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September 2017


I Cried

I am loving this weather – when I left the house yesterday morning it was 48 degrees.  Love.

9.28.17 015

When I got downtown the were handing out free yogurt on the corner right by my building, so duh, free food, of course I grabbed one.  Then quickly scanned it and realized it was 250 calories and 11 points – super high in sugar, so I gave it to the twenty something girl when I got to work – she loved it by the way.  

9.28.17 021

This is the last of my banana bread, so I need to make some more this weekend.  I just love how tiny this loaf is.  4 points for the bread and 2 for the egg.

9.28.17 025

My sister had a work lunch, so I was on my own for lunch.  Sadly just as I was leaving to go to Weight Watchers, my boss came in and needed something done right away and I didn’t finish until nearly 1 p.m.  I had to get some cash for the farmers market, and didn’t realize there was a giant food court in the Chase building a few blocks from my office.  

9.28.17 032

I had taco soup for lunch, so I hit up the salad bar and for $1.07 got some pickled jalapenos, radish and crispy tortilla strips to accessorize my soup.

9.28.17 033

I can’t wait to cook up this delicata squash – it’s been all over Instagram – the skin is thin enough that you can eat it.  Since I went to the market during the last hour they were closing, each squash was only $1 each.  

9.28.17 035

Spicy taco soup #yassss

9.28.17 042

This dinner below screams fall to me.  Potatoes, green beans and pork chops with a maple horseradish mustard sauce.  These pork chops were thin, so only took about 1:20 each side.  I microwaved two small new potatoes and green beans, then once I took the pork chop out of the pan, Pam fried the potatoes and green beans.  Removed those to my plate, then made a quick pan sauce:  1/3 cup bone broth (you can use chicken or beef broth) 1 tablespoon corn starch, 1 teaspoon horseradish mustard and 1 teaspoon maple syrup.  Just cook for one minute until it thickens up, and pour over your plate – delish!  This plate was 9 points.

9.28.17 050

I bought this Halo Top last weekend and tried it for the first time last night – um, this might be my new favorite flavor.  I ate 1/2 the container which I think is 4 smart points.  #worthit

9.28.17 056

Since Jacob bought his new car, there was no reason for me to keep Tony’s car.  I took some pictures before I went to work, and put the ad up and within 5 minutes, the car sold.  A guy in the town next to me paid cash for it last night.  I had no idea it would sell that quickly, and before I knew it, the last giant tangible reminder of Tony was gone.

9.28.17 004

Jacob and Hannah went to his grandparents last night, and before they left Jacob asked if I was okay, and of course I said yes.  That’s what I do – make sure everyone around me is fine and worry about myself last.

When I said goodnight, Jacob again asked me if I was okay, and I said yes again, and he said “you are just going to go into your bedroom and cry, aren’t you?”  Why yes, yes I am!  He knows me too well already.

I cried it out for a few minutes, took a deep breath, then just . . . let it go.

It’s time to concentrate on all the good things going on – Hannah’s wedding, my niece Sarah’s wedding in November – the upcoming holidays.  It’s all good.

Here is my motivation for the day.   Believe you can and it will.  Believe that there is life after grief and it will happen.

I am so excited for tomorrow – I am working at The Chopping Block for Apple Fest!  Can’t wait – any Chicago peeps I’ll be working 10-6 if you are in the area – we will have pork on the Big Green Egg, Apple pie and hard apple cider and apple cider liquor.   I am excited to see my friends there – it’s my happy place!

Happy Friday – believe you can and it will – so make it a great day!


Skinny Pasta

Mother Nature has finally gotten the memo that it’s the end of September.  It was in the 60s on my way to the train station yesterday morning, and our high was only 68.  Perfect!  On Wednesday’s I treat myself to coffee from the coffee shop across the street from the train station. #treatyoself

9.27.17 001

I need to make more of this banana bread – so good and I love picky plate breakfasts like this.  It worked out perfect because I had computer trainging most of yesterday morning and spent probably 45 minutes eating this plate.  The banana bread was 4 points and the egg was 2.

9.27.17 012

My sister was looking for a fall coat and needed a couple other things, so we hit up Burlington at lunch.  Of course they already had all their winter stuff out – I laughed so hard at this picture because I told my sister to do the duck lips and only I am doing it 😀

9.27.17 014

I was looking forward to my taco soup for lunch when . .. doh.  I never put the soup in my lunch bag.  I had all the toppings, the cheese, but no soup. 

I have a Corner Bakery in the building next to mine, and bought their 1/2 soup 1/2 salad combo.  It’s been a while since I’ve eaten there and forgot to tell them no croutons in the soup.

9.27.17 021

By the time I scooped out all the croutons, I maybe had 1/2 a cup of soup left?  

9.27.17 022

But their Harvest Salad more than made up for it.  The WW app said the 1/2 salad was 7 points – but taking a look at what was in there, called the salad 11 ponts and the soup 2 for points.

9.27.17 025

As a Weight Watcher Ambassador, I get the opportunity to try products that they endorse and received a box of Skinny Pasta a couple days ago.   Skinny Pasta is actually a registered trademark of Weight Watchers.  

Their “pasta” is made from the Konjac root, which apparently containes fiber and absorbs water to help you feel full.  It’s sugar free, gluten free, fat free and cholesterol free.  The whole package is 2 servings, but at only 10 calories a serving, I decided to “cook” the whole bag for dinner.

You just rinse the noodles under water in a strainer for one minute, drain, then heat up in a skillet or microwave for 2-3 minutes.  

Now let’s get one thing clear – this does not taste like pasta.  Much like cauliflower rice doesn’t taste like rice, this doesn’t taste like pasta because it really has no flavor.  But stir in spicy marinara, spicy turkey sausage and sauteed mushrooms, these can actually pass as noodles.  I didn’t mind the texture, some people mentioned there was a “smell” upon opening the package, but I didn’t notice it at all.  

I only took 2 units of insulin with my dinner vs. the 12 I would have taken had I had real pasta.  Someone mentioned on connect that they combine these noodles with 1/2 a serving of real pasta to bring down the carbs, but bulk up the portion – I think I’ll try that next time.

9.27.17 045

I know you can find these in most Weight Watcher locations, not sure about retail stores, I’ll find out and get back to you.

9.27.17 048

Hannah and Jacob weren’t home when I got home, but around 9:30 I heard honking in our driveway and came out to see that Jacob bought a car!  He’s always wanted a VW bug, and here it is.  He was so happy and proud of himself!  They hadn’t eaten dinner yet and asked if I wanted to go out with them to celebrate – which at this time was nearly 10:00 p.m.

9.27.17 051

Of course I said yes!  If your adult children ever ask you to do something with them, do it, no matter the time.  Shit, back in the day my sister would never have gone out on a weekend before 10:00 p.m.!

9.27.17 054

I had a 5 point New Belgium Fat Tire on tap – so good.   We had fun and we were home by 11:15 and I was in bed by 11:30.  

I am listing Tony’s car for sale today.  It’s the last big tangible thing I have that is a constant reminder of him.  I remember when he bought the car in 2012 and the car was going to be paid off in 2017 and I remember thinking “I wonder where our life will be in 2017!”  

So much change, but isn’t that life?  No one can predict the future, so we have to constantly get the most out of each day we are given.

Happy Thurdsay – make it a great day!


More Insulin!

It was such a nice morning yestereday.  Did some blog work, had two cups of coffee and had this breakfast below before heading to my doctors appointment.  Four points – two for the egg and two for the ham.

9.26.17 005

When I left the house at 10:30 it was already 85 degrees – it’s just so weird to be wearing flip flops surrounded by fallen leaves.

9.26.17 008

Lately my blood sugar has spiked over night, and I couldn’t figure it out.  I know I sometimes eat later in the evening, but I take insulin for that and I take a night time insulin.  Basically whatever my blood sugar is at bed (lets say 110) that’s what it should be in the morning.  Lately I’ve had morning readings in the 300s and even 400!  Crazy!  Simple fix – just take more night time insulin – my doctor said he has some patients who take 100 units at night!  I am taking 40 now, so we are upping it 4 points a day until I wake up around 140.  

We also talked about a continuous glucose montior and I am REALLY excited about that.  There is a new one out there that syncs with an iPhone app – so at any given time I can check the app and know where I am at.  I can also set it to alarm if the numbers are too low or too high.  I need to confirm with my insurance company that it is covered, but that is exciting.

I got to work by 12:45 and hit the ground running.  Shelley, I thought you’d like this snap chat filter – I sent this to the kadults letting them know I got to work 😀  #workworkwork

9.26.17 013

Because our Dad was diabetic, the changes of my brother and twin sister getting it are high as well.  My brother was asking me the other day if he thought my glucose monitor was accurate and I thought it was.  He then sent me screen shots of three different tests, all with the same drop of blood within seconds of each other, and got three very different readings. 

I looked up and saw it was almost 3:00 and I hadn’t eaten lunch yet, so I tested my blood sugar – it was 61 – then not 5 seconds later, put a new strip in and got a reading of 49.  My body felt like 49, which is why I don’t have a good picture of my taco soup.  When it’s that low I just need food – stat!

9.26.17 014

9.26.17 015

This is what I just call “dump” taco soup – its 28 ounce can tomato puree, 4 cups beef broth, 1 cup leftover refried beans, 1 cup ground taco beef, a can of pinto beans, then I topped it with shredded zucchini, cilantro, radish and Weight Watchers Mexican blend cheese.  (#wwambassador)(disclaimer: #gotitforfree)

9.26.17 016

We have computer training this week, which is why I took a half day instead of taking the whole day off.  There aren’t a lot of train options during the day from my neck of the woods to the city, so I had to drive to work and drive home.  I got to the parking garage (if you park in Chicago on the regular, check out Spot Hero – I got a parking spot right next to my building for $8 bucks).  I got to the car at 6:10 and got home at 7:53.

9.26.17 018

9.26.17 021

Unlike the train where I can relax and get my second wind, driving through Chicago traffic just drained me.  I had pork chops and green beans on my menu, but didn’t feel like cooking.  Crazy!  So I made a bagel sammie.  I bought these whole wheat bagels at Fresh Thyme – I think the brand is Bubba’s?  They are pretty big and only 6 points.  With the ham, cheese and eggs, my sammie was 10 points.

9.26.17 023

Jacky, can you believe it was two years ago that we went to the Oak Park field hockey game?  I need to check their schedule at the middle or end of October and see if we can put something together again.  

9.26.17 028

I spoke to MIL yesterday, who lives in Naples, and am happy to report that they have had power for two days in a row with no power surges.  Sadly sewage backed up on their street, and there is a water restriction, but things are looking up.  They are lucky they only lost a few roof tiles – but she said the town as a whole still looks like a war zone with uprooted trees and debris everywhere.  It will probably be months before they are back to where they were after the hurricane.

I only had 3200 steps yesterday because I drove, so I have to kick it into high gear the next three days for my fitbit challenges. 😀  

Happy Wednesday – it’s a high of 68 degrees today and that makes me very happy.  Make it a great day!