Size 12!

While I felt a bit awkward eating this plate of food on the train ride to work yesterday morning, what I did love was that I didn’t feel rushed eating my breakfast like I do when I am sitting at my desk and work keeps piling up around me.  Three ounces leftover beef (well, really not leftover I cooked it before I left the house so it was still warm!) (3) 100 calorie pack of almonds (3) a hard boiled egg (2) and lots of fresh fruit.  But sadly between the three of us, we already ate all the mango!

2.28.17 029

Another busy day, blah blah blah.  I know that’s probably getting old me telling you that, but I don’t really mind being busy.  I feel like I am actually earning my paycheck!  As luck would have it, the rain stayed away at lunch and I met my sister and her co-worker for a 45 minute walk at lunch – low 50’s, a bit windy, but it was nice catching up with my sister without distraction.

I had just enough time to get back and heat up lasagna soup and fruit for lunch – I didn’t even finish the soup, it got cold before I finished it, so I had two Nature Valley granola bars to go with lunch, so lunch was 14 points.

2.28.17 035

And just like that, before I knew it, it was time to come home.  A couple people at work told me that my pants were too big.  All my pants are size 14, but even with a belt, the leg part of the pants are too big.  And the pants I wore yesterday are ones that get looser the longer you wear them – you know the ones that fit fine out of the dryer?  So I did a quick stop at our local thrift store because they were open until 7.  These were the black pants I wore to work:

2.28.17 050

Sporting my fit bit too!  (I got 15k steps yesterday!)   So I tried on a pair of size 12!

2.28.17 051

And guess what?  They fit!  I didn’t end up buying this pair because they were still a bit big in the pant leg area, but the fact that I could zip them up and button them without lying down on my bed is the best #nsv!  Hannah has told me that I should be wearing “tapered” pants but I am not sure I’ll have much luck at thrift stores, but I am up for the challenge!  I don’t want to spend too much money on clothes (ha, not like I normally do!) because by the end of spring/summer, I hope to be smaller still. Open-mouthed smile

I can’t believe that it’s March 1 already!  We had some pretty big thunderstorms yesterday, a sure sign of spring.  TWENTY FIVE YEARS AGO TODAY I had my baby shower!   It was 70 degrees and we had all the windows open.  Fast forward to bringing her home from the hospital on March 11, and there was an inch of snow on the ground.  So I know we aren’t out of the clear on snow yet this winter.

But I digress!  It’s time for progress pics!  I had Hannah take the picture last night – she was making me laugh!  She’s a bit farther away than I normally set up the camera, but I think I can see some change!   My face definitely looks thinner, as do my legs.  What’s up with the damn middle section – ha! 

PicMonkey Collage - feb 2017

Well that’s where Phase II comes in.  The first couple months I concentrated on the food, without having to kill myself at the gym.  But I know that the only way I can reshape my body is with strength training.  I know my friend Jody is secretly wishing I’d do cross-fit (not there yet Jody!) but I am bringing in strength training 3-4 times a week and we’ll see how the next progress pic looks at the end of March. 

And to keep it klassy, this is one of my favorite tank tops to wear because it is so soft, but it has stains all over the front of it, and I could care less.  Hannah and Jacob even had some friends come over and I was thinking to myself “at least I have a bra on!”

2.28.17 064

You’re welcome!  Make it a great day!

30 thoughts on “Size 12!

  1. Kym
    Okay, I know I have mentioned this before but sometimes disclaimers are in order. I was not expecting that photo of you at the end to be so cute and goofy. I dribbled a little coffee from my mouth as it made me giggle out loud. I guess I can 't hold you responsible for my lack of control of bodily functions. What a difference in the photos. You may not see it as much as we do since you see yourself everyday but you can really see a big change. Congrats! So, do you have a seat all to yourself on the train or is someone all up in your face as you try to enjoy your breakfast?
    • Biz319
      I had TWO people sitting on either side of me as I was on the upper section of the train! I know they were eyeing my steak tho! :D And glad I could make you laugh!
  2. There's definitely a difference between the first and last pictures. I have the same problem with slacks - as I've progressed through my 50's my waist has thickened so often if I buy pants that fit properly there, they are way too baggy in the butt and leg area. I've pretty much solved this issue by looking for slacks with some stretch in them and I've also found some jersey knit slacks that fit well. Look for that type of material and you'll get a better fit.
  3. Yay for new pants! That always made me feel so accomplished when I was losing weight. :) We are so opposite, though - if I have a shirt that gets a permanent stain, I can't stand to wear it anymore, even if it was a favorite. Have a great day!
    • Biz
      Ha, I had to laugh - pretty much all of my "around the house" shirts have stains on them. Used to drive Tony nuts! :P
  4. You are looking great! I can't bring myself to shop for new clothes, so I wear a belt and baggy clothes. My 10s are a bit loose, which maybe just means I need to wash them. Great job biz!!
  5. Sherry Werth
    You are doing awesome on WW & seeing your results is a big inspiration for me to make sure I do my tracking every day!! Thanks Biz & have a great day! :-D
  6. SharonF
    Way to rock the size 12. I'm 73 and have been following you for a couple of years. It finally hit me------hey, I can do this too. I will never be able to do all the strenuous exercises, but I can sure be responsible for what I put in my mouth. Down 5 lbs. in two weeks. Not bad for me. My sugar has been off the chart. Starting to see those numbers come down. Tracking everything is essential. Beginning to not crave the fatty, sweet foods. Salty ones, not so good. Keep up the fantastic work and know you have inspired a lot of people, me included.
    • Biz
      That's awesome Sharon! And I used to think I had to kill it at the gym to lose the weight - while that will help, it does being with what goes in your pie whole. And I usually don't gravitate towards sweet things - it's the salt and vinegar chips! :D
  7. Hi Biz! You need to know how much you're inspiring me now. I decided to join Weight Watchers to knock off some pounds before my son's wedding in early April, and you're success was part of what made me decide to give it yet another shot. I'm having good success too, with a little farther to go that you have. But you have managed to make it a happy challenge for me, and I that you for that! I still read you every day!
    • Biz319
      Leslie!! How are you? I miss your blog :D Glad I could inspire you. The key is the food - just track your points and I know the scale will move for you. Congrats on your upcoming wedding! Hugs!
  8. Fran
    Woohoo, congratulations, well done! I have a tip for wearing your fitbit. I suppose you were a bra? I always wear my fitbit at my bra between my breasts. My zip recently broke down and I now have the one but that can be placed there perfectly as well.
    • Biz319
      I am trying that today Fran! I am always worried about it falling off my pants! :D Happy Friday!

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