Update for New Readers:  My beloved husband of 14 years passed away after a short illness in December 2014.  I am trying to pick up the pieces and move on with my life, and cooking in the kitchen really soothes my soul.

You can read his unusual obituary here.  And you can read an article written by Sun-Times reporter Rick Morrissey here.  Thanks for stopping by!


beth velatini

The pictures above were taken in October 2013.  Here is how I like to pose when the paparazzi are close!  The below picture was taken in February, 2011. 😀

40, 41, 42, 43 44 45  46 47 48 year old virgin.  Oh, wait a second, that’s not right!  My name is Biz and I am a 48-year old married widowed mom trying to become model ready for when I get the phone call to be on the cover of Maxim magazine.  The paparazzi already follow me when I go to the grocery store, so I have to be prepared for that call any day!

I am an insulin dependent diabetic (although Type 2), trying to navigate all the delicious food out there, all the while maintaining my blood sugar levels.  It’s quite a battle!  If anyone has any tips out there on how they manage their diabetes, I am all ears!

I suppose I should give you a bit more background about me.  I never had a weight problem at all growing up.  In high school I played field hockey in the fall, then in the winter it was indoor track, spring was outdoor track and then in the summer there was softball.

If you are wondering, yes, my husband had thoughts that I was a lesbian since I played field hockey and softball.  Oh, and in my early 20’s I may have been on a bowling team!

When you work out year round you can look like this:

Freshman year at Oak Park River Forest High School (I in in the front with the killer 80’s glasses!)

Then fast forward to my senior year of high school – could I rock a field hockey outfit or what – its kind of like I am a professional model! (not! 😀 )

God I loved Sun-In! (took years to grow out though!)

I decided to focus on field hockey in college and got a scholarship to Southern Illinois.  After my freshman year, they dropped the hockey program because of funding, and I never went back to college.

So at age 19, 125 pounds, I took a desk job.  Oh, and at night I worked at a bar.  So there wasn’t much drinking or pizza eating at all – just all healthy salads and 2 hour workouts at the gym.

Well, fast foward 10 years and in 1999 I weighed in at 210 pounds.  The funny thing is, I hardly ever noticed because 10 to 15 pound weight gain a year kind of sneaks up on you.  Until your stomach reaches your steering wheel and you realize you are the only one who drives the car.

So in 1999, my sister and I joined Weight Watchers.  That first month I lost 32 pounds to my sister’s 6 pounds.  She asked what I was doing and I was like “I should have joined Weight Watchers years ago – I keep eating cheezy beefs and tacos and the weight is melting off of me!”

Um, turns out I was an undiagnosed pre-diabetic.  All the syptoms: rapid weight loss, frequent urination I attributed to the fact that 1.  I was losing weight because I went to Weight Watcher meetings and 2. they told me to drink more water so obviously I am going to pee more!

Within a year I lost 70 pounds and by May of 2000, right before I met my amazing husband!, I was at my lowest adult weight of 138.   After which I quickly gained 20 pounds in six months while eating out with my husband!

But in 2001, I got back down to between 135 -140 and kept that off for years until I was put on insulin in 2008.  Suddenly all the foods that I couldn’t even look at were within my reach – just take more insulin!  And have gained 30 pounds since then.

I am considered a Type 2, insulin dependent diabetic.  Now that I am in my 40’s, I am realizing this weight loss thing is a slow and steady progress, but I will not give up!

Thanks for stopping by – hope you find some recipes you like! 😀

* Disclaimer – while I am diabetic, I am not a registered dietician or even remotely an expert on diabetes.  Since I am on insulin, I can eat whatever I want, but hope that with diet and exercise, and maybe saying no to that second piece of pizza, I can get in a more healthier weight range.

And I’ll leave you with my favorite adolescent photo of me – klassy, huh?! 😀

Feel free to reach me anytime at mybizzykitchen@gmail.com.  😀

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  1. april
    Hi! I don't have diabetes but I am a nursing student and have learned all about diabetes and have dealt with tons of diabetic patients so if you have any specific questions feel free to email me! ajbonnell@yahoo.com
  2. Hahah, you're funny! =) I worry about my sugar levels even though i am not diabetic, because I tend to get a headache if I don't keep it in check. I look forward to reading your blog! Cheers!
  3. oh you're so funny. Im not diabetic so i acnt help you there but i do enjoy reading your journey to healthy lifestyle. p.s. thanks for leaving comment on my blog. double yolk in all 12 of them eggs???? tht tops all the weird stuff iv ever seen! Farina
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  5. I just completed a metabolism paper on type-2 diabetes... The top 3 metabolic solutions: lowering serum RBP4 levels, lowering free fatty acid levels and preserving/restoring Beta-cell function. You may already "know this" info but what I found in my research as "real" solutions would be: -cutting out saturated fats -increasing soluble fiber ( slowing the digestion process and regulating blood glucose/ release of insulin) -losing weight (excess body fat/adipose tissue). Hope this is helpful!! Can I add you to my blogroll?
  6. I just stopped by to say hello and thank you for visiting my site this morning. I do hope you'll come again. You have a great blog and I love the relationship you have with your daughter. If she's bored I have another fridge for her to attack. Happy Holidays....Mary
  7. Hi! Thank you for stopping by my blog! With Dr. Joel Fuhrman's Eat to Live Program you can be off insulin in a few weeks if you're Type 2 and greatly reduce your insulin needs if you're Type 1. Nice blog! I'll visit again!
  8. Hi - thanks for visiting my blog. I'm insulin-resistant, and diabetes runs in my family. I gave up Splenda after finding out how bad it is (chlorinated sugar), and now I use Stevia for part of the sugar in most of my sweet recipes. I also try to use whole grains flours and incorporate fiber to help. It's not easy living in a world of carbs. P. S. Would love to switch links with you -- I will put you on my blogroll if you'll put me on yours. Let me know.
    • munaAugust 6, 2009hey nice one prashanta. well nice to see the ptoiec part of yours. never thought you to be so nice with words. keep up the good work. i have always been fond of poets. hope to have more work of yours in very near future. i wish good luck to your emotion. and request to bring such beautiful words out of you again and again.Muna
  9. Foodie McBody
    I am a borderline, hope to avoid it, diabetic. I had Gestational Diabetes and now I fear the real thing has come upon me. Your blog comes at a very good time for me. thanks.
  10. Thanks for visiting my blog. Loved looking around yours. Hannah is adorable. I have an 18 year old daughter Grace who was my "best present ever." Loved the humor and the recipes.
  11. Sue
    Hi Beth, I am a friend of your mother in law , the wonderful Bonnie !! She has told me about your blog , and I love it !! I wish the best for Tony and the whole family. Sue
  12. Hi Just found your blog! I'm in my 40's (but like you look younger). Been insulin dependant diabetic for 36 years (yey me!). Follow the DAFNE regime which has improved my control SO much. Am in the UK - married, 2 kids (11 and almost 18) and a hubby. Nice t find your blog xCathy
  13. Dear biz, I got my official diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes yesterday after a glucose tolerance test which I did not actually tolerate. So.. I am following you even more in earnest now. Thanks for paving the way. oxo Foodie McB
  14. Betty
    You have such a good attitude! Love the blog! Just found it and marked it as a favorite. Hopefully, it will inspire me to take better care of my insulin-taking self & lose some weight. Being diabetic seems to take all the fun out of life .... maybe your spirit will help me bring some of the fun back!
  15. Thank you for popping over and visiting me at my pitiful blog. I am a definite newbie. I too am a diabetic. I have been a Type II for twelve years. I have to admit that I do a terrible job behaving. I tell people I don't have diabetes, but DENYabetes. It runs in my family, both my parents were, and one brother is. I take oral medications. I can't wait to ramble around on your site. Thanks-Beth
    • I think at the upper left hand corner where it says RSS feed - it will add it to your list of blogs? Not sure! :D I am a complete novice to the ins and outs of blogging - I just type and hit publish!
  16. Hee hee. That first paragraph about you made me laugh! I work in the health care field and I don't envy you diabetics. It's definitely a lot of work. I admire you.
    • This is great news! Decades ago, sickle cell was of such great conecrn and it was considered a safety issues for pilots and air traffic controllers with sickle cell disorder. This prevented people with sickle cell to be excluded from choosing piloting and air traffic controllers as profession. Unfortunately, sickle cell was prevalent in black people.It took the initiative of Dr E R K Dwemoh, the first Ghanaian air traffic controller himself a black man and the Regional Director of the ICAO WACAF Office to motivate ICAO to investigate the subject. The results paved the way for many black men who otherwise would not have become pilots and air traffic controllers to now have an opportunity to do so.As an air traffic controller, I had a painful time trying to convince my only daughter who had a passion to become pilot, why she could neither be a pilot nor air traffic controller because she is diabetic. It was a heartbreaking and tearful time for my daughter.Thank God for this breakthrough and kudos to all those who have worked tirelessly to achieve this feat. Dr Dwemoh received The Edward Warner Award (the highest award by ICAO for his work). I think those behind this breakthrough of diabetic people having an opportunity to become pilots and air traffic controllers be considered for an appropriate international recognition! Their work has opened the gate for people who otherwise would be deprived from realizing their dream and prevented some parents from experiencing what my daughter and I went through. (Albert Aidoo Taylor, Director ATM, Ghana Civil Aviation Authority)
  17. Jen
    Thanks for the comments on my blog. I responded, but I wanted to leave you a note here. The bacon wrapped dates are awesome at room temperature.
  18. So glad you commented on my blog so I could find my way here! I'm sugar sensitive. Last time I got it checked I was in the 109 range. I really want to make it lower. I'll be following you and adding you to my blog faves. Thanks for stopping by! -jafg
  19. love your blog. i'm 24 years old and have been a type 1 diabetic for 22 of those years (eek!)- it's hard at times (ive def been through my rough patches), but once you get things together it feels so good to feel good :) just started my own blog- check it :) xo, whit
  20. Sam
    You wrote a comment on 5 dollar dinners about meat prices. I was wondering where you and your sister live. I live in the chicago area and find great prices. You do not have to post this, but I didn't know how to e-mail you.
  21. Hey! I just found your blog and wanted to mention Penny's Low Fat Desserts to you! They have a new no sugar added cookie and my friend tried it and it didn't make her blood sugar rise at all. I don't have diabetes but I have tried it (and reviewed it on my blog) and it is VERY!!! delicious! Just a suggestion! :D
  22. jackytreehorn
    I stumbled upon your blog while searching for a new way to cook beef short ribs. I explored your blog content a bit and discovered you're diabetic. I don't know if you're type 1 or 2, but since you asked for tips, I just have to share my story. I've had type 2 for 7 years and progressed from pills on up to insulin injections. In late 2007, I was shooting 30 units of Levemir a day and I still had an A1C of 9.7. In March of 2008, I discovered Dr. Richard K. Bernstein's book "The Diabetes Solution." Dr. Bernstein is a type 1 diabetic who is 73 years old and still has his sight and all his limbs. He is the person who coerced Bayer into making the first home use blood sugar meter in 1981. He is not a kook or quack ala Dr. Atkins. He developed a diet and exercise plan to treat his own diabetes, and shares it in his book. I started following Dr. Bernstein's recommendations in March 2008. My insulin requirement was cut IN HALF in the first 10 days. After three weeks, I NO LONGER REQUIRED INSULIN. I haven't needed insulin or any other diabetes drug since then. My A1C during this time has been: May 2008 - 5.0, Nov 2008 - 4.9, May 2009 - 4.5, Nov 2009 - 4.9. I'm only sharing this testimonial because I have been an insulin dependent type 2, and I know what is possible. Your cooking looks delicious, but your macronutrient amounts are all wrong. Please consider Dr. Bernstein's book. If you don't want to buy the book, there is a forum for people following his program. It's free to join, you don't have to buy the book or a membership. It's full of diabetics who have had their lives changed. I hope you'll check it out: http://www.diabetes-book.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?action=login
  23. Steph
    Hi there, I just came across your blog. My boyfriend is a 26 year old type one diabetic. Insulin dependent. Since carbs are primarily the culprit of high blood sugar (carbs turn into sugar) we basically eat lower carb. Lots of whole grains, no enriched white anything and stay away from things like pasta and such because they are LOADED with carbs. It makes it much much easier for him to maintain his blood sugar levels. good luck!
  24. The title of your blog caught my attention "Biggest Diabetic Loser" you have to love that, I have been losing at--I mean dealing with Type 1 Diabetes for thirty five years so if you ever need to vent drop by and give me a yell, I'll be popping back in here also
  25. I just found your blog and love it! Of course there is a lot to be said on Diabetes and how to control your blood sugar... I am planing on writing more on these topics on my blog in the future. I just posted one on whole grains and some of the information might be relevant to you. I just figured out recently that my husband is on the best way to becoming a diabetic. He is only 21 years old, does not any sugar/processed foods, but loves his whole grain bread/pasta. I always urged him to eat less and especially not consume these foods without anything else (bread as a snack etc.) I finally convinced him after I tracked his blood sugar with a monitor. He got so scared that he is now willing to give them up (at least for now). We are trying different foods and checking how he does with them. Our fruit Smoothies are fine, so is one cup of brown rice with a meal etc. The one thing that is consistently bad for him is four, whole wheat or not. I think this is often overlooked... more on this in my post. Hope this helped! - Christina
  26. Hi, I am an editor at Ampere Media. I am currently working on a website called fitandfabliving. While the editors contribute most of the articles, we are always looking for a broader perspective and audience. After perusing your blog, your experience dealing with Type 2 Diabetes would make you a great contributor to the site. Especially considering there are so many people dealing with this disease, an article on your perspective or ways you are dealing with it would make an amazing article. We are looking for bloggers who are knowledgeable and passionate about being healthy and are interested in getting published on a high-quality website. If you don't have the time to write new articles, we also accept previously-written content. Unfortunately, we cannot offer monetary payment, but we can offer the following benefits: --Free, quality, inbound links to your blog (our site has thousands of subscribers) --Association with a reputable brand --Potential to gain a wider readership (we have thousands of subscribers to site) --"Expert" classification among an elite group of bloggers --Excellent writing exposure with minimal extra time commitment from you Here is some more information about our site: Name: Fit&FabLiving – “Look and Feel Your Best” Mission Statement: Fit&FabLiving is a health and beauty community focused on helping everyone look and feel their best. Comprised of thousands of hints and tips, Fit&FabLiving brings the latest expert advice, user-submitted content and thousands of tips on fitness, health, fashion, beauty and more. We’re still in the early development phases of our site. It is our goal to develop a website with fantastic content from you and other expert bloggers, as well as user-generated content from the website community. We have extensive experience building online communities and have already achieved great success with our recipe website Recipe4Living . If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you! Allison Evans, Editor
  27. I wanted to reach out to you about our new site, iChange.com. We're looking for a few weight loss and nutrition bloggers to pilot our nutritionist-led support groups and give feedback (no cost to you). After going over your blog I think you'd be an awesome member of our site testing team. Please email me at jen@ichange.com if you are interested in learning more. Thanks!
  28. Hey Biz! Thanks for dropping by the Turtles blog and voting for me in my quest to get to NYC! (I'm not waiting for them to call.. I'm seeking them out. ha ha!) :-) My journey as a type 2 diabetic is an interesting one every day, as you know(!) - so many choices, so many issues, and being diagnosed at 39 really changed my ways!! I transitioned from walking to running, and after a few hits/ misses the first six months, I got much more serious last summer, running my first half marathon March 7th. Awesome experience and 3 more on tap for this year! Food remains the hurdle, of course, trying to always find that delicate balance while still enjoying the good stuff. Fortunately, I prefer 'real' food, particularly veggies to processed, so things are good in that respect. Anyway, I look forward to adding you to my blogroll and hope that you'll stop by mine from time to time. I haven't really connected w/ many diabetics in the blogosphere yet, so reading the comments on this post was interesting... more resources and fellow D-living people. Love the food pics - I'm a bit of a foodie myself and love high quality food!! :-) I'd GREATLY appreciate your vote at MORE.com and if you feel inclined, stopping back to vote a few more times before May 12th, and maybe inviting your blog readers, if it wouldn't be too much trouble? One vote per day is what I've been told. (I'm a newbie contest participant w/ lots of enthusiasm!) The contest is another (larger) venue for me to tell my D story, and I really hope to have that opportunity - even if it helps ONE person! Thanks and hugs from Orlando, robin/the turtle runner
  29. Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm looking forward to reading yours. I was never diabetic but at my heaviest I was told I was pre-diabetic. That really scared me. Good for you trying to live better!
  30. I just found your blog today and love it. My heaviest was 323. Yikes! Was pronounced diabetic, lost over 100 lbs. and have pretty much maintained. I still have a LOT to go, the last 6 months or so I have pretty much falled off the wagon and been eating WAY too much sugar and I need to get the right mindset again! I'll love to look at your blog and hopefully get some hints and motivation. Thanks!
  31. Kim
    Hi, I found your blog from the Blogger Secret Ingredient Contest. It's been great to read more about you and see more of your recipes. They all look wonderful. I'm on a low-sugar diet due to another health condition I have, and it's great to have a resource like this. Diabetes also runs in my family and my mom's entire family developed Type II up until my mom. I've seen how much a healthy diet has helped her and it's been a big influence on me too. Just wanted to say I'm glad to have found your blog. And I hope it's OK if I add a link in my sidebar. :)
  32. Amy
    Hi! I'm so glad you found my blog!!! I think you are funny. I am not diabetic but I think a lot of your recipes will help me with my weight loss (thus the garden) plan. I look forward to reading you!
    • Hi Katherine! I have a point and shoot (and dream of owning a DSLR one day!). Right now I have an Olympus 1010 - it has a cuisine setting, but believe it or not, I typically shoot all my pics using the "sport" setting and super macro. It seems to be the setting that lets the most light in :D
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  34. Oh to have the metabolism and workouts we had in the field hockey days. Hello, found it via your sister, love them both. I have been dying to try out some Indian food, actually just checked out a cookbook from the library. Seeing the chicken one you linked to today is encouraging, makes it less intimidating. Good luck on round two. Good to "see" and looking forward to following along! ~ Jacky (Crawford)
  35. I'm so glad you commented on my blog so I found yours! Even though we eat very healthy and exercise a lot, my Hubs has bad cholesterol numbers and high triglycerides. Diabetes runs in his family along with heart disease, stroke...you name it. So I'm doing whatever I can do make sure he stays healthy without medication so will be looking at your blog lots to help!
  36. Nikki
    I love your blogging style. You cook beautiful meals. What are you most conscious about? how many calories something has? how much protein? how much fat? where the ingredients come from?
  37. Hi, I wanted to inform you of the 2011 Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference, scheduled for June 24-26 in Boulder, Colorado. http://www.FitnessBloggersConference.org This conference will be a gathering of bloggers from throughout North America who specialize in the areas of fitness or health. I live in Boulder and can tell you it is a very active, healthy city and the perfect place for this conference. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to be included in conference updates. Find us on Twitter @fitnessbloggers I hope you can join us!
  38. Lisa Gaston
    Just found you - we moved here (Iowa) from Oak Park a few years back - saw you went to OPRF, wonder if you still live there. Went to WW years ago (In OP - loved the leader) and lost a good bit...but have gone back up after the move/stress/etc. and need to get going again. Will look forward to more inspiration from your blog- thanks!
  39. I must have the wrong email for you, because I got a bounceback! I'd like to introduce you to the Cabot market manager for your area. She'll be able to get you product to try, for recipes, etc. Or anything else you might need. I think it'd be great if you had a local go-to gal! If that sounds good to you, I'll make the introduction! Email me at wendy@cabotcheese.com and I'll make it happen :) Thanks! Wendy
  40. teresa clay
    would like to make blueberry streussel coffee cake in a jar, but need to know how long it lasts in the jar without opening.
  41. electaforce
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  42. Hi! I hope you made my pork binagoongan with success. LOL I'm glad I stopped by your site. I like your humor and I think I'll be dropping by more. Sorry if my recipes aren't really tailored for weight watchers and diabetics BUT with that in mind I might try to integrate healthier recipes in the (hopefully) near future. :D
  43. Parveen
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  44. Deb
    Just found your blog tonight, I think via Lisa Eirene's blog. Loving your recipes and already have bookmarked several to try! I'll be adding you to my blogroll as well. :)
  45. Anna Callie
    Dear Biz: One of my friends referred your site to me as a great resource for information on food and exercise. I found your site to have a variety of topics that are food and exercise related. The articles were very interesting and informative; especially the information about Diabetic recipes. While browsing your site I noticed that you allow guest posts. Can you please tell me what your criteria are on guest posting? I have an idea for a post that relates to exercise, and I think it would be of interest to you and your readers. Would you like me to send over the article? I look forward to hearing from you, Anna Callie annacallie74@gmail.com
  46. Anonymous
    Congrats on making the list! You deserve the recognition. Top 100 Most Influential Weight Loss Bloggers of 2013 http://diettogo.com/blog/100-most-inspirational-weight-loss-bloggers-2013
  47. Our niece is a diabetic which was diagnosed when she was 4. She is amazing because it has never slowed her down. The key is she takes care of herself. It sounds like you have a great grip on it. Stay tough. Peter from Feed Your Soul Too
  48. Hi Biz! I just wanted to comment here because I sent you an email earlier this week about the Staub giveaway (you won!!!) and I'm not sure if I have the right address -- I was hoping to reach you here in case you didn't get the email, because I'd love for you to have it! Would you mind emailing me at tworedbowls@gmail.com whenever you get the chance? Also, I read a few of your more recent blog posts, and just want to say how much I admire your strength, courage, and spirit. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
  49. Marcia Sharpe
    Hi Biz, I just found your blog from Nicole Morrissey. I was diagnosed Type 2 about 2 weeks ago. Needless to say I'm very overwhelmed. I will enjoy reading your blog to learn more information. I am not on insulin, but take Metformin 1000 mg..my bs levels are all over the place..from 79 as lowest to 117 this morning. Don't know what happened yesterday...all I had was a chicken breast and 3 tsp of hummus and 2 hamburger patties for dinner. Anywy I'm doing the low carb high fat sorta diet and have lost 15 lbs. You amazed me by saying you can eat anything just by taking insulin. I'm new but that caught my eye..plus seeing a recipe for Cinnamon Rolls...I know I'm rambling but I will spend time on looking at your recipes...and enjoy myself. Right now I'm between being mad as hell and trying to deal with not being able to eat my favorite food...potatoes and so many other things. I may want to email you with questions and hope that is OK. I have so much to learn and need help. Thank you for your help and blog. We are blessed to have all this technology available to us now....don't know what people did without it.
  50. Victoria
    Hi Biz, So thrilled I found you on connect and on your blog. We are both from the class of '86 :) Your narrative inspires me and I'm so grateful that you are willing to share it. Now, down to business! The recipes are AWESOME!! I am avid cook and baker. I have many recipes that I am trying to lighten up with little success. In particular, I have been working for about a year on sourdough starter. Every weekend I make a fresh batch of sourdough English muffins and cheddar English muffins but they aren't point friendly. Any chance you might be able to help me make these sp friendlier???
    • Biz319
      Hey! Bread is tricky on trying to bring the points down, simply because of the carbs of the flour. :( I just try to fit it into my points for the day - and if two slices of my homemade bread is 5 points, then I go with that. When baking muffins, etc., I have been using unsweetened cashew milk - only 25 calories per cup - I even use it for my naan bread. http://www.mybizzykitchen.com/2017/02/16/overnight-naan-bread/ I'll see if I can figure out how to reduce the points, but not sure I'll be successful. Glad you found me! :D

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