I know work will calm down in a bit.  Our firm merged with another firm last month and all of our software is new and itโ€™s a bit of a learning curve.  While the computer transitions were going there was a black out period for over a week, so everyone had to scramble to get their month end shit done.  I can’t help but think of the Rihannah song (I know I spelled Rihanna wrong, I thought it was funny that I typed Hannay by habit!) when I think #workworkwork ๐Ÿ˜€

Yesterday I managed to eat my breakfast around 10:45.  This picky plate – ham (2), egg (2), Weight Watchers colby cheese stick (2), banana with chocolate PB2 (1) with a tablespoon of granola over the top (1).

10.4.17 005

My sister and I managed to get away from our desks and walked to Mariano’s – I realized I put those pictures and vide on my Instagram story (are you following me over there> mybizzykitchen).   I had to pick up the stuff I needed for Cooking Club tonight at Courtney’s house.  This is the beginning of our THIRD year and I can hardly believe it’s been that long already.  

I already had a sneak peak at the main dish – it’s whole roasted chicken cooked over artisan bread (I think!) – whatever, I am down for some delicious roasted chicken, wine and great conversation.  

I had leftover taco soup for lunch, but it was the last of the batch, so it was mostly broth and maybe 1/2 cup of beans.  I worked late to get some dictation done that’s been on my list of things to do for a few days.  It’s over TWO hours long, and if anyone has done dictation, you know that is really long.  I have only 14 minutes left and will finish that this morning – I’ll be happy to get that off my desk.

This is the view from my bosses office right when I left at 7 – so dark already!  The building with the red top?  That’s the Merchandise Mart where The Chopping Block is – #happy place!

10.4.17 014

I walked really fast to the train station – if I miss the 7:30 train I have to wait another hour for the next one.  When I got to the train station, I immediately say my line blinking “DELAYED.”  Sadly, there was another fatality on my train line earlier in the day – this time with a car.  I actually lucked out working late, because my train ended up only being 20 minutes behind schedule.

10.4.17 016


10.4.17 017

I walked in at 9:15.  Hannah texted me a picture of biscuit pot pie she made that I thought I’d be able to eat for dinner – sadly, the recipe didn’t turn out for her – too salty, the biscuits didn’t cook right – I told her next time to cook the biscuits on the side and add them at the end.  She was so disappointed.  I’ve been there – you spend time making something with high hopes and it just sucks.  BUT, that’s why you keep cooking – you learn those things and just get better with time.  I know it’s easier for them just to order fast food because it’s cheap and easy, but I cna only encourage her to keep trying in the kitchen.

They ordered Chinese food the other night, and I took 3/4 cup of their beef fried rice, added 4 ounces of thin sliced round steak, bean sprouts, sesame seeds and had a quick dinner ready in 5 minutes.

10.4.17 025

I didn’t start making my dish for Cooking Club until after 10:00, but it’s a great make ahead dish.  I made my homemade shortbread snicker bars – but I plan on pairing it with sea salt gelato.  The plating in my head looks really good – but we’ll see how it works out.  All I know is that I look forward to seeing these ladies and catching up, the food is really the icing on the cake!

Happy Thursday – here’s to almost the weeknd and Hannah and Jacob’s wedding shower! 

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  • Kym
    October 5, 2017 at 1:03 pm

    I’m giddy with excitement for you about the shower. I am still in awe over the table centerpieces. I always wanted to be a party planner. I lose all track of time doing that kind of stuff. I miss that getting lost in something you love to do so much. Work, work work, seems to be the case these last several years. Hopefully your fried rice didn’t have too much sodium and cause more “bloating”. Can’t wait for cooking club photos.