Beer and Chips

I love summer fruit.  Even though I have to take more insulin for it, it’t totally worth it.  I mean, I would take more insulin for a Dairy Queen Peanut Buster Parfait (33 points by the way, not that I know that first hand, I looked it up for a friend!) – I think the blueberries on my banana buttermilk pancakes is a better choice.  Pancake (3), blueberries (0) Smuckers sugar free pancake syrup (1) and a hard boiled egg (1).

8.29.17 014

It’s the second day in a row that my sister couldn’t walk at lunch, which I think is bullshit.  Ha – just kidding Jenn – but hopefully you’ll be able to go to Weight Watchers today!  I just started walking north east – I normally set a time for 25 minutes on my phone and when it beeps, I turn around and head back to my office, which gives me 10 minutes to put my lunch together.

It was a gorgeous 75 degrees.

8.29.17 015

I had walked about 2o minutes and stumbled upon a Whole Foods I didn’t know was there (on Grand I think?).  Oh my Lord – so much good food!  I only bought dried parsley though, thank you very much.  But that fruit tart was giving me the stink eye saying “Biz, you know you want me!”  Well, duh!  (for the record, I’d take the fruit tart over the chocolate cake any day of the week).

8.29.17 020

Which reminds me that I need to make my mini fruit tarts again that I made for Cooking Club, those turned out amazing, and coming from someone who is more of a cook than a baker, I was so surprised these came out of my kitchen!

mini fruit tart

Hannah was off on Tuesday and when I told her I was going to make crock pot beef stew, she said she would have time to put it together.  I screen shot her a recipe that was initially meant to be cooked on top of the stove, but I knew she could just threw everything into the crock pot, set it on low and let it cook all day and it would turn out.  I didn’t screen shot her the final instruction, which is to add corn starch to cold beef broth to make a slurry to add to the stew the last half hour to make the sauce thick.

She’d been cleaning the house and when I got home, the first thing she said was “you got home early!”  It was 6:45.  The kitchen was still a bit of a disaster.  Our dishwasher has been broken, and with three of us to wash dishes, I just feel its necessary to replace it now.  But herein lies the problem.  I’ll start washing dishes and Hannah will say “Mom, I am off tomorrow, I’ll take care of it.”  But then she doesn’t and before you know it, there are three days worth of dishes.

She was upset that the stew didn’t work out to her liking, she was hungry, I added the corn startch mixture, and then just got the hell out of there and went to the gym. 

8.29.17 025

And magically, the corn starch mixture did its job while I was at the gym, and this was delicious.  10 smart points for two cups.  See how pretty the dried parsley looks on the dish?!   The only unauthorized ingredient was onions.  Hannah and Jacob both love onions, and when they thought the stew tasted like “beef water” before the slurry was added, they decided to add sliced onions to it.  I am thankful that the pieces were big and I could see them and pick them out.

8.29.17 029

No one signed up for night secretary, so I took a leisurely 2 mile walk to the softball field.  

8.29.17 037

I only played one inning, and I was totally fine with that.  We had plenty of people, and if we lost it would be our last game, and I wanted everyone who played all season to get more playing time.  It was still so much fun though!  We lost 19-18 (pitching duel!) and that ended our season.  I don’t care what I have to do next year, but I am getting out of night secretary on Wednesday’s so I can play the whole season.

I had 45 minutes until my train, so walked the 2 miles back to the train station with plenty of time to spare.

8.29.17 095

I felt it only appropriate to get a beer and chips for the ride home.  10 smart points by the way if you are keeping track.

8.29.17 099

It’s the third day in a row I’ve gotten 20k or more steps a day.  Nice!

8.29.17 100

I got home at 10, and was hungry, but knowing I was going to bed in an hour, didn’t want anything to heavy, so made this quick pizza bread.  Two slices of my homemade bread (4), 2 tablespoons pasta sauce, 2 ounces lite Trader Joe’s mozzarella (2) – broiled for a few minutes and topped with fresh basil.  6 points and hit the spot.

8.29.17 102

Even with my beer and chips, I was only 1 point over for the day – not too bad!  

8.29.17 107

It’s going to be another gorgeous day in Chicago – high of 72!  I have Weight Watchers at lunch today, so if I don’t have night secretary I might walk after work to take advantage of the weather and take a later train ride home.  We’ll see.

My boss is back today, so I will be busy.  Make it a great day!

Hello Pumpkin my old friend

I had my whole work day planned with my boss being out yesterday.  Until another secretary was sick yesterday.  I was asked to make some revisions to a document, and just like that, this attorney thought I was his all day.  It was fine, it made the day go by fast, but now my boss is coming back tomorrow, so I hope I get everything done today that I wanted.

With my boss gone, it was breakfast with a view!  Beef, berries and toast.  And for the record, I’ve never seen my boss sit in that chair and its so comfy!

8.29.17 018

Hannah bought these giant Mason jars a few months ago.  I love them and decided to track my water using it.  My goal was to drink four of these before I left the office – each one is 24 ounces.

8.29.17 020

It was drizzling a bit at lunch so I decided to walk the Chicago pedway.  There is an entrance in my building. But I quickly realized my pedway didn’t go to far – just across the street – to the food court in the State of Illinois building.  It smelled amazing – fried chicken, pizza and burgers – oh my!

8.29.17 025

I walked outside again and the rain held, so I walked towards the Aon building.  One of my sisters friends used to work in the building and as we were walking by it a couple weeks ago, she said there was so much stuff in the basement of this building she never had to leave – post office, Starbucks, tons of restaurants.  What?!

8.29.17 027

I brought a grilled chicken breast and rice for lunch, but wanted to accessorize my lunch with some veggies.  This Market Thyme is amazing – all these different food stations – sushi, panini, hot bar, salad bar, burgers, build your own stirfry.  Jenn, we have to go there for lunch one Friday.

8.29.17 030

I got $1.24 worth of grilled veggies to round out my lunch.  Delish!  I grilled a bunch of chicken breasts to use during the week.  If you do the same thing, undercook your meat by about 15% – no worries if the chicken is still pink in the middle when you finish grilling, when you reheat it for your meal, that will finish the cook on the chicken and it won’t be dried out.  #themoreyouknow ๐Ÿ˜€

8.29.17 036

I realized when I left work that I only had two of my mason jars of water.  I am sure I’ve mentioned this on here before, but you can always get free water at Starbucks.   Just ask for a Venti water – you don’t have to buy anything else ๐Ÿ˜€  I drank this on the train ride home.

8.29.17 042

Hannah was in deep cleaning mode when I got home from work.  She said “you came home too early!”  It was nearly 6:45 ๐Ÿ˜›  To get out of her way, I wasn’t hungry yet, so I went to get gas in my car and hit the gym.

8.29.17 049

Any other YouTube whores out there?!  OMG, I watched the kids version of The Voice from . . .GERMANY!  It was wonderful.   Because I had never seen any of those videos before, one video just scrolled into the next and before I knew it, I’d walked an hour.  At 6% incline, thank you very much.

8.29.17 052

While Hannah made a beef stew in the crock pot (which she didn’t like the recipe I found – I’ll talk about that in tomorrow’s blog) by the time I got home from the gym at 9:30 the thought of having beef stew right before going to bed didn’t sound good, so I made a grilled cheese.

I don’t make it to Trader Joe’s all that often – its probably only a 20 minute drive from my house, but it’s in a direction I never go in.  That will soon change, because this cheese is amazing.  I bought it a while back and forgot how tasty and melty it gets.  And a whole ounce is only 1 smart point.

8.29.17 057

1.5 ounces of my homemade rosemary bread (3), the cheese (1) and a teaspoon of whipped butter to grill it up (1).  Fruit  for dessert and this was a perfect light 5 point dinner an hour before I went to bed.

8.29.17 059

And Shelley, this one is for your – haven’t done any snapchat filters lately ๐Ÿ˜€

8.29.17 039

I hope to play softball tonight again.  I am night secretary, so that is the variable, but the game isn’t until 6:30, so I should be fine.  If we win tonight, we go to the playoffs next Wednesday and if we win that game – it’s a double header for the championship.   The weather is supposed to be gorgeous today, so we won’t get rained out.

And in case you are wondering what my blog post title is all about – it’s this.  I usually only have one cup of coffee a day during “pumpkin” season, but just found it at Sam’s Club over the weekend.  It’s nice to see you again old friend, even if you cost me two smart points PER TABLESPOON.  I forgive you. ๐Ÿ˜€

8.29.17 046

Beef Fried Rice

Hannah and Jacob had a friend over on Sunday for Sunday dinner.  I made ribs, onion rings and an apple crisp.  When I woke up sick yesterday morning, my first thought was “I hope it wasn’t the food!”  I texted the kadults later yesterday morning, and they were fine.  I didn’t eat or drink anything until about 11:30.  Not even coffee!

This hit the spot.  A slice of my everything but the bagel seasoning bread (3) with a hard boiled egg (2).

8.28.17 030

My sister and I took a leisurely walk along the riverwalk at lunch.  She didn’t bring lunch so we stopped along our way at a hot dog place that smelled amazing.  As I was feeling better, I realized the ramen soup I brought might not be enough food, so I bought a cup of lemon chicken soup for $3, and added it to my ramen noodle broth.  I have no idea how to count the points for this – I used about 1/4 of the seasoning packet, but I am calling it 12 points to be on the safe side.  I added a bit of crushed red pepper to spice up the broth – this was suprisingly pretty good!

8.28.17 036

It rained the whole train ride home last night, but started to clear up by the time I got home.  As I was walking to my car, I saw a double rainbow!  The second one is kind of faint in this picture, but I have never seen a double rainbow before.

8.28.17 044

I made a stop at Trader Joe’s over the weekend when I was headed back from Oak Park.  These were only $1.99 a bag, so I threw them in my cart.  If you scan it, it comes out to 1 point a cup, but looking at the packaging, it’s just vegetables, so I am counting them as zero.

8.28.17 051

I bought a family size package of beef stew meat at Sam’s Club on Saturday.  Hannah is making a crock pot beef stew today since she has the day off.  I seared off the meat for her to just throw everything else in the crock pot, set it and forget it.  My friend Courtney uses her crock pot all the time and I need to use mine more – thanks for the inspiration Court!

8.28.17 059

I sliced up 4 ounces for my beef fried rice.  I know what you are thinking “Biz, that cut of beef you need to cook low and slow.”  And normally I would agree with you, but – if you just fast sear this meat for 60 seconds – yes ONE MINUTE – it will be medium rare, and super tender.  You may look after a minute and think “that’s not cooked!” but the residual heat will finish cooking – just slice it thin.

8.28.17 062

I love this sauce – it’s 1 point a tablespoon, and a tablespoon is plenty.  Point breakdown: coconut oil (1), beef (4), rice (3) stirfry sauce (1) = 9 points.

8.28.17 069


Beef Fried Rice

A super quick and easy weeknight dinner, and a great way to use up leftover rice.

Prep Time 3 minutes
Cook Time 7 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Servings 1
Author Biz


  • 4 ounces beef, fat trimmed, sliced thin
  • 1 cup frozen stir fry veggies
  • 1 teaspoon coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon House of Tsang ginger sriracha sauce
  • 1 teaspoon sriracha - for garnish
  • 1/2 cup cooked rice


  1. Heat a non-stick skillet over medium high heat.  Salt and pepper the sliced beef.  Add the teaspoon of coconut oil to the pan.  Add the beef and cook for 1 minute and remove immediately to a plate.

    Add in the frozen veggies and ginger sauce and cook the veggies for about 6 minutes.  Add in the rice and cook for another minute, lastly, throw the beef back in, and toss until the beef gets coated in the sauce.  Put in a bowl and add additional sriracha if you love spicy shit like me. 

Recipe Notes

Don't saute in olive oil.  Like ever.  You should use coconut or grapeseed oil.  Olive oil tends to burn too easily and coconut and grapeseed oil have higher smoke points, which will be much better to saute.   Use olive oil, especially extra virgin, as a finishing oil - like in a vinaigrette, or drizzled over popcorn.


Since I was feeling better, I decided to hit up the gym.  It had been 10 days since I was last there!

8.28.17 075

I did this 30 minute circuit – I love it.  It has 20 stations and its one minute on, 30 seconds off.  I like to go in order 1-20, but there are people who just do it in no particular order, and Hannah and I just can’t do it. ๐Ÿ˜›  

8.28.17 076

Then I just did a 30 minute walk at 3.0 incline. 

8.28.17 078

It felt really good to break a sweat – it’s been too long.

8.28.17 079

There is a Fresh Thyme next to the gym and I had to pick up a couple things.  Damn this aisle!  Seriously I walked up and down this aisle and was thinking of all the nuts, yogurt covered pretzels, gummies I should get.

8.28.17 082

Hold up though – my favorite gummies for only $1.99 a pound.  I think I could eat a couple pounds of these a week if I let myself.  They are so flavorful and have the perfect texture.  Swoon.

8.28.17 083

Cooler heads prevailed – which is why exercise is so important for me – if I work out I tend to make better food choices because I don’t want to negate the work I just did.

This is my new favorite way to cut watermelon.  I cut the outside skin and then just slice it up.  I think it took me a minute to cut this watermelon – I’ll have to do a quick video of this – hardly any waste!

8.28.17 085

I finished the day with just over 22k steps.  After walking maybe 4k over the WHOLE weekend.  I was in bed by 11 last night and up at 6:30 this morning, and slept like a baby.  With Hannah and Jacob’s dogs.  They have taken to sleep with me, and I love it.  They sleep under the covers too – it’s just too damn cute. 

My sister is working from home today, so I’ll be getting my steps in by myself today.  One of my bosses is out the next three days, so that will be nice.  I have a couple projects I put aside for when he was going to be gone.

Happy Tuesday – make it a great day!

Banana Buttermilk Pancakes

I slept through my Weight Watchers meeting on Saturday.  Somewhat intentional and not intentional at the same time.  I’ve been off track since I had my cold and it’s taking me a while to get back on track.  I did step on my scale though, and if I remember correctly, I think I am up 1.4 for the week.

8.27.17we 063

I did a lot of meal prep this week, but I also didn’t track everything.  Like the 1/2 bag of sriracha potato chips that I picked up from Trader Joe’s.  As a side note, Marcia, I went looking specifically for the carrot “noodles” but they were all out of stock until the end of September – weird!

I am finishing up the end of my Ambassadorship with Premier Protein, and only have a few more shakes that they initially gave me.  The chocolate, caramel  and vanilla went fast, but the two remaining ones are two that I probably wouldn’t have with coffee or on their own – the bananas and cream and strawberries and cream.  Not that there is anything wrong with them, but I much prefer these flavors IN something, not by themselves.

8.27.17we 142

I had a taste for pancakes and made up a batch of mock banana pancakes made by adding vinegar to the Premier Protein shake and using Splenda (or a knock off Spenda that Hannah bought).

8.27.17we 143

The secret to any good pancake batter is to let the batter sit for at least 15 minutes – that gives the baking powder a chance to do its magic – you want all these bubbles – bubbles = fluffy pancakes.

8.27.17we 146

I put this into the Weight Watcher’s recipe app, and one pancakes is 3 points, two if 5 points and three are 8 points.  Believe me, two are plenty – very filling!

8.27.17we 153

Using a 1/3 cup measuring cup, I got 9 pancakes out of this recipe.

8.27.17we 156

These are super light and fluffy, and I like how the bananas kind of caramelized in the pan.

8.27.17we 160


Banana Buttermilk Pancakes

Adding vinegar to a Premier Protein shake turns it into a mock buttermilk.  So good!

Course Breakfast
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 9
Author Biz


  • 1 1/3 cups flour
  • 3 tablespoons Splenda
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teasp salt
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 11 ounce container Premier Protein bananas and cream
  • 2 tablespoons vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 2 medium bananas, sliced


  1. In a bowl, mix the vinegar and Premier Protein shake together and let sit 5 minutes, or until thickened.  Beat in the eggs and vanilla.

    Put all the dry ingredients into a large bowl, add the mock buttermilk/egg mixture to the flour and stir, just until combined.  Let the batter sit for 15 minutes or longer.  

    Cook over medium low heat for 1-2 minutes per side - I poured the batter, then placed 5 slices of banana in the pancake, pressing down a bit so they would sink into the batter before flipping.

I am actually not feeling all that well today.  I woke up with an upset stomach for some reason.  Guess what I brought for lunch today?  Ramen noodles! ๐Ÿ˜›  That’s all I could think of that I had a taste for.  One of my bosses is out of the office the next three days so that’s why I am sucking it up and going to work.  I am hoping I’ll feel better as the day moves on.

You can check out some of the other Premier Protein recipes I’ve made over the last few months:

Elvis Banana Pancakes 

Mile High Biscuits

Blueberry Scones

Vanilla Coffee Banana Pancakes

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Cranberry Vanilla Bagels

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Strawberry Shortcake Waffles

Wendy’s Frosty

 Wow, I didn’t even realize how many recipes I made for them!  I am hopefully going to have them post some on their website – I’ll keep you posted!

How was your weekend??  Happy Monday – make it a great day!




Quick Corn Salsa and Refocus

I forgot to bring my travel mug home from work the night before last, and I am out of my disposable ones, so I stopped by the coffee shop across the street from the train station and got a cup of coffee.  I can’t not have a cup of coffee on my hour train ride. 

Turns out I also thought buying a poppy seed muffin was a good idea too.  But I had self control!  I told myself I couldn’t eat any of it until I posted my blog post yesterday.  It probably sat in this bag for 25 minutes, and when I was finally ready to “reward” myself for my work, the bag was literally saturated with butter.  I already knew this muffin was going to be 18-24 points.  It only took about 30 seconds for me to change my mind and throw it out.  Not without licking it first though ๐Ÿ˜€

I saved myself 22 points, or nearly 2/3 of my daily point allotment.

I walked into the train station and picked up Pret’s steel cut oats (4), cut of an orange that was at my desk, and drizzled chocolate PB2 on top (1) and a tablespoon of granola (1).  If you haven’t tried citrus fruit in oatmeal, give it a try – so good.

I met my sister at our weekly Weight Watchers meeting.  We had someone in our meeting who normally doesn’t attend that one – her name was Deb and she started to say that she was struggling a bit, and that she found herself rewarding herself with food after a 30 mile bike ride.  She thought by attending a new meeting she thought she could get inspiration or motivation.  It wasn’t until she talked for a few minutes that she said “I want to preface that I’ve already lost 170 pounds”  What the what?  She’d already lost a WHOLE person and was struggling.  

After the meeting my sister was asking her if it was hard for her to even start given how much wieight she had to lose, and she said it was just as hard today (with 30 pounds to her goal of losing 20o pounds) as it was when she began.  Every day was a conscious choice to make better choices, and she realized she was going to have to basically start from scratch, track everything, etc. that gave her success to begin with.  If it isn’t broke, why fix it?

I hit up the salad bar for lunch.  If this didn’t cost me $8 I could eat this every day.  When I got back to work I made it into a chopped salad and 

When I got on the train I felt my blood sugar dropping, and sure enough, it was.  I had a banana in my lunch bag and that did the trick.

Even though I’ve dragged it back and forth for a couple days – tell me I am not the only one who repacks that same stuff in your lunch bag and never eat it day after day? 

I am still in my Chopped dinner mode and had an idea to make shrimp tacos with salsa.  A couple problems though – I thought I had dried ancho chiles in my pantry and corn tortillas – I could find neither.  I still wanted salsa though and decided to use canned tomatoes – why not?

1 can of diced tomatoes, 1 jalapeno (seeds removed if you don’t want it spicy), 2 cloves of garlic, juice of one lime, 1/2 cup cilantro (all I had on hand), salt and pepper.  All that went into my blender, then I cut corn off of one cob of corn and stirred that in the end.  So simple and delicious!  Although I could use about 2 more cups of cilantro in this – I puffy heart cilantro even though some people think it tastes like dish soap. 

I had rotisserie chicken, so I made a chicken and cheese quesadilla (6) with a quick slaw with cole slaw mix mixed with a tablespoon of Bolthouse salsa verde avocado dressing.   I had salsa for dipping, and fruit for dessert – delish!  I used 1 4 point Mission flour tortilla and used Pam to pan fry it – it got nice and crispy. 

My head cold is finally gone, and I have to get back to my gym routine.  It’s so easy to get off track and not going to the gym becomes your routine.  I kind of feel like a busted can of refrigerator biscuits.  I need to get back to journaling and just pick myself up, and dust myself off.

And try to not buy poppy seed muffins the size of my head.


Jennie-O Turkey Kielbasa with Mustard Maple Glaze

I am pretty happy with my food this week considering I didn’t grocery shop.  But I have at home, it would be silly to shop, even though I love grocery shopping.  Just ask Hannah how she feels about my pantry ๐Ÿ˜›

The week before last my store had baked potatoes 4/$1 and usually that means you have to eat them up in a couple weeks.  Did you know that potatoes last up to five weeks in your pantry and 3-4 MONTHS if you keep them in the fridge?  #themoreyouknow

So breakfast baked potato was on the menu. I bought some mushrooms at Mariano’s over the weekend 2 big packages for $3, and by yesterday they were already spoiled.  So this baked potato is just 6 ounces of baked potato (half at 5 points) scrambled with 1/2 cup egg whites (1) chopped fresh basil and then when I got to work, I added an ounce of 50% reduced fat cheddar cheese and nuked it in the microwave.

My sister and I went to Target at lunch today because she was looking for some curtains.  I don’t bring my phone out when I am walking if I can help it since my phone was stolen out of my hands.  When I was at Millenium Park for the eclipse, I saw so many people just not paying any attention to how they were holding their phones and I felt like walking up to all of them and tell them “be careful because someone can rip that right out of your hands!”

I have Jacob to thank for lunch yesterday.  He LOVES Sam’s Club rotisserie chickens and I buy at least one a week.  He picked off the meat and made what he likes to call his spicy Mexican soup.  I have no idea if there is a recipe for this, because he doesn’t cook like that.  The base is vegetable broth (he couldn’t find the chicken broth) and celery, carrots YES ONIONS (he said he used a whole giant one!) and then cayenne pepper and lime juice in the broth.  This picture doesn’t do this soup justice because it is the perfect balance of flavorful spicy.  Thanks Jacob!  (don’t think the kadults read the blog anymore since they say “they live it.”) ๐Ÿ˜€

I still have a bit of a head cold and passed on going the gym last night.  So I did my next favorite thing – played Chopped for my dinner!  I used the turkey kielbasa, green beans, sliced apples, Dijon mustard as my Chopped ingredients, and made two more corn fritters – and they did hold together amazingly well having spent the night in the fridge.  

I was hungry, so I cut off 5 ounces of turkey for my dinner at just 4 smart points.

This dinner was ready in less than 10 minutes.  I put the green beans in the microwave on “fresh vegetable.”  While those were cooking, I cooked the corn fritters in a touch of grapeseed oil and Pam.  Once those cooked (I had my heat up a bit high and almost burned them!) I added the apples and sausage and cooked for about 7 minutes, stirring occassionally.  The mustard maple glaze is simply a tablespoon of Dijon mustard mixted with 1 teaspoon real maple syrup (1) and a tablespoon of water.  I cooked that in my cast iron skillet and then just drizzled it over the top of the sausage and apples.   This plate of food came in at 9 points, including the oil I used to saute. 

This dish was a perfect summer/fall dish to me – the corn fritters taste like summer and the sausage tastes like fall.

My Mom is traveling with friends to Nags Head, and she sent my brother and sister and I this picture below – I love it!  I love how active she is and how cute is she in her hat?!

I could be playing softball again tonight for my office.  I brought stuff just in case.  It all depends on if someone signs up, but it’s a gorgeous day, so I hope I get to play.  I think tonight is already the last regular game of the season before playoffs start.  

Happy Wednesday!  Make it a great day!

Jalapeno Basil Corn Fritters

I have a tiny confession to make.  I didn’t really didn’t care about the eclipse.  My brother?  He drove hundreds of miles and I am glad it was everything he expected, and I can’t wait to read his recap about it when he blogs about it. I’ll be sure to link his blog post here if you aren’t following him when he does.

I wasn’t sure I’d see much of anything, because it was supposed to be cloudy around 1:00 p.m.

8.21.17 001

It was on the train ride in that I realized I never threw an English muffin into my lunch bag.  When I got to the train station I went to the French Market in the lower level and was shocked to find these giant, fluffy pitas for only 2 smart points each!

8.21.17 002

I can’t believe I am going to say this, but it was actually too much bread for my breakfast sammie, so after this picture was taken, I cut it in half and ate it like an open faced sandwich.  Although it would make delicious pita pizza!

8.21.17 007

So there were just a few people at Millenium Park to watch the eclipse ๐Ÿ˜›

8.21.17 010

And like I thought, it was too cloudy to see much of anything.  Oh well!  

I got back to my desk with FOUR messages from my boss – he asked where he was and I told him I was at lunch.  His first words “you seemed to be gone for a long time.”  Um, just my hour lunch ๐Ÿ˜›  So I give you my dinner for lunch picture at my desk – right next to the “sign here” stickers because that’s how the professional food photographers do it.  Five ounces of pork chops, cauliflower mac n cheese and canned green beans. 

8.21.17 021

Confession #2:  I did not meal plan or grocery shop this week!  I know, I can hardly believe it myself.  There are two reasons for that – Sunday I had plenty of time in the morning to shop, but chose to watch the Little League World Series.  Second: I have plenty of food in my house and will use this week as if I were on an episode of Chopped!  Last night my ingredients were:  corn on the cob, jalapenos, basil and frozen shrimp.  

I immediately thought of corn fritters, because duh, who doesn’t like those.  I found a few recipes online and wrote my version of a recipe on the train ride home yesterday.  The only thing I had to do was add more flour than I originally thought, and I added shredded cheese to help bind the batter.  I will say that this will work better if you make the batter, and refrigerate it for 30 minutes before cooking, because initially they didn’t want to stay together.


Jalapeno Basil Corn Fritters

A great way to use up end of summer corn!

Course Side Dish
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Servings 14
Author Biz


  • 2 cups corn cut off the cob (from 3 large ears)
  • 1 medium jalapeno
  • 2 tablespoons chopped fresh basil
  • 1 teaspoon lime juice
  • 1 tablespoon lime zest
  • 1 tablespoon minced garlic
  • 3/4 cup flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/3 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 1/2 cup 50% reduced fat cheddar cheese
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon black pepper
  • 1 teaspoon crushed red pepper
  • 1 tablespoon grapeseed oil


  1. In a large bowl, mix the flour, baking powder, salt, pepper and crushed red pepper togther.   Add in the remaining ingredients and mix just until blended.  It will be a thick "batter."  I used 1/4 cup measuring cup for each fritter - and got 14 fritters out of this recipe.  

    Fry using a mixture of the grapeseed oil and Pam and cook over medium high heat for 2-3 minutes a side.  I served mine with pan fried shrimp, more chopped basil and a drizzle of Bolthouse Farms creamy garlic dressing.

Recipe Notes

I grated my jalapeno into the bowl, seeds and all.  If you want it less spicy, slice the jalapeno in half, use a knife or spoon remove the seeds and ribs and chop fine.

8.21.17 025

If you have the time, do refrigerate the batter for 30 minutes.  I have the rest of the batter in my downstairs fridge, and plan on having them again tonight, so I’ll let you know if that helps keep these together while cooking having sat in the fridge overnight.  I also grated my jalapeno into the bowl so that it was just spicy, and I didn’t bite down on a chunk of jalapeno.

8.21.17 026

Once the fritters cooked, I turned the heat up on medium high, added a 1/2 teaspoon of grapeseed oil to the pan, and just seasoned the shrimp with salt, pepper and a bit of crushed red pepper and cooked for about a minute and a half.  I added a drizzle of Bolthouse Farms creamy garlic dressing as kind of a “dip” for the fritters. 

This was so good guys!  The fritters were light, crunchy because the corn was raw when I started with just enough heat. When I entered this into the WW recipe builder, it came in at 2 smart points each – sweet!  I ate three and the WW app said that 3 was 5 points – love when that happens!  The 3 ounces of shrimp was 1 point and the dressing was 1 point, so not a bad 7 point dinner.  Sometimes it’s good not to plan and force you to think outside the box a bit.

8.21.17 034

I am loving all the Bolthouse Farms dressings they sent me.  They don’t taste low calorie, and are full of flavor.  

8.21.17 036

I am feeling so much better today – my head congestion is nearly gone.  I went to bed at 10:20 last night and didn’t wake up until 6:30 this morning – nice!

I plan to get to the gym tonight – I have to be competitive in my Fitbit challenge workweek hustle.  I only had 13,000 steps yesterday.  Rachel, tell Dave I’ve got my eye on him ๐Ÿ˜€

Make it a great day!