Steak Crostini

Thanks again for all your well wishes for Hannah and Jacob!  I’ll give you a break from wedding pics today – mainly because her friend is still editing them and Hannah hasn’t looked through all of them yet.  I crack myself up because I’ll yell from the living room “Hannah, can you ask your husband to take the garbage out?!”  I can’t believe my roommates are married!

Saturday was my favorite type of day.  Cold, rainy and stormy.  It’s almost impossible for me not to make bread.  I first made this bread recipe back in April of 2012.   I decided to make just two loaves of bread out of this recipe just to get bigger slices of bread.  There is literally only about 12 minutes of hands on time making this bread, and ten of that is kneading the bread.  You could even have your stand mixer mix it and then you could really just set it and forget it!

After it cooled a bit, a sliced it, smeared some softened butter and a drizzle of local honey – perfection.

10.16.17 016

On Sunday night I made this steak crostini for dinner with my homemade bread.  I got several DM’s on Instagram after I posted this asking for the recipe.  There isn’t really one, but here goes!  

Cook 4 ounces of steak for 1.5 minutes per side, set aside.  Toast the bread.  I used Weight Watchers whipped cream cheese on the bread (about a tablespoon) and then topped that with baby spinach.  I sliced the steak, placed that on the bread, drizzled balsamic glaze and a bit of dried parsley and dinner was done.  Nothing better some nights than a 5 minute dinner!

10.16.17 030

Our weather has been amazing for sleeping – I love sleeping in a cold room in a comfy bed.  If Tony were alive we would have already had the heat on for a month. 😀  I was so looking forward to getting back into my walking routine with my sister, but we were both swamped.  She just ran a couple errands and ate lunch at her desk.  I didn’t eat my breakfast until 10:30 and my lunch until 3!

Yesterday was supposed to be the first day that I work for my new attorney.  I was so busy though, that I never stopped by his office (he’s on a different floor) and went with the premise that if he needed anything he knew my extension.  #klassy  But around 3:30 in the afternoon, I thought I really should go up and see if he needed anything, and turns out he was out of the office yesterday – whoop!  That was a good think because I wouldn’t have had time to do anything for him anyway.

10.16.17 038

I didn’t do a full grocery shop/meal plan this week, because after cleaning out my pantry/freezer and fridge on Sunday realized I had plenty of food.  Yesterday is one of my favorites – a picky plate breakfast with the other half of the steak leftover from my crostini above.  Cook once, eat twice!  

10.16.17 043

I am going to talk about the recipe below later this week, but this is a Korean Beef bowl.  I cooked the beef in the crock pot on Sunday, then had it with sauted mushrooms, broccoli, rice, and cucumbers and red cabbage that I marinated in rice wine vinegar and sriracha.  So good!

10.16.17 046

I also made a batch of chicken tortilla stew – I am calling it a stew because I used canned cream of chicken soup instead of chicken broth, then added a paste of corn meal during the add during the last 30 minutes of cooking, so it’s nice and thick and has a hint of corn flavor.  Hannah was my stylist last night – thanks Hannah!  And truth be told, I probably ate an equal amount of those chips with salsa while the soup was heating up. 😛

10.16.17 056

Hannah and Jacob were contacted by the same breeder they got Roman from – she has a little grey Boston Terrier that is the last of a litter that hasn’t been bought – exactly what happened with Roman, and how cute is he?!   I put a poll on my Instagram Story asking if Hannah and Jacob should get this dog and as of this morning, its 48 votes yes, 10 votes no.  If they decide to get it, guess what the name would be?? Roanoke!  Rummy, Roman and Roanoke – I can’t even.

10.16.17 049

Your thoughts?  Do you think its crazy that they would have three dogs?  Jacob always wanted to get a big dog since his dog Red who passed away two years ago was a big dog – Hannah convinced him that three tiny dogs = one big one.  

Alright, time to catch up on my blog reading on the rest of my train ride in.  I AM WALKING TODAY!  I just shouted that out, so it’s bound to happen. 😀

Weekly WI and Shrimp Lo Mein

Friday night I posted my dinner on Instagram and Connect, and I got all sorts of messages “recipe please!”  There isn’t really a recipe because there are only four ingrendients, but I thought I’d post it here for reference.


Shrimp Lo Mein

A super quick and easy weeknight dinner using store bought stir fry sauce - so delish!

Servings 1
Author Biz


  • 2 ounces dried lo mein
  • 1 cup green beans
  • 3 ounces shrimp
  • 1 tablesponn House of Tsang szechuan
  • 1/4 cup starchy pasta water


  1. Cook the lo mein noodles according to package directions - mine only took 3 minutes.  Drain, reserving 1/4 cup of the starchy pasta water.

    In a large skillet, saute the shrimp for 2 minutes.  While the shrimp are cooking, put the fresh green beans in the microwaver and cook on "fresh vegetable" setting.  I love this method because I love a crunchy fresh green bean.  Remove from microwave, chop into bite size pieces and toss that in with the shrimp. 

    Add the noodles, stir fry sauce and as much pasta water as you want (I used 1/4 cup) to make a sauce.  Cook one minute until the noodles are coated with the sauce and serve. 

Recipe Notes

I put this in the WW recipe builder and it was 8 smart points - 6 points for the noodles, 1 point for the shrimp and one point for the stir fry sauce.

9.16.17we 049

This is my favorite stir fry sauce – only 1 smart point per tablespoons and super spicy.

9.16.17we 042

I may have had a couple beggars wondering if I was going to finish it all!

9.16.17we 060

The week before last I thought I would have had a 3 pound gain, instead, I lost .6 – but I knew it would catch up with me.  My meals are spot on – I know exactly how many points my breakfast, lunch and dinner is, but it’s the “extras” each day that add up to a 3.8 pound gain in two weeks.

Hannah and Jacob love snacky food, as do I, but I try not to buy that stuff because I know come 9:00 at night when I sit down and relax, my immediate thought is “I think there are Doritos in the pantry!”  Gah.  

I also went to my WW meeting last Thursday, and someone mentioned that it’s only FIFTEEN WEEKS until January 1, so I need to get my head back in the game and see if I can end the year on a positive note – I lost 20 pounds the first 10 weeks of the year, so I am hoping to continue that streak going through this holiday season.  

I am taking it one day at a time, posting my daily results on Healthy for 2016 page on Facebook (message me if you want to be added to this private group or email me at

9.16.17we 075

I babysat for my friends on Saturday night who have two kids, ages 7 and 10.  Such fun ages!  Of course, I brought stuff to make pizza – duh.  I think the kids played with the pizza dough for roughly 30 minutes before we actually made the pizza.  The older one decided to use cookie cutters to make the pizza, and I loved that idea.  I wasn’t sure how they would turn out after baking – only the snowmen which were a smaller cutter, lost its shape while baking, but the large cut outs turned out great.

9.16.17we 148


9.16.17we 143

Here are the pizzas before hitting the oven.  O doesn’t like a lot of cheese 😀

9.16.17we 146

Baked at 425 for 10 minutes – these turned out great and they each ate everything they made over the course of the evening.

9.16.17we 154

When I got home around 10:00 on Saturday night, Hannah and Jacob had made a bonfire and they said they had a productive eveining.  My house pretty much is “company ready” at all times.  My living room is always spotless, as is my dining room.  The kitchen is always in various stages of cleanliness, but not too bad.  My basement, however, is a hot fucking mess.  Like all the time.  It’s the “catch all” when someone doesn’t know where to put something “just put it in the basement.”  

They spent a few hours sorting what was down there, putting a donate pile together on items not used, breaking down boxes, etc.  I’ll post a picture when it is done (you didn’t want to see the before!) but I was very happy at how far they had gotten, and truth be told, quite embarrased that I had let it go that long. 

Saturday afternoon we continued the project, and in going through some of my old stuff, came across this old WW sliding points calculator.  Anyone remember taking this to the grocery store?!  I also found an old WW calculator, and finding those old tools only motivates me to get to goal, so I can stop paying Weight Watchers money – ha!

9.16.17we 200

One of my cooking club friends husband posted on Facebook that he was thinking of going to an Oktoberfest a few towns over, and I suggested after we worked in the basement a couple hours to go.  

9.16.17we 206

Um, thank you weeklies, because I dipped into them for this grapefruit beer – if you love grapefruit and beer, this is delicious!  My guess was 5 points for the 12 ounce pour.

9.16.17we 208

I love this picture of Hannah and Jacob aka my roommates. 😀

9.16.17we 216

Here is something I learned though – don’t go to a fest during the last 90 minutes because they were out of almost all the food.  When I finally chose this sauerbraten sandwich with sauerkraut, they guy said “last sandwich of the day!” And literally scraped the bottom of the barrel to put this sandwich together.

9.16.17we 213

It was just okay.  The meat was tender, butthe sauce too sweet, even with the balance of the saurkraut.  Oh well, the beer was delicious, we had fun and the kadults had the best apple cider donuts of their lives – all good!

I was still hungry when we got home, so made this quick and easy beef with green beans and mushrooms – again another meal that I could eat over and over.  Four ounces of beef, a cup of green beans and mushrooms.  While I sauteed the green beans and mushrooms in Pam, most restaurants pour clarified butter over their steaks before they hit the table.  I melted 1 teaspoon of butter (2 points) and poured it over the beef and veggies so that I had a buttery taste in every bite.  So good.

9.16.17we 224

Day 1 of 15 weeks of Biz 2.0 (or 11.0 – but whose counting?!) 😛

I am using Biz of 2013 for inspiration – and realize that strength training has to play a bigger role in my workouts.  Walking is fine for cardio, but I will only reshape my body with weight training.  I want to be a bad ass like my friend Jody who does Crossfit.

9.16.17we 203

Four years ago today I was well over 100+ days of Insanity. I was consistent, not perfect and need to do that again.

9.16.17we 204

I got up early and snuck in a quick 25 minute walk before work in 50 degree weather – it was glorious and a great way to start the day. 

Happy Monday – make it a great day!

Beef Fried Rice

Hannah and Jacob had a friend over on Sunday for Sunday dinner.  I made ribs, onion rings and an apple crisp.  When I woke up sick yesterday morning, my first thought was “I hope it wasn’t the food!”  I texted the kadults later yesterday morning, and they were fine.  I didn’t eat or drink anything until about 11:30.  Not even coffee!

This hit the spot.  A slice of my everything but the bagel seasoning bread (3) with a hard boiled egg (2).

8.28.17 030

My sister and I took a leisurely walk along the riverwalk at lunch.  She didn’t bring lunch so we stopped along our way at a hot dog place that smelled amazing.  As I was feeling better, I realized the ramen soup I brought might not be enough food, so I bought a cup of lemon chicken soup for $3, and added it to my ramen noodle broth.  I have no idea how to count the points for this – I used about 1/4 of the seasoning packet, but I am calling it 12 points to be on the safe side.  I added a bit of crushed red pepper to spice up the broth – this was suprisingly pretty good!

8.28.17 036

It rained the whole train ride home last night, but started to clear up by the time I got home.  As I was walking to my car, I saw a double rainbow!  The second one is kind of faint in this picture, but I have never seen a double rainbow before.

8.28.17 044

I made a stop at Trader Joe’s over the weekend when I was headed back from Oak Park.  These were only $1.99 a bag, so I threw them in my cart.  If you scan it, it comes out to 1 point a cup, but looking at the packaging, it’s just vegetables, so I am counting them as zero.

8.28.17 051

I bought a family size package of beef stew meat at Sam’s Club on Saturday.  Hannah is making a crock pot beef stew today since she has the day off.  I seared off the meat for her to just throw everything else in the crock pot, set it and forget it.  My friend Courtney uses her crock pot all the time and I need to use mine more – thanks for the inspiration Court!

8.28.17 059

I sliced up 4 ounces for my beef fried rice.  I know what you are thinking “Biz, that cut of beef you need to cook low and slow.”  And normally I would agree with you, but – if you just fast sear this meat for 60 seconds – yes ONE MINUTE – it will be medium rare, and super tender.  You may look after a minute and think “that’s not cooked!” but the residual heat will finish cooking – just slice it thin.

8.28.17 062

I love this sauce – it’s 1 point a tablespoon, and a tablespoon is plenty.  Point breakdown: coconut oil (1), beef (4), rice (3) stirfry sauce (1) = 9 points.

8.28.17 069


Beef Fried Rice

A super quick and easy weeknight dinner, and a great way to use up leftover rice.

Prep Time 3 minutes
Cook Time 7 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Servings 1
Author Biz


  • 4 ounces beef, fat trimmed, sliced thin
  • 1 cup frozen stir fry veggies
  • 1 teaspoon coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon House of Tsang ginger sriracha sauce
  • 1 teaspoon sriracha - for garnish
  • 1/2 cup cooked rice


  1. Heat a non-stick skillet over medium high heat.  Salt and pepper the sliced beef.  Add the teaspoon of coconut oil to the pan.  Add the beef and cook for 1 minute and remove immediately to a plate.

    Add in the frozen veggies and ginger sauce and cook the veggies for about 6 minutes.  Add in the rice and cook for another minute, lastly, throw the beef back in, and toss until the beef gets coated in the sauce.  Put in a bowl and add additional sriracha if you love spicy shit like me. 

Recipe Notes

Don't saute in olive oil.  Like ever.  You should use coconut or grapeseed oil.  Olive oil tends to burn too easily and coconut and grapeseed oil have higher smoke points, which will be much better to saute.   Use olive oil, especially extra virgin, as a finishing oil - like in a vinaigrette, or drizzled over popcorn.


Since I was feeling better, I decided to hit up the gym.  It had been 10 days since I was last there!

8.28.17 075

I did this 30 minute circuit – I love it.  It has 20 stations and its one minute on, 30 seconds off.  I like to go in order 1-20, but there are people who just do it in no particular order, and Hannah and I just can’t do it. 😛  

8.28.17 076

Then I just did a 30 minute walk at 3.0 incline. 

8.28.17 078

It felt really good to break a sweat – it’s been too long.

8.28.17 079

There is a Fresh Thyme next to the gym and I had to pick up a couple things.  Damn this aisle!  Seriously I walked up and down this aisle and was thinking of all the nuts, yogurt covered pretzels, gummies I should get.

8.28.17 082

Hold up though – my favorite gummies for only $1.99 a pound.  I think I could eat a couple pounds of these a week if I let myself.  They are so flavorful and have the perfect texture.  Swoon.

8.28.17 083

Cooler heads prevailed – which is why exercise is so important for me – if I work out I tend to make better food choices because I don’t want to negate the work I just did.

This is my new favorite way to cut watermelon.  I cut the outside skin and then just slice it up.  I think it took me a minute to cut this watermelon – I’ll have to do a quick video of this – hardly any waste!

8.28.17 085

I finished the day with just over 22k steps.  After walking maybe 4k over the WHOLE weekend.  I was in bed by 11 last night and up at 6:30 this morning, and slept like a baby.  With Hannah and Jacob’s dogs.  They have taken to sleep with me, and I love it.  They sleep under the covers too – it’s just too damn cute. 

My sister is working from home today, so I’ll be getting my steps in by myself today.  One of my bosses is out the next three days, so that will be nice.  I have a couple projects I put aside for when he was going to be gone.

Happy Tuesday – make it a great day!

Weekly WI . . . -1.0

See that +2.6 from last week?  That week I tracked everything, got a blue dot every day, and had no alcohol.  And was up 2.6.

6.22.17 005

This week I had a snacky Father’s Day weekend, had wine, did a little bit of emotional eating with another holiday without Tony, and I lose a pound.  I did kill it on the steps, so I am assuming that helped.  But it is just a reminder that you can’t let the weekly up and downs derail you from the big picture.  Just keep plugging along and eventually there will be losses then gains. 

I’ve declared this summer LOSE SOMETHING EVERY WEEK.  Even if it’s only -.5, my only goal this summer is not have a gain.  

6.22.17 006

I didn’t have time to take a better picture of my breakfast, but had more egg whites (1 cup is 1 point!) topped with the Ranchero Scramble topping, (1) half ounce of cheese (2), a slice of whole grain bread (3) and a cup of fruit.  7 smart points for breakfast. 

6.22.17 008

It was a great Weight Watchers meeting.  We talked about movement this summer and how to get exercise in when sometimes summer means sitting outside with food and wine and not moving much.  I walked past the Daley Center, but didn’t buy anything since I’ll be going to the Green City Market tomorrow.  But I did pick up Red Curry Chicken from Rock N. Roll Noodles.  So spicy good, but everytime I eat it, I think “Biz, you can make this!”   It may be on my lunch menu next week 😀

6.22.17 014

I was night secretary last night and had to stay until 6:30.  Only one tiny problem, my next train wasn’t until 7:30, and I didn’t want to suggest working longer and then the attorney throw more work at me and I’d miss the 7:30.  So I got my walking shoes on.  

6.22.17 019

The 7:30 train makes all.the.stops so I know I wouldn’t be getting home until 8:45.  Then I knew I would be so hungry that I’d walk in the house and want to eat everything in site.  As I was walking I suddently remembered Blackwood BBQ!  

6.22.17 033

I first asked if I could just get the meat alone.  Lean protein to hold me until I got home.  But the minimum purchase is 1/2 a pound and it would have cost the same by itself as it would to get the dinner platter.  I avoided the mac n cheese (which is f_cking amazing) and got the baked beans and asked for lean brisket.  While I am all about the moist brisket, which is the fattier part of the beef, did you Weight Watcher peeps know that 8 ounces of lean brisket is only 5 smart points?  That tiny container of baked beans?  7 points!  Even still, my dinner was only 12 points and totally fit within my day, with 1 point to spare.

6.22.17 037

6.22.17 042

I used the North Carolina sauce which is very vinegary and thin – so good!

6.22.17 043

I have plans this weekend!  Tomorrow is the Farmers Market in Lincoln Park.   I may stay downtown for lunch, but I’ll just play it by ear.  The weather is supposed to be in the low 70s.  I’ll be getting lots of steps, that’s for sure!

Saturday night I am going to my neighbors house for a bonfire.  Sunday, not sure yet.  Momma, do you have plans?  You can come over for a BBQ, or we can meet for lunch after church?  I’ll give you a call tonight.

I hope you have a great weekend.  I feel as if a weight has been lifted from me . . . but you’ll have to wait for Monday’s post to find out why.  😀

Make it a great day!

30 Days of Brave Challenge

I can’t say enough good things about these Lavash wraps.  The texture, how easy they are to turn into wraps without tearing, how filling – I can’t wait to try making a pizza with one on my baking steel.

5.30.17 019

I found them on the same aisle as the bread and tortillas at Walmart.  Although I will say that they are out of them a lot, so when I find them, I stock up.  I bought that package on May 26 – so with a use by date of June 10, they have a pretty good shelf life.  Not sure how they would be frozen and defrosted though.  I made a ham, egg white and lite mozzarella cheese wrap (6) with the sweetest strawberries for dessert.

5.30.17 010

Even though I have a dedicated lunch from 12:30 – 1:30 so that I guarantee to leave my desk, I had a doc that needed to get out, so missed my window to walk with my sister.  I finally left at 1:15 and walked south and found another smaller farmers market.  You know I had to get some cheese – I’ll show you that later, but I got a $3 section of a spreadable white cheddar with a pistacchio crust – yum!  And I bought another basket of cremini mushrooms from River Valley Kitchens.


I recently received some turkey loot at my friends from Jennie-O Turkey.  I am a 2017 Ambassador for them, and was thrilled to try out this turkey.  I accidentally threw out the package, so thanks google for this pic.

5.30.17 029

4 ounces for 2 points –I love that you can cut it thick or thin, It’s fully cooked so you could throw it in a fried rice, or in soup, or on top of a chopped salad.

5.30.17 020

5.30.17 022

This sammie was delish – four ounces oc turkey (2), lite mozzarella (1), spinach, mustard, the lavash (2) and veggie straws (4) with sliced apple.  9 points for lunch.

I knew I wanted to grill last night, which meant I had to take into consideration how long it would take for my coals to get to temperature, so I had a Premier Protein shake on the train home.  I asked for a doppio shot in a Venti cup over ice.  It costs $2.17 and as luck would have it, I had $2.15 left on a gift card, so this only cost me two cents. Open-mouthed smile  I really love the caramel flavor.

5.30.17 032

It’s the perfect snack because I didn’t walk in the door starving and eat my way through meal prep before my dinner is even ready.

I got more loot when I got home – this time from Simple Girl products.  You all know what a condiment whore I am, and when they told me that their products were low or no sugar, I was instantly intrigued.  You would be surprised at how much sugar is hidden in a lot of condiments.

5.30.17 040

I decided to use the sample pack of the balsamic vinaigrette to marinate my veggies – the whole package was only 15 calories for 1.5 ounces and I marinated the veggies for about 30 minutes while I lit the grill and got everything else ready for dinner.

5.30.17 041

If you are looking for a lean cut of beef, look for sirloin tip steak in your local grocery store.  It’s super tender, not a lot of fat, but just enough to give it some flavor.  This is the regular store price – $3.49 a pound.  I’ll easily get two more meals out of my steak – Jacob ate all of his.  😀  

5.30.17 043

5.30.17 055

5 ounces of beef is 4 points, 5.5 ounces potato (that I nearly burned!) was 4 and the rest is zero.

5.30.17 056

These mushrooms are amazing!  they held onto the marinade.  I still can’t believe I didn’t like mushrooms until a few years ago.

5.30.17 059


You know I am all about challenges – although sometimes I declare a challenge and then by day five just stop talking about it and pretend that I never joined a challenge.

But this one is different.  It’s a 30 Days of Brave Challenge.  It can be anything you want it to be.  You will get daily emails that will help reaffirm whatever it is that you choose.  For me?  Self-Love and no binge eating for 30 days.  And by binge eating I mean not eating half a bag of Doritos because they are in the pantry, or stopping at CVS on my way home to buy gummies.  No keeping food in my bedside table anymore (you know, just in case I have low blood sugar – can’t use that as an excuse to keep peanut m&m’s in there and eat them even if my blood sugar isn’t low).  You get the idea.

I plan on keeping up my journal for 30 days as well.  I know that keeps me focused too.   I just thought I would share this challenge in case it’s something that could help you along your journey, no matter what that is.

I can’t even believe it’s the last day of May already – this year is flying by.   Before we know it, we’ll start seeing school supplies at Walmart.

Make it a great day!  Let me know if you decide to join the challenge – there is strength in numbers! 😀

Chicago’s Riverwalk

You knew I wouldn’t let my leftover French fries go to waste, right?  I used an ounce of chopped leftover fries as the base of my omelette.  I will tell you though, that this is best right out of the cast iron skillet, because the fries get nice and crunchy, but even reheated, this was tasty.  One egg, egg whites, deli ham, pepper jack cheese and spinach for 7 points, with strawberries and mango on the side.

4.26.17a 005

I’ve been really excited about walking around new places around my office.  The riverwalk was too far away from my old office to take advantage of.  Basically by the time I got there I would have had to turn around and go back.

4.26.17a 008

It was probably 74 degrees on my walk and so many people were out.  It’s a great place to take your lunch and just people watch.

4.26.17a 009

Not more than a month ago, Hannah showed me photo of an igloo – basically no matter the weather, hot, cold, rainy, you can rent this “bubble” and its temperature controlled with comfy furniture and you can drink wine and eat food in there.  Um, it isn’t cheap – a party of six costs $600 – which includes three glasses of wine per person and a charcuterie platter.  It also lights up at night.   Still pretty cool though!

4.26.17a 010

I meant to defrost some chicken to cook up before work yesterday, but I forgot.  I brought cucumber and hummus and friut, but just needed some protein.  During one of my walks the other day, I saw a sign for this place – The Halal Guys

4.26.17a 017

I figured I’d just pick up their chicken and make these cucumber hummus chicken bites.  They asked if I wanted their signature white sauce and hot sauce, so I figured why not?  First, I am not sure why the chicken is . . . grey.  Second, while tender, it had hardly any flavor.  And that hot sauce?!  Holy balls, my lips were burning after the first bite.  I tried to scrape it off with a knife, but the flavor still lingered.  I may have eaten half that plate, with an orange and a banana.  Lunch was lame – oh well – there are worse world problems!

The office is coming together, considering we’ve only been in the space three days.  I need to figure out where to put all the junk my bosses don’t want because right now my desk looks like junk yard.  I look at it and think “I’ve only been with this firm for just over five months, I can’t have accumlated this much shit!”

 Lori – you will be happy to know that the mini coffee station is right around the corner from my desk.  It has three different types of teas, coffees and hot chocolate.  It also has a mini fridge so I can keep my lunch in there too.  I like to think they made that area just for me. 😀

4.26.17a 023

I worked late because I was night secretary, so I didn’t even start making my dinner until 8 p.m.  

4.26.17a 038

 I got a bunch of Cabot Cheese loot in the mail.  I am loving these individually packaged cheese – each one is 3/4 of an ounce for 3 points.  Um, somehow if I eyeball an ounce of cheese off a block of cheese, it ends up being half the block 😛  I still had some of the prepackaged zoodles in the fridge, and ground beef so I had beef and zoodle tacos with the Cabot cheese.  I know I’ve talked about the ghee at Trader Joe’s before – it’s basically clarified butter, but 1/2 a teaspoon is only 1 point and adds so much flavor to these fried tacos.  I used Pam and that 1/2 teaspoon of ghee to fry these and they were super crunchy, and you get that buttery taste in every bite.

I am on the train early going to meet my sister for our weekly WI.  I missed last week due to the office move and Cooking Club.   I have no idea how much I weigh because neither of the scales in my house work.  I should just throw them out now that I think about it!  And the WW meeting is just  a short 3 minute walk to my office Open-mouthed smile

I’ll be happy to see my sister too – haven’t seen her all week!   Make it a great day!

Beer and a Burger

It was already a balmy 60 degrees when I left the house yesterday morning – love!  I think my ideal temps would be from 50-70 degrees, no humidity. That’s not too much to ask of Chicago, is it?!   I made a mason jar parfait for my train breakfast – one container Chobani (2), strawberries, bananas, a little drizzle of sugar free pancake syrup and 1/2 tablespoon chia seeds (1).

4.26.17 006

I am loving our new work space.  What I am not loving is that the stuff my bosses don’t want in their offices has somehow piled up at my desk, and I am not a happy camper about that.  I still have four boxes of stuff I need to unpack, but now have no where to put it.  Hopefully I’ll have some down time today to find a spot to put their stuff.  My boss had a lunch meeting, but he was the only one getting food.  Normally hospitality takes care of food, but I told the woman who normally orders food not to worry about it (she’s still getting situated too, with new food options around our new office, etc.).   Hannah’s Bretzel is right around the corner, so I picked a sandwich up for my boss, and got a fruit bowl and a small container of almonds (4) for myself.

4.26.17 017

Note to self:  buy fresh mint and put it on all your fresh fruit.  It was so good!!  I could eat a giant container of that fruit.

4.26.17 018

My sister has been off the last two days, so I’ve gotten my walking shoes on.  Yesterday I walked to Millenium Park and Maggie Daley Park – such a pretty walk.  By the time I got back to my desk, I was already at 10,000 steps!  Right now I am in two fit bit challenges for the week, and it does push me to get more steps in every day.

4.26.17 041

When I got home, the kadults found out that their house closing is being pushed back a week.  This is a sellers market, and the appraisal wasn’t going to get finished in time.  I know they are so anxious to move out, but this is just a small bump in the road.  Hannah is so cute, she went to Aldi yesterday and bought all the staples for her new kitchen – seasonings, flour, sugar, etc.  They both keep asking “what else do you think we need?”  I told them they should just wait to move in and then decided what’s necessary, instead of buying something you may not use (a crock pot!).  

And you know I have so much kitchen stuff, I told Hannah she could take anything she wanted.  Well, except the deep fryer.  She can’t have that.  Or my cast iron skillets.  She can’t have that either.  Kidding!  I plan on giving her a couple of my cast iron skillets, but I am serious about keeping the deep fryer.

They suggested we go out to eat, and even though I had stuff to make burgers at home, we went to our local restaurant and sat outside and had wonderful conversation.  As I sat there listening to them talk, I looked over at Hannah and thought “where did my little girl go?”  It seemed just like yesterday she was in 5th grade, with hair down to her butt and the tallest girl in the class (fast forward to freshman year of high school and she was one of the shortest!)

I am so very proud of them.  They asked if I would miss them and I will of course, but a parents job is to give your kids wings to let them fly, not keep a leash on them to keep them with you.  The circle of life!

4.26.17 048

4.26.17 056

I love this place (Cary Ale House) because they have such interesting beers on tap.  That beer is a NW Pale Ale from Deschutes Brewery out of Oregon.  So good!  That pour is worth every bit of the 6 smart points it cost me.

That burger is their signature Pub Burger.  It’s a 7 ounce angus beef burger, and I will always love a place that will cook a burger medium rare for me.  This burger is perfection – soft bun, good bun to patty ratio, perfectly seasoned – I just asked for it without the icky red onions.  That would have ruined it.  

I immediately cut it in half, and asked for a take out box.  I put the fries in the box with the second half of the burger and ate 1/2 of this burger.  It was delicious, and my guess is that half is 10 smart points.  

Because dinner was 16 points, I went over by 2 points for the day, no big. I still have 15 weekly points left for the week, and tomorrow is my WI day, so it’s all good.

Speaking of WI, I think my WW meeting is even closer to this new office – I’ll have to check that out.  Hopefully if my sister isn’t tooswamped today, she can go walking with me, athough I think we have rainy weather in the forecast coming up for the next several days – I think the next time I’ll see the sun is next Wednesday!

Question of the Day:  How do you like your burger?  I know a lot of people who like them well done – just curious!

Make it a great day!