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March 2017

Spicy/ Weight Watchers

Crispy Buffalo Tofu Bites

I have to be honest, I was a bit surprised with my loss this week.  I had brunch with my Mom and sister with drinks, I had wine last Saturday night, habachi and two beers on Monday night.  I guess my saving grace is that I walk a lot during the day – even on the days I didn’t walk at lunch I was easily at 12,000 steps for the day.  

Now that March is nearly officially over, I can’t use the excuse to celebrate all the birthdays in my family anymore, and it’s time to refocus.  I only tracked 1/3 of the month of March.  And for that I had an overall gain of 1.8 for the month. 

But I am not upset about that at all.  March is a full month for me, and I enjoyed it, but now it’s time to get back to business.

Goals for April:

  • track 25 out of 30 days
  • drink 80 ounces of water a day
  • gym 3 times a week (strength train)
  • minimum 4 pounds to lose (would get me to -20 pounds since Christmas!)
  • maximum 9 pounds to lose (which would get me to -25 pounds since Christmas!)
  • journal every day

I know journaling is key so I need to fit that into my routine.  I am also trying to figure out my workout schedule.  My thought is that if I work out before work: a) it’s done and over with and no matter what my day throws at me, I’ll have already gotten the workout in and b) I can sleep an hour on the train to work if I am tired, so there really is no excuse.  I’ll keep you posted on that one.

I took the early train to get to WW before work to meet my sister, so I didn’t have time to pack my food for the day.  Corner Bakery is in the lobby of the building WW is in, so I got their protein flatbread with avocado and spinach, with a side of fresh fruit.  Not only was this delicious, the salsa was spicy, and this only set me back $5.79 – I am not sure I could get McDonald’s for that price!  (well, if I didn’t get anything off the $1 menu).

One of my bosses was out, so I had no trouble going back to WW for the meeting.  We had a guest leader and I really liked her.  She lost 100 pounds and has maintained that loss for 12 years, but even she admitted that she still has to double check points.  It was funny she said she’d make breakfast and think “that’s probably 6 points” when in reality it was more like 24 points, but she’d have it stuck in her head that breakfast was only 6 points.  

I do love the weekly meetings though – as someone on Connect (Weight Watchers app Facebook) said that she needed the meetings when she had a great week because maybe something she said could influence someone else having a successful week, and when she had a bad week, she still went to get inspiration from others.  I couldn’t agree more.

I picked up lunch at Pret and got a small soup with a hard boiled egg drizzled with Goddess dressing. Lunch was 8 smart points.  I need to make a pot of tomato soup and figure out the points – there is no way that this 110 calorie cup of soup is 13 smart points like the WW app suggests.  It’s delicious though!

Thursday night is what I call “leftover” night because even if I had meal planned, there are always weeks when I plan a meal and then it never happens.  I had tofu in the fridge, so took that as my inspiration.

I think the only person who loves buffalo flavored anything more than me is my DIL Lizz.  She’s been trying to make crispy tofu at home, so I figured this would be an easy recipe to follow.


You could make this an even quicker weeknight dinner if you press the tofu in your fridge during the day when you are at work.  Just layer a lot of paper towels on a plate with the tofu, and put a heavy canned good on top. 

I think the corn starch gives it the extra crunch.  I had the points and fully expected this to be one serving of food below, but after eating half, the sweet potato fries and the celery, I was full.  I put the recipe into the WW app, and each serving comes in at 5 smart points.

So spicy and delish!  I love this Whataburger buffalo sauce – spicier than Frank’s Red Hot, but just as flavorful.  I think my daughter-in-law will love this recipe!  Love you Lizz – let me know if you try this 😀

Last day of the month!  I am going to get my taxes done tonight, I have no idea how that will go, so keep your fingers crossed.  

Happy Friday!  


Have you tried Beef Shank?

Since I didn’t meal plan this week, I needed to accessorize my breakfast by picking up a cup of steel cut oats at Pret in my building.  It’s only 4 points per their website, and so creamy.  Although paying $3 for that cup of oats when I can buy a whole container of dried oats, well, I need to get back to meal prep!  I brought the fruit from home and added the Caramel and Coffee granola from Trader Joe’s – I puffy heart this granola, but it’s addicting.  I found myself snacking on it later in the afternoon just because the package was in my desk drawer.  Breakfast comes in at 5 smart points.

I signed up to be the night secretary at my office.  It’s actually a great idea, because it keeps down overtime for support staff.  If I can’t finish work that has a priority, I’ll sign my attorney up for night secretary and then leave on time.  Well, that hasn’t happened quite yet for me, but in a perfect world it works.  I don’t mind because it’s automatically two hours of overtime a week, and because I can work for any attorney, it can be any type of work – estate planning, medical malpractice, etc.  

So I staggered my lunch and didn’t eat until nearly 2:30.  Um, pretty sure I could eat this bowl every day.  Roti is across the street from my office, and it’s kind of like a Meditteranean version of Chipotle. You pick your protein (chicken roti, chicken kabab, steak, salmon or falafel) then have that over seasoned rice, in a wrap, or in a salad.  I got the chicken roti salad.

I love websites that have the nutrional label builder.  After I got back to my office I put in my eats and this whole salad comes in at 16 points.  I am not sure why it’s so high, but I have hummus, Israeli couscous, and roasted red pepper sauce for the dressing.  And I have no idea what they do to their pickles, but they are amazing.

I forgot to tell the kadults that I was working late, so thought I’d send them a snap chat filter pic to tell them not to expect me until 9.   Shelley, hopefully this one doesn’t freak you out 😀

Since I didn’t get home until 9, I decided to do a low carb dinner.  Over the weekend I picked up beef shank:

If you haven’t tried beef shank, try it out!  Only $2.49 a pound, which is super economical.  Normally I would braise it low and slow in the oven, and serve it over mashed potatoes or polenta.  But I decided to make a quick beef shank, mushroom and zucchini stir fry.  There is a fine line – for this cut of meat you have to cook it either fast and furious, or low and slow.

Do you see that silver skin around the beef?  You need to trim that off, like you would on baby back ribs.  I sliced it super thin, seasoned it with Hardcore Carnivore and literally cooked the beef a total of about a minute because it was so thin.

I have to thank my sister Jenn for giving me a light box for my (our) birthday.  It came in the mail last night and Hannah set it up for me.

Here are some pics she took:

I had to laugh at this picture because I didn’t see it until I downloaded it – Hannah has an OBSESSION with any cleaning product that has Gain scent.  

We had an old t.v. that we weren’t using and gave to Jacob’s grandparents, so this dusty table will be my new photo studio.  All the pictures above were taken with my iPhone 7, and this one was with my DSLR.

And in case you were wondering, Hannah was the one that added the green onions on top – that girl loves her onions!  I really have no idea how she spit out of me.
I’m on my way to WW now to weigh in before work.  I think I’ll be able to go to the meeting at lunch, but just in case thought I’d get it out of the way.  I am sure it’s a gain, but it’s all good.  April is around the corner, warmer days and hopefully work calms down a bit and I can refocus.  Still trying to figure out my workout schedule that makes sense.  Next week I am going to try working out before work – we’ll see how that goes.

Another overcast and rainy day in Chicago, but at least its 40 degrees, so I’ll take it.  Make it a great day!


I need a nap.

When my Mom, sister and I were at Trader Joe’s over the weekend, this granola caught my eye at the check out.  I first saw the word coffee and was like “sold!”  I love granola but hate how many points I have to spend for so little food.  Some serving sizes can be as little as 1/4 cup for 8-10 points!  So I was thrilled that this serving size was 3/4 of a cup for 8 points.  I added just 1/4 cup to the top of my parfait and it was delicious.  You definitely taste the coffee!  Check it out next time you go to TJ’s.

It was another busy day at work, but I sound like a broken record when I say that.  One of my bosses is going to be out of the office tomorrow so I had to get a bunch of stuff done and couldn’t walk with my sister and her friend.  I did manage to eat my lunch though at a decent time, although at my desk – I did put my dictaphone headphones on so no one bothered me for a full 30 minutes.  Nice.

I bought some tomatoes over the weekend on the $1 rack and made my first batch of Baja fresh salsa – one of the very first recipes I ever did on this blog back in September of 2008!  I used rotisserie chicken to make a taco type salad.  Romaine, carrots, cucumber, the chicken, 100 calorie pack of guacamole and my baja fresh salsa as a dressing.  Looks like a hot mess, but it was so good.

Worked a bit late again and by the time I got home, I wasn’t all that hungry and I had no desire to be in my kitchen longer than I had to.  I just wanted to lay on the couch and catch up on The Voice.  More rotisserie chicken to the rescue!  I made buffalo chicken tacos – um, why have I not made these before?!  I fried them up in a bit of grapeseed oil, and while the hot sauce bottle kind of got away from me on that first squeeze, I didn’t mind the messy plate.  Thanks Hannah for taking the picture for me.

So here is the book that Roman chewed up.  I’ve never ruined a library book before, can I just buy them a replacement copy?  Maripat you would probably have the answer to this question!  I told my friend Christina that I’d mail her this book when I am done with it, as long as she didn’t mind the chewed up cover 😛

Our temps haven’t been too bad, but still a bit chilly in the morning.  I am ready to see some sun though, but happy that it’s light out by the time I get home.

I am working night secretary tonight, so I am going to spend the rest of my train ride taking a nap. I can pretty much take a nap anywhere, at any time.  #itsagift 😀

Make it a great day!