Garlic
  • 1/4 Cup Apple cider vinegar
  • 1/2 Tsp Salt
  • 1 Tbs Brown sugar


  1. In a large skillet sprayed with Pam, start to sauté the cabbage.  In a mixing bowl add remaining ingredients and mix well - pour over red cabbage, reduce heat to medium low, cover and cook 8-10 minutes.

I grilled pork on Sunday night and made a pork slider for dinner with this cabbage – it was so good I’m having it for lunch today.

Photo credit goes to Hannah.  Thanks Hannah!  I feel fine today, so watch out Fitbit challenge friends, I only had 13,000 steps yesterday!

I’m blogging from my phone this morning because I was having technical difficulties – so this post will be short and sweet – like me! 

Make it a great day!


Weekly WI – +2.0

I was so ready to go to Weight Watchers on Saturday morning that I was up at 7:00 a.m. for my 8:30 meeting!  You know how some weeks you feel like you’ve gained weight, but have to go anyway and face the music.  Um, that wasn’t me this last Saturday.  I killed it last week.  Except for my 45 point day the previous Saturday when I met friends out for lunch and beer (which I totally tracked) I tracked 100%, did my Max Insanity 5 times, went to the gym every night except Wednesday night when I had to work late.

I had huge NSVs last week – from not reverting to food and wine like I do in stress situations, like when my phone was stolen out of my hand, or when I thought I lost the brand new phone.  That was huge for me!

When I got home from work Friday night, the kadults were napping (they worked early shifts that day) so I went on a 45 minute walk.  Then went to the gym – I had my highest step totat to date – over 27,000 for the day!  

So I was shocked at a 2 pound gain.  Like really shocked.  But then I thought back to the week, and the only thing I didn’t really track was my water intake.  Maybe with all the exercise I wasn’t drinking enough.  Could I possibly be gaining muscle?  I felt smaller, so I took this gain in stride and know that my efforts for the last 7 days aren’t going to magically show up on the day of weigh in.  It’s all good.  

8.13.17 038

After WW I went to Hannah’s coffee shop to meal plan – my next blog post for The Chopping Block was due today and I did a Meal Planning 101 blog post – a topic they surprisingly hadn’t covered since they started blogging several years ago.  That sugar free caramel latte with almond milk is 4 points and worth it – so good!

8.13.17 043

Later that day, this popped up on my phone – since I’ve had my Fitbit, I’ve walked 5,000 miles!

8.13.17 071

I had a busy day in my kitchen Saturday, which I’ll post recipes for later this week – one is a Premier Protein blueberry scone that is only 4 smart points and absolutely delicious.  I’ll be posting that recipe tomorrow.

I made my way to the gym on Saturday, and as I was walking in, I saw that an elderly couple was coming out of the grocery store and were parking in the handicapped parking.  They had these giant bottles of water, so I ran over and asked if I could help load their car for them.

The woman looked me up and down and said “honey, in your condition, you shouldn’t be lifting anything heavy!”  I had this look like “what the fuck did you just say?” but that didn’t stop her from asking me when my baby was due.  When I didn’t say anything she asked “you aren’t pregnant?!”  And I just said NO! and walked into the gym.

I realize that most of my weight is in my middle, but seriously?!   I took this picture after my workout.  My face shows that I am still pissed by the comment, but I didn’t let that derail my workout, if anything I pushed harder.

8.13.17 083

8.13.17 077

I spend a lot of time in my kitchen this weekend that makes me very happy.  While I easily could have walked out of my WW meeting across the parking lot and walked into IHOP for a giant cinnamon roll as big as my head, I came home and made these cinnamon roll waffles with apples – the waffle is 5 points, I sauteed the apples with coconut spray and the 1/4 cup sugar free syrup was 1 point.  In case anyone was wondering, a Cinnabon classic cinnamon role is 37 points. 

8.13.17 062


Cinnamon Roll Waffles

Using Premier Protein powder ups the protein by 30 grams for this recipe.

Course Breakfast
Servings 5
Author Biz


  • 1.25 cups flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 tablespoons cinnamon sugar (I use McCormick brand)
  • 3 tablespoons egg whites
  • 8 ounces unsweetened almond milk
  • 2 tablespoons white vinegar
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 scoop vanilla Premier Protein powder


  1. In a 4 cup measuring cup, add the almond milk and vinegar, stir with a fork and let it sit for 5-10 minutes - you are making a mock buttermilk so if it looks all chunky, that's what you want!

    Stir in the egg whites, eggs, vanilla and stir just until combined.  In a large bowl, mix the flour, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon sugar and protein powder. Add the wet mixture to the dry mixture and stir just until combined.

    I used 3/4 cup of the batter per waffle (I have a cheap $10 waffle maker) to make 5 waffles at 5 smart points each.

So this week I am going to continue on like I have been, the only thing I am adding this week?  The gallon of water a day challenge.  We have well water so we can’t drink our tap water, but we refill our gallons of water at Walmart for .37 cents a gallon.  Jacob drinks a lot of water, so with my gallon a day challenge, we may need to refill midweek.  I thought it was going to be near impossible to finish a gallon of water in a day, but I had no problem with it, I just kept refilling my 8 ounce glass of water throughout the day and by the time I was ready to go to bed, I had finished it.  I am going to buy a gallon of water at Walgreens across from my office today and have that at my desk as a reminder, then refill it before I leave for the next day.

8.13.17 065

I grilled skirt steak and pork last night, but I wasn’t really hungry and only ate some yogurt and fruit for dinner.  Hannah lit a fire and then quickly realized she and Jacob were going inside to watch Game of Thrones, so I manned the fire until it died down.  

It’s nights light last night that I miss Tony the most.  It’s not as fun sitting outside by myself, but I enjoyed the cool night, the chirping of the birds and the sounds of the fire crackling.   I just wish there were two chairs instead of one.

8.13.17 176

Face to Face Friday and Thank the Baby Jesus

I got to the train station yesterday morning and as I pulled in the parking lot, I thought “hmmmm…something is weird here!”  There were only a handful of cars and for a second I thought “is it Saturday?!”

Nope, sadly a 49 year old woman took her life in front of a freight train on my line at 2:45 in the morning.  Because it was a freight train, the investigation took a lot longer than Metra, and they suggested finding “alternate routes” to get to work.  I had a busy day ahead of me, so I sucked it up, stopped and got a giant cup of coffee and thought I would drive to work.  

But one of the roads that gets me to the express way was closed due to the accident, and everyone was deverted to the other road, and well, I got nowhere fast.  I think I got .25 miles in 20 minutes – and have I mentioned I live 55 miles NW of Chicago?! 

The radio announcement said that the trains were moving, so I quickly got off the road I was on and went to the Barrington train station, which is two stops after my normal station.  I heard that a train was coming and that it was going to be express to Chicago, so I hightailed it up to the platform, paid for my parking (which is $3 not $1.50 in my town!) and realized . . . I didn’t have my phone.

Yes, the new phone that was replaced by my stolen phone earlier in the week.  I realized the train coming through wasn’t going to stop, but the next train that was coming through would be express.  I had all of about 60 seconds to run back to my car and see if I could find it, but I didn’t.  Damn.

I emailed the kadults when I got to work – they were working at various times during the day, Hannah doing paperwork at home because she was sick, but I asked if they had time, could they drive to the station, call my phone and see if I maybe dropped it when I was closing the door and that’s why I didn’t hear it?

I hadn’t heard from them all day and pretty much resigned myself that it was gone.  But as I was walking to work feeling sorry for myself, I passed by probably a dozen homeless people begging for money because they were hungry.  And here I was walking to work, that has hot coffee all the time thanks to our hospitality department, I have a job that pays me to keep a roof over my head and food on my table and well, suddenly I didn’t feel too sorry for myself!

At 4:00 p.m. Jacob called me to tell me they found the phone.  On top of my car.  But on top of the passenger side back door?  What the what?  I have no idea how I did that, but not 15 minutes after Jacob took this picture, it started to downpour – I really need to buy a lottery ticket tonight!!

My sister jointed me at WW yesterday after taking a bit of a summer hiatus.  She’s been house hunting, and her two oldest are both going to college and her youngest needed a passport to travel with a friend to Canada, so she’s been a bit stressed.  Even the leader said “Welcome back!” when she walked in.  We went to a salad bar place, and I got a giant salad and used Bolthouse Farms salsa verde avocado dressing – so good!  

I didn’t have to work night secretary because no one signed up, but for no apparent reason, the train left 30 minutes behind schedule, so I didn’t get home until nearly 7:30.

I made this quick dinner before heading to the gym.  I skipped my Insanity and plan to do that tomorrow and Sunday when I have more time.  The kadults order from this Chinese restaurant all the time and most of the time I think the food tastes like ass, but they love it.  They are notorious for not eating leftovers, so I was happy that the free “hibatchi” noodles that came with their order was still available.  So good!

3/4 cup of noodles with sauteed zucchini and steak for 9 smart points.  This was filling, yet I wasn’t stuffed so I could really push at my night time workout.

I started out with the Planet Fitness 30 minute Biggest Loser circuit – that is so hard, but I love it!

Then did 5 minutes of ropes – holy balls, have you tried this before?  I actually do 30 seconds on 30 seconds rest for 5 minutes, so really I am only doing 2 1/2 minutes of ropes, but my arms are like jelly just after that.  Then I finished it off with 30 minutes on the stair master.

Hannah is sick, so she rested at home – poor thing.  Colds usually hit her really hard – she was off yesterday and took a 6 hour nap during the day!  

Last November was when I started going to the WW meetings downtown since I was working downtown – it made sense, and I was able to finally meet my long time blog friend Amanda in real life.  She and I have been following each other for years.  

Mind you, I had been on Weight Watchers all of 2016, yet was constantly trying to “beat the system.”  Wondering how much wine I could drink, or pizza and work out enough so that I could still show a loss on the scale each week.  Um, turns out you can’t do that.  It wasn’t until this year that I finally realized I had to treat the weekend like I do the weekday.  Go to bed around the same time, get up at the same time (okay, I do sleep in until 7:30!) and not do great Monday through Friday only to scream “it’s the weekend!” and not track a single thing I ate or drank, only to get “back on” on Monday.

This year hasn’t been perfect, but I’ve been more consistent on the program than I have been in years.  When I lost 70 pounds back in 1999, it took me 15 months.  I am down nearly 20 pounds from that pic on the left, and have 23 pounds to go to hit my first goal of 140.  If I keep at it, I may just make it there by December 31! 

My ultimate goal is to be between 130-135, since that’s at the high end of my weight range for my height.  Oh, and to be a Spotlight with Oprah on Connect by my 50th birthday.  That’s totally going to happen.  I mean, I’ve already met her once, so she’s sure to have remembered me, right?  

I hope you have an amazing weekend, can always find the positive when things don’t go your way, and be thankful to be alive!  Make the most of it 😀  Hugs!

Laugh or Cry?

There was another pedestrian incident on my train line this morning.  I decided to drive to work, but got no where fast because the roads around where the accident happened were closed, so traffic was backed up. 

I heard the train lines were moving again, went to the train station two after my usual stop, got on the platform and . . .no phone.  I had about 60 seconds to run back to my car to see if it was in there, but didn’t see it right off the bat, and had to catch the train.

Not sure if I should laugh or cry if I lost that damn phone after having it a whole day!

So I couldn’t log onto my laptop on the train ride in, but the good news is that I caught an express train which got me to work on time and its a beautiful day out.  Gotta keep riding the positive waves!

Make it a great day!


8.9.17 035

Lunch – which wasn’t very good – back to the drawing board on this ground turkey bolognese:

8.9.17 044

Worked late, so no gym or insanity, but I made this delicious 7 smart point pizza:

8.9.17 056

I used my vegan pita dough – so good on my baking steel!

8.9.17 059

Send your good vibes that my phone is in my car!

My Phone Was Stolen

I had such a busy day at work yesterday.  Had a filing for one attorney, a bunch of revisions of another attorney, and a secretary near me was out, so I had her attorney as well.  I was still planning on meeting my sister for lunch for our walk, but as it got closer to leave, too many deadlines and I had to bow out.  I got caught up at 1:45 and thought “should I really go to lunch this late?”  It was so nice out though, so I decided to head to the River Walk and walk for 45 minutes before coming back and heating up my lunch.

I had my cell phone in my pocket the whole time.  My step-son Joe and I have a thing about having stuff in our hands when we are walking – we typically don’t like it.   I was at State and Wacker, waiting for the light to change, when I pulled it out to see if I could walk a few more blocks before heading back to work.

All of a sudden, I felt a tug of my earphones, and realized a kid on a bike, who looked to be about 14, grabbed the phone straight out of my hand.  It took me all of a couple seconds to figure out what was going on, and then I ran after him!  

You see, I was getting to the point where my blood sugar was dropping – it was late in the day for lunch, and I was fucking hangry.  Like MAD!  I started yelling “that asshole kid stole my phone!” all the while I was literally five feet running behind him and he was on his bike.  He kept looking back at me like “shit – she might catch me!”  I may be almost 50, but I am still pretty fast.  I had it perfectly mapped out – I was going to knock him off his bike, grab my phone, and sit on him and call 911.  Yep, in those two blocks I ran after him, that was my plan!

What foiled me?  My shoes!  I was wearing slip on Mary Jane’s that had a strap across my feet, but one started to give way, and I stopped for a second, and contemplated just leaving my shoes on the ground where I was, but then he got away. 

I ran for three blocks.  A near 50 year old woman running after a kid on a bike, and no one did a thing.  No one asked “what happend?”  or “do you want to use my phone?”  I got looks, of course, but no help.  Thanks Chicago.

When I got back to work I was REALLY mad, and called Verizon immediately to disable the phone, then tried to call Apple because I couldn’t remember my Apple ID, and kept getting Indian people who couldn’t spell my last name and I was at my desk yelling “V E L A T I N I!!!!!”  I am sure my boss thought I was insane, and after I calmed down a bit, he came to my desk and said “do you want to take the rest of the day off?!”  Ha, nope.  

It was then that I realized it’s just a phone.  I wasn’t stabbed or shot for it.  I wasn’t hurt.  Yes, I had to pay $199 (with insurance!) to get a new phone that will be shipped to my office today, but the whole thing just made me mad.  It’s just as the day went on, and especially on the train ride home, how much my phone has become like an extra hand to me.  I thought, oh well, at least I have my laptop for the hour ride home!  Um, no you don’t – because your phone is your hot spot.  

And as I had all the time in the world to kill on the train ride home last night, I also realized that since I started working downtown with my Mom at the tender age of 16, all the years I’ve traveled on the L and the Metra, and walked all over the city, this is the first bad thing that comes to mind  that has ever happened to me, so for that, I am grateful.

I am very proud of myself though.  It was all I could do not to just buy a tiny box of wine for the train ride home (yes, alcohol is allowed on the trains!) and a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos, but I’ve got goals.  I got home at 7:05 and found a Max Insanity on YouTube and did that for 30 minutes.  I wasn’t hungry for dinner yet since I didn’t eat my lunch until nearly 3:30, so I went to the gym.  I finished the day with nearly 24,00o steps.  So I didn’t let something that was out of my control, let me get myself out of control with wine and food. 

So yesterday was a win!  I hopefully will be back to regular Instagramming and Programming on the blog tomorrow – you really will need to make these Greek turkey meatballs I had for lunch yesterday – so good!

Has anything like that ever happened to you?!

Stroke of Enlightenment

I love all the people I’ve gotten to know on social media.  Whether it’s here from the blog, Facebook, Instagram.  You have to check out my friend Jane’s YouTube Channel.  She’s down nearly 40 pounds I think, but she’s got a bubbly personality and she makes me laugh, and she’ll drop the f bomb sometimes, so that’s always a plus in my book Smile with tongue out

You may think I am on social media all the time, but I really only check it out on the train ride to and from work, and then maybe 10 or 15 minutes at night before I go to bed.  So there are plenty of Instagram stories I miss just because I am not on there all the time.  In any event, I am watching Jane’s story on my train ride home last night.  Usually you can hear one of her boys asking for her in the background, which is funny.  But then she started talking about what a crazy week she had, and I was thinking she was going to talk about being tempted at a BBQ, or maybe having one or two drinks more than she planned.  But sadly, her husband had a stroke.  She’d just gotten back from her WW meeting, and he was in the shower and he called her name, and when she went into the bathroom, he was having trouble talking, was numb on once side of his body, and began vomiting. 

911 was called, he was taken to ICU where they gave him a drug that stopped the stroke from continuing.  I had no idea that the “window” for treating someone with a stroke is 3 hours before irreparable brain damage  is done.  Luckily they treated him in time, and after four days in the hospital he’s home.  Once the shock of that “what if” sunk in, they finally realized some things.  1.  Life is being happy.  Happy with yourself where you are, happy with where you want to go in life, and happy with what you have, right now.  2.  Life is short.  Her husband worked a full time job that he hated and worked a part time job that he loved.  They realized that they need to figure out how to make the part time job be full time.  And they called this epiphany their “stroke of enlightenment.”

“100 days of why.”  That is one of the Weight Watchers mottos.  Here are some of the “why’s”of people on Connect:

  • to feel comfortable in my clothes
  • to be able to wear a dress
  • so that having emotions doesn’t mean I have to eat something to deal with them
  • so that my family will get in the habit of being active
  • because I am determined to succeed this time, no matter how long it takes
  • I want to be able to ride an airplane without paying for two seats

Even though I read these 100 days of why on Connect, I’ve never written out my why.  Obviously it’s to get to a healthy weight, which makes managing my diabetes better, but that’s obvious.  Over the weekend I spent hours watching inspirational videos of how people overcame amazing things to build the life that they wanted.  At the recommendation of another WW I follow on Instagram, I downloaded this book on my Kindle and started reading it on my way home.

7.24.17 027

This guy was in a serious car accident at the age of 20, just when his life was skyrocketing to success as a top salesman.  He spent months recovering, and even wrote his first book about it, Taking Life Head On – it reached Amazon’s #7 on the best sellers list in 2006.  Then, the unthinkable thing happened, his publisher fled the country with 100% of his royalties, never to be heard of again.  His parents were pissed.  He wasn’t.  “If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from my car accident, it’s that there is no point in dwelling on or feeling bad about the aspects of our lives that we can’t change.  So I didn’t.  I’ve also learned that, by focusing on what we can learn from our challenges and how we use them to add value to the lives of others, we can turn any adversity into an advantage.

It was an aha moment for me.  In the beginning of the year when I was focused and had drive – not motivation, because that comes and goes – but the consistency of tracking all my points (including wine! er, wait, I didn’t have any wine the first two months of the year!) getting my steps in, exercising, etc. did the weight start to go – both physically and mentally.  I felt I could inspire others to do the same because I was taking the necessary steps in changing my own life, and in the process, hopefully motivating some of you to get off the couch, or try a new recipe – whatever.  But once I started to falter a bit, and that focus I had drifted me off course, I became silent.  I hardly cheer anyone on because I feel like I am not worthy to give you praise if I can’t do what I need to do to get to my goal.

I am not sure any of this is making sense, but that last sentence of that quote “to add value to the lives of others” suddenly brought me back to my WHY!!  To inspire others – whether it’s a recipe at a time, or starting Insanity, whatever.  And if I keep THAT as my focus – the reason I am tracking my points, and walking at lunch and making healthy recipes, is to add value to the lives of others, it was my stroke of enlightenment on how to not only get back that drive I had at the beginning of the year, but CONTINUE until I am at my goal.  Which, by the way, is only a mere 28 pounds.  My goal is to get there by December 31.  That’s only 5.6 pounds a month from August until the end of the year.

It’s as if my whole mindset has changed, and I am excited to continue this journey of life “to add value to the lives of others.”

Curious to see where you guys get your inspiration from?  Is it books, friends, family, youtube videos?!  Feel free to send me any links in the comments below. Open-mouthed smile


My eats were on point yesterday.  I even measured and counted my coffee creamer (ahem, which is something that hasn’t happened in a while – 4 smart points by the way just for that, but it’s worth it).

Breakfast was a picky plate.  Both my bosses were out yesterday so I got to take advantage of the view from my one bosses office.  Walmart had these 5 ounce mini containers of cottage cheese – perfect! (3).  With a hard boiled egg (2) 2 ounces of deli ham (1) and fresh fruit, breakfast was 6 points.

7.24.17 035

My sister had an eye doctor appointment, so I visited at her office for a little bit on my walk.  It was still only 72 degrees at lunch.  Love.  I made Gimme Some Oven’s chicken enchilada soup.  Although kept the chicken out when I made it so the kadults could eat it, because it is vegan otherwise.  The base of the soup is only 1 points per two cups, I added 1/3 cup black beans (2), 1/2 cup corn (2) and 2 ounces of rotisserie chicken (1) to my bowl to figure out the points, then added a bit of cheese on top (1) for a 7 point lunch.  I can eat soup 365 days a year, no problem.

7.24.17 040

I started Insanity over since I lost my groove over vacation.  I did the Fit Test yesterday and I had to laugh because the last fit test exercise is holding a plank and doing oblique crunches on both sides – Roman thought it would be funny to crawl under my while I was in the plank position, and Rummy came over and started to lick the sweat off my neck.

7.24.17 050

I was just starting to make dinner when Jacob texted me and said “what are you making for dinner, I can’t do this vegan thing anymore.”  I have to give him props – he did a completely plant based diet for nearly a week.  When I sent him a picture of beef, he sent me a picture of someone crying with happiness.

I made a quick bone broth mushroom sauce to pour over the steaks.  Once the steaks were cooked in my cast iron skillet, I took 1 cup of beef bone broth (which you can buy at Walmart!) and mixed in 1 teaspoon cornstarch, 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard and 1 teaspoon of chopped dried rosemary, salt and pepper to taste.  In the pan I added a cup of sliced mushrooms, scraping all the bits on the bottom of the pan, then after a minute added the bone broth mixture and cooked the sauce for another 4-5 minutes, until the mushrooms were cooked through and sauce thickened.  It was only 2 points for the whole cup, so my portion added 1 smart point.  I ate 5 ounces of the beef, and am having the rest for breakfast this morning with an egg white spinach omelet.   On the side were more homemade fries, and dinner came in at 11 points.  #trackinglikeaboss!

7.24.17 063

I got up early because a plumber was supposed to come over and check out one of my sump pumps.  Tony bought a new sump pump a month before he died, but I never got around to having someone install it.  I’ve watched YouTube videos on how to install it, but electricity and water makes me nervous, so I’ll leave it to a professional.  He hasn’t shown up yet, but at least I finished my blog post before I even got on the train this morning.  And my food is all packed and ready to go.  It’s only 60 degrees right now . . .loving it!

Make it a great day!