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Friday Favorites/ Poultry

Friday Favorites

My friend Kym (morning sunshine!) sent me a Starbucks gift card and I had time before work to stop and pick up the sous vide egg bites.  OMG, I forgot how good these are.  Little pillows of heaven if you ask me.  Four points for two – they have chopped peppers and cheese and are just delicious – not sure I’d spend $4.50 every day for them, but it’s a nice once in a while treat – so thank you Kym!

I was bound and determined to walk with my sister yesterday because it was near 45 degrees.  I just put a light hoodie on and she was still in full winter attire with winter coat and gloves. 😛  All the snow is starting to melt, so it’s that ugly winter – where the snow is dirty and just gross looking.

I work with a woman who only eats boiled chicken and cucumbers for lunch every day.  She came by just as I was putting my lunch together to borrow some of my garlic salt and asked “why does your chicken look so juicy?”  Her chicken was boiled and bland,  I cooked my chicken in a bit of grapeseed oil and rosemary seasoning, but the trick for chicken that I am going to be eating later in the week – I only cook it about 70% done.  Then when I reheat the chicken at work, I cook it at 30 second increments until it’s done – this only took about a minute to cook through and it was so juicy and delish.

My lunch:  3 ounces of chicken (2), my homemade naan (3), tzatziki (1) baked Cheetos (2) and fresh fruit.

I worked late last night and just made the 7:30 train, which gets me home at 8:45.  I bought a giant water and this picky plate dinner.  I put this at 9 points – 5 points for the salami, 3 points for the pretzels, 1 for the cheese and the pickles and grapes were free – it hit the spot because I know I would have over eaten for sure if I waited to eat dinner until after I got home.

By the time I got home and put comfy clothes on, I realized I walked over 16k steps!  Nice.

And because she’s so cute, here is a picture of Rummy – I love when her lip gets stuck like that.  I put that on my Instagram story.

And a few minutes I got this picture from my friend Rhonda of her dog begging for Cheez-Its. 😀

And that brings us to another edition of Friday Favorites!

My friend Shelley redesigned her blog and I absolutely love it.  Check it out here.  

My friend Marianne makes this cherry bomb smoothie that looks amazing – using frozen cherries and cocoa powder.  I think Hannah would love this too.

I found a bunch of quinoa in my pantry reorg a couple weeks ago, and pinned my sisters chocolate quinoa breakfast bowl – how delicious does that look?

I’ve got a pretty busy weekend ahead of me. I’m headed to my sisters office chili cookoff after work tonight.  Tomorrow I am meeting my Mom for lunch and then heading to a memorial service for a man in my Mom’s church who passed away earlier this week – he’s the Dad of kids I grew up with all through high school and always had a smile on his face.  

Saturday night is App Fest at my neighbors house.  I haven’t decided exactly what I am making yet, but it’s going to be like an appetizer charcuterie board – I see shrimp cocktail, steak crostini, and garlic green beans in it, but that’s as far as I have gotten.  Hannah is making her famous sushi.  Should be fun.

Sunday Hannah and I will be meeting my Mom again, for another Memorial.  The block Hannah grew up on (my parents block) was so fun and we were always doing stuff there were so many kids on that block.  One of the Mom’s on the block has been battling brain cancer for several years and finally lost her battle.  She was only 59 – her boys are a couple years older than Hannah and her daughter is a year younger.  We will attend her celebration of life on Sunday.

And somewhere in between all that, I need to get a pedicure – you know, since it is going to be March in a couple weeks, we are nearly in flip flop weather!

Happy Friday friends – make it a great day!

Poultry/ Weight Watchers

Back to 30

I didn’t bring any food to work yesterday.  I know, crazy?!  But the beauty of working in Chicago is that I have plenty of options for food.  Freshii is located in the lobby of my building.  This is their huevos bowl – shredded kale (it’s on the bottom) eggs, seasoned black beans, cheese, avocado with salsa and a spicy bbq sauce.  I will suggest that you get the spicy bbq sauce on the side, because the first time I had it, it was like 2 tablespoons of bbq sauce – it’s delicious, but too much.  I drizzled just a little over my bowl – this bowl is 400 calories and I counted it as 10 points.

My sister and I are just not on the same page for walking this week.  Tuesday I worked through lunch and yesterday she had meetings during lunch.  Plus it was fricken cold.  While it was around 17 degrees it was windy so it felt closer to zero.  I had a taste for soup and I immediately thought of Xoco – Rick Bayless casual restaurant next to Frontera Grill.

I got the pork carnitas posole, which I spelled incorrectly below.  The soup comes in one container and the accessories in another – shredded radish, cabbage, lime and I asked for extra slices of jalapeno.  Words cannot describe the depth of flavor in this posole.  I counted my bowl as 8 points.


Xoco’s pork carnitas posole

I only had to work 30 minutes late last night, but there was a slight train delay so I didn’t get home until 7:15.  I defrosted a package of thin cut seasoned chicken breasts that I bought buy one, get one free last week.   I made a shredded zucchini and cheese stuffed chicken breast.  Because the chicken was so thin, this dinner came together in less than 20 minutes.

Each chicken breast was 4 ounces (3) and the filling was an ounce of Trader Joe’s mozzarella (1), I added a teaspoon of grape seed oil to my cast iron skillet and cooked the chicken without the sauce with a lid on for the first 5 minutes.  

I’ve tried flipping this chicken before, but it falls apart on me, so at this point, I added 1 cup of prepared pasta sauce and let the chicken simmer another 10 minutes with the lid on.  I added another ounce of mozzarella (1) over the top of the chicken and finished it off under the broiler.  I served it with 1/2 cup of cooked pasta.  Dinner was 8 smart points.

Here’s a tip – I don’t put raw meat on my cutting board, so I just put a piece of parchment paper on top – easy clean up too!

This was all kinds of delicious.  The chicken was super tender, the zucchini became almost creamy inside with the cheese.  Yum.


Let’s talk about Weight Watchers Freestyle for a second.  I have tracked everything, ditched my wine, get my 10k steps each day, and the scale is barely moving.  It got me to thinking that even with all the “free” foods, its still calories, so on the train ride home last night, I added all my food for two days into Food Tracker, and was shocked at the results. 

On the day I ate 22 points, I ate 1741 calories.  On the day I ate 26 points, it was 2071.  What?!  No wonder the scale isn’t moving.  Well, and the fact that I need to get my ass to the gym. 

As luck would have it, I stumbled upon a girl on WW connect who has a way to still use the WW app, but go back to counting 30 points a day.  If I were to put my dinner in my tracker now, it would tell me that the chicken is 0 points, when I know it was 3 points on the old system.

It requires a bit of effort to add back in the “free” foods that would otherwise be zero points.  You could add stuff on a rolling basis which I am doing – I added chicken as custom food – I made it a 3 ounce serving, so that if I eat 5 ounces, or 6, I’ll have the accurate point calculation.

Here are her directions on “fixing” your app.

You also have to switch your settings to maintenance.  On your profile screen, you’ll see your setting wheel on the top right corner.  Click that and select food setting, then select “maintain weight” and set your target points to 30.  The weekly points will be set at 35.

This week is not going to show a good representation of this plan yet since I switched midweek, so my true results won’t show up until a week from Saturday.  

I don’t plan on eating the weekly points – my take is that I am going to use the 35 points to add to my daily points to move them from 23 back to 30.  Does that make any sense?  Let me know your thoughts!!


If you have time, can you show me some comment love over at The Chopping Block for my latest blog post?  It’s an epic Brunch Board!  I had so much fun putting this together, only to realize I was the only one home, so I brought it over to my neighbors house – so I am basically the best neighbor evah.  😛

Brunch Board

Happy Thursday friends – make it a great day!

Poultry/ Weight Watchers

Skinny Empanadas

If you are on Weight Watchers connect, there are several members who somehow are trending – I don’t understand why a handful of people always get the same recogniztion day after day, when I see other people who are killing it and get no attention at all.  Such is social media, right?

A member called “Mudhustler” has a recipe for a Big Ass Waffle that’s been floating around for a while.  I think I tried it once, but couldn’t find the evidence to see if I liked it, so I made it again – it’s 1/4 cup protein Kodiak pancake mix, one scoop of protein powder (he uses Quest, I used Premier Protein, egg whites, a bit of water and that’s it. 

Big Ass Waffle

After I took the first bite, I realized I didn’t like it that much.  It was too dense, and I much prefer my recipe for pancakes/waffles and will stick to that. 

I was all set to clock out to meet my sister and our friend Jenny to walk at lunch, but right when I was about to leave, my boss had a quick letter that had to go out, so I let them go ahead.  Thirty minutes later I got my walking shoes on – no way I was going to let a sunny, 35+ degree day go by without getting outside for a walk.

Such a gorgeous day!!  I could have walked for hours.  When I was crossing the bridge back to my office, I looked down and saw all the ice – don’t worry, I won’t jump!

The chicken marsala meatballs I made the night before last?  They are basically chicken and mushroom meatballs, so I turned a serving of them into a pasta bowl – 1/2 cup egg noodles (3), sauce (1), 7 meatballs (1) and an ounce of Trader Joe’s lite mozzarella.  Lordy, look at that picture!  I was trying to get all artsy with the meatball on the fork with the melty cheese, and it basically looks like I gave my bowl to a two year old to eat.  While the photo skillz are lacking in the picture below, this was pure comfort food in a bowl for 5 points.

Hannah and Jacob do Chinese with his grandpa on Tuesday nights, and I kinda love coming home to an empty house and empty kitchen and getting Bizzy.  I am sure everyone has heard of the two ingredient dough by now – equal parts flour and Greek yogurt.  I also add water, yeast and salt to mine – you can click here for my version

I made the dough last night, using 1/4 of the dough to make empanadas – the rest of the dough will be saved for party pizza Friday – so the dough will be on day 3 when I make it which makes it even more delicious.

I didn’t have self-rising flour, so my version using regular flour is 6 points per half cup of flour.  I divided that dough into six portions, or one point per portion.

Funny thing about using Greek yogurt now that it’s zero points on the Freestyle plan.  I used to buy a big tub of it thinking “I’ll make parfaits for days!” and then never use it and throw it out two weeks later.  I bought a big container at Sam’s Club over the weekend and used the last of it last night – not without sharing it with the dogs though – they go crazy over Chobani!

Chobani loving dogs


You can use anything you want in the filling.  I just rolled out each piece of dough (be careful not to roll out too thin because it will rip when you try to crimp the empanada – not that I know that personally, I heard that from a friend!).

I made three empanadas, and only ate two they were so filling.  I used all free items – cooked chicken breast, spinach, fat free refried beans and green salsa, and added 1 ounce of lite mozzarella cheese among the three.  So all three were 4 points total, but I deep fried them, so I added 2 points for the oil, even though I know for a fact that two teaspoons of oil were not absorbed in the frying process.  Pinky swear.  Oh, and don’t worry, I redid the first one, because who can eat an empanada without cheese?!

Just fold the dough over the filling, and using your fingers, crimp the edges.   

I fried them in my deep fryer at 350 degrees for 5 minutes.  I did drain on a paper towel, but these were not greasy at all.  The verdict?  Amazeballs.  The dough was light, flaky yet chewy – they totally reminded me of those pizza puffs that you got in high school at the local beef stand.  So good!  I love how versatile this dough is – the sky is the limit!

And with some of the leftover dough?  I made Hannah mini cinnamon sugar munchkins for 2 points – stay tuned for that one!

There is still time to enter my giveaway this week of my brothers AUTOGRAPHED book – check it out!

I am hoping that I don’t have to work late tonight because The Chopping Block is having a New Year, New Year open house which is free.  You can get the details here – if I can go, I plan to put a bunch of stuff on my Instagram story – what?  You aren’t following me there?  Why not?  (mybizzykitchen there too!)  

And if you’ve made it all the way down here – can you show me some comment love on my last Chopping Block post?  I’d appreciate it!

Happy Wednesday my friends – make it a great day!