Bizzy day for MBK!

Another gorgeous summer day in the books for Chicago yesterday.  Even though I knew it was my long work day, I knew I I had to get out and get some steps in, even before breakfast.




My twin sister and I LOVE clouds and for us, you can’t have too many pictures of them!  Tony used to roll his eyes every time I took another picture of clouds Open-mouthed smile

I ended up eating breakfast around 10:30 to stagger my eats for the day.  I had leftover steak, so beef toast was born!  It’s a new food trend I am trying to start, since avocado toast is such a thing now.


Four ounce sourdough roll toast (4) three ounces of leftover steak (3) an egg white spinach scramble on one half (1) and avocado on the other half (2).  This 10 point breakfast kept me full for HOURS.  Even with loading up my car by myself for the market and unpacking.  I ended up eating my 6 point sandwich and watermelon around 6:00.  I never got a chance to eat my hard boiled egg snack, or granola I had packed.   Because the market was so busy, the time flew by, and I ended up getting home around 9:30.  Since I haven’t grocery shopped this week since I am leaving, I don’t have much to choose from, and decided to reheat 9 points of pizza with some fruit on the side.  I was pissed because the raspberries got pushed to the back and I had to pick through the ones that were good.  Hate when that happens!


So a couple days ago Weight Watchers asked if they could repost one of my recipes – my 1 point fruit sauce for parfaits.   Of course I said yes!  But I’ve been asked by lots of other people to reuse my photos (Latinicity, Stubbs BBQ Sauce, etc.) but I never know when they will use it.  I t could be within five minutes, or a couple months!  So because I drive a lot for yesterday’s market, and am busy with customers and only use my phone to take credit card purchases, I didn’t realize that WW had published my photo.  Imagine my surprise when I got in my car and saw that I had over 550+ new followers!


Is that crazy or what?  I’ve had so many nice comments, love your page, love your recipes, etc.  I did get a comment though that said “just wondering if you’ve been doing WW exclusively since January and was wondering if the weight loss is that slow?  I am new to the program and was just wondering.”

Well, most long time readers know I struggle with night time eating/wine, etc.  I explained to her that I am working on the binge night time eating, a problem that comes and goes for as long as I can remember and that if I wasn’t on WW, I’d probably have gained 50 pounds since January.  I told her I am still also struggling with grief after Tony died, and figuring out where my life is going without him, something I thought I’d never had to do.  Her response was sweet: “I understand and have issues with night eating too.  Sorry about the loss of your dear husband.  It’s so good you’re trying and fighting to try to stay healthy.  Congrats on that.  Thank you for answering my question – take care!”

Isn’t the internet a crazy place – where a complete stranger can sympathize and acknowledge your efforts, no matter how small.

Then I found out that my friend Scott reposted my brined and grilled shrimp on his new Instagram page:

IMG_4791 Then my other grill friend reposted my beef toast breakfast!

IMG_4794 (2)

So yesterday morning I had 3561 followers on Instragram – this morning?  4122!  Wowza!


So maybe having more WW followers looking at me for guidance will help me control the night time eating.   I guess we’ll see!

I had to share this photo below – my sister Jennifer went to a book signing on her lunch our yesterday with Rick Bayless.  I love when I went on Facebook it wanted to know if I wanted to tag myself!


She happened to run into a woman in line and struck up a conversation with her.  Turns out this woman works in some capacity in the Chicago food industry – not exactly sure because I didn’t talk to my sister much yesterday other than she mentioned that she was going to give this woman my information for us to possible meet and discuss my career options.  The woman told her “I think we were meant to meet today!”


So my heart is full today!  Looking forward to my long weekend with my Mom and family this weekend.  I probably won’t be posting again until next Wednesday, but I may have a couple guest posts up my sleeve until I get back.

As always, thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my journey – I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know.  Make it a great day!

Link in Profile

So yesterday you remember how I told you that MY scale showed a 4.6 gain for one week.  In my head, I knew that wasn’t possible, but it really messed with my brain.  I kept going over my online journal, knowing that I couldn’t have possibly eaten 15,000 extra calories without realizing it, unless I was a sleep eater and didn’t know it!  I seriously was totally on the fence about going to the meeting at all.  In my head I was like “what’s the point!”  I knew I could just show up, not actually weigh in and enjoy the meeting (I really love the leader!) but finally decided to go, weigh in, and just live with whatever the number was on the scale.  I always eat my breakfast after the WI, so I quickly put together a 7 point breakfast – 2 breakfast tacos and some watermelon.  I actually put the tacos in my skillet with Pam, then went to put my contacts on, and almost burned them!  Still tasted good though Open-mouthed smile



Guess what?  I was down .4 – three weeks in a row with a loss, and no matter how small, I will take it.   When I got back home I went on a long walk – an hour and fifteen minutes!  It was glorious.  I listened to another Beautiful Anonymous podcast, and it’s amazing how quickly the walk went by.   Yesterday was PERFECT weather.  72 degrees, no humidity.  I wish every day could be like yesterday.

PicMonkey Collage - walk

The company I work for this summer not only makes delicious vegan burgers, but they are known for their soups as well.  On Sunday I asked if I could bring one home, and I picked out the yellow split pea with tofu sausage.  It’s got a spicy kick with chipotle and jalapeno.  I just added a dash of parsley to mine and a pinch of chili powder.  This 2 cup serving came in at 9 smart points, or 338 calories.  I put the following picture on Instagram and someone asked where they could order online – whoop!  Turns out social media isn’t the owners strong suit – I has no posts up on his Instagram account, yet he has followers!


Lately both dogs have been running away through our back woods to the property behind our house.  Rummy always comes back, but Roman I think gets lost and he’s been found across the street.  And they don’t listen to me, which doesn’t help.  Since Hannah and Jacob were both working, I brought my office to the side deck of my house.  I put a baby gate up by the top of the stairs, and it was like a giant baby pen for them.  They could wonder around the deck while I got some work done.  I ended up bringing out a blanket for them to lay on – only Roman took me up on that offer.


So I think I’ve told you about the Food Blogger Pro that I signed up for through Pinch of Yum.  They have dozens of videos showing how you can get more traffic for your site and in turn, make more money.  Because I’ve been doing it all wrong these last nearly 8 years, it’s been a painstaking process, but I am getting there.   One thing I learned is Link in Profile.   My Instagram following is slowly increasing, and I am up to 3500 followers.  The only thing that I hated about Instagram is the links.  Say I post a picture of a pasta dish.  I could change my website address to link that exact picture to have people follow to my site to get the recipe.  I’d point them to the top and say “recipe link in profile.”  But let’s say the next day I want to post a french toast picture, well, if I change that website address to link to the french toast recipe, now people how see the pasta dish would now click on a link that takes them to the french toast picture.

I hope this is making sense!  I went to see if Ashley, Ally and Liz knew about this, but it looks like they don’t.  Here is the one caveat though.  You need to put your URL in the body of your post for this to work after you sign up.


So now instead of seeing this website on my profile: – it’s embedded in the body of my post.  My new website is this:


I’ve probably only embedded about 20 URL’s so far – but if you are on Instagram, click on that link above in my profile and it will take you to this:


You can then scroll down and see all of my photos, and if you see one you like, just click on it and it will direct you to the exact post the recipe is published on.   If anyone has any questions, please let me know.  I was pretty impressed with myself that I actually figured out how to do it.  The whole point of Instagram is to redirect traffic to your blog where you can actually earn revenue from.  I am a ways away from getting there, but each day I get a bit closer.


Hannah and Jacob had dinner together since it was their anniversary of their first date.  (I think 7 years ago?!).  So it was dinner for one last night.  I ended up using that Hardcore Carnivore seasoning again on a 6 ounce steak.  I only ate half of the steak (saving the rest for breakfast this morning) and added 2 ounces of frozen French fries on top, and to make my Mom happy I had steamed broccoli and red peppers on the side.


So good!  I am pretty sure I could eat beef every day and never get sick of it.  I need to find a job as a Beef Ambassador!   How awesome would that be?!

It’s my only work day today, but it’s a night market so I got to sleep in a bit this morning.  I leave at noon and will be back home by 9:30 – then it’s time to pack and get ready for my family reunion!  Can’t wait!  It’s another gorgeous day today, so I hope to sell a lot of veggie burgers.  I’d love to do a wrap station, but not sure he’d let me being that I am by myself, but we’ll see.  

I ended up with nearly 13k steps yesterday too – whoop! 

Guess what Errign and Robin Sue?  It was a year ago today that we had lunch!  Can you believe it’s been that long already – Errign was still pregnant with her son, and now he’s 7 months old.  So happy we had a chance to meet up!


Alright, time to do some laundry and make breakfast – make it a great day!

Treat Yo Self

I had more beef leftover in my fridge that needed to be used up or put in the freezer.  Um, turns out I can have steak pretty much any time of day.  I ended up using the same Black seasoning from Saturday night, but cooked it in my cast iron skillet.  Just as delicious as doing it on the grill.  My 4 ounce steak (4) was perfectly seasoned, and I paired it with 3 ounces of potato cooked in 1 teaspoon grapeseed oil (3) with a hard boiled egg on the side (2).  Super filling – high protein breakfasts really work for me.


I got tagged on Instagram.  A while ago Latanicity in Chicago asked if they could use my picture for their social media.  I’d forgotten all about it, but yesterday they finally posted my picture – so cool!  I still can’t believe I shot that with my iPhone!


Hannah and I have been passing ships in the night.  When I am working, she’s home, when I am home, she’s working.  So we finally got some momma/daughter time yesterday.  We both desperately needed pedicures.  We found an awesome place, it’s super clean, they open fresh tools right in front of you, and for $35 you get a 45 minute pedicure with a hot stone message on your legs.  Felt so good!  Since I am on my feet so much for work, this was a nice treat.  Treat Yo Self!   Hannah treated to the sugar free vanilla iced coffee.



Shelley, I know you’ll be pleased with my choice of color on my piggies! 

While I am not doing a full grocery shop this week, I did need to pic up a few veggies and fruit.   I was given a container of spicy marinated tofu from my vendor neighbor at the farmers market on Saturday for helping them set up their tent.  So nice!  Hannah could probably eat this dish every single day and never get sick of it.  We made a marinated tofu veggie lo mein for 9 smart points.


I put that picture on Instagram, like I do with almost all my food, and another WW asked if I put that on the WW connect app.  I told her I didn’t even know what that was!


Yep, I use the app nearly every day, but just to log my food and exercised.  Never gave any attention to the connect or 24/7 chat.  So I’ve been posting my food pics there too – you never know when one meal might inspire someone to get into the kitchen.

I hit up the gym yesterday.  I never ended up walking outside, because the temps jumped quickly – it was 93 degrees when I left for the gym.  I did 10 minutes upper body, 10 minutes lower body, then did an incline walk on the treadmill for 5k.


Since we had so much leftover pizza, I ended up making a chopped spinach salad with broccoli slaw, cucumbers, then reheated 3 ounces of pizza and cut the pizza into “croutons” and put that on top of my salad.  8 delicious smart points!


Speaking of pizza, I find it pretty funny that a frozen Walgreen’s pizza I posted on Instagram got 400+ likes vs. my homemade pizza – crazy!

PicMonkey Collage

So today is my WI day.  I only weigh myself at home on this day, and I am not joking I got on the scale this morning and it said I was up 4.6 pounds.  I have no idea how that is remotely possible, as I didn’t even use all my flex points and didn’t use any exercise points.  I’ll just go and face the music – but I would have had to eat 15,750 EXTRA calories to gain that much weight in one week.  One slice of a thin crust 14 inch pizza is 285 or the equivalent of eating about 55 extra slices of pizza last week.  Gah.

The weather is going to be perfect today though – high of 70 and a bit overcast.  Definitely hitting the pavement and gym today.  Consistency not perfection.

Alright, time to make breakfast and head to WW.  Make it a great day!

Short Week!

Even though I had frozen pizza on Wednesday night, I decided I still wanted pizza for Party Pizza Friday.  I never have to convince Hannah to want pizza – Jacob doesn’t really like pizza at all, so he ate chicken fingers like a 7 year old Open-mouthed smile

I am sure I’ve mentioned it before, but Hannah isn’t very fond of red sauce on pizza.  I remembered seeing a white pizza on Jessica’s blog (How Sweet It Is)  and decided that’s what I was going to make.  This pizza is so delicate tasting, even with the bacon on it.  It had ricotta cheese, fontina, provolone AND mozzarella cheese.  I did use less cheese than her recipe stated (only bought 1/4 pound of each cheese at the deli and didn’t even use it all) and I added 1/4 cup of white corn meal to the dough – it really helps get a nice crisp crust on the bottom.  And, because I love it, drizzled the pizza with walnut pear balsamic glaze.  I’ve talked about this glaze too – check out the balsamic glaze in the vinegar aisle of your grocery store – mine sells about 5 different kinds for only $2.49 a bottle – way less money than making your own!



Thanks for the inspiration Jessica!  Then it was early to bed.  Saturday is my VERY early day at the market.  I have to get up at 3:45 – be out of the house by 4:10 to make it to work by 5:00 a.m.  It’s amazing how fast the work day goes by.  Seems we are just unpacking at the market and all of a sudden I’ll look at my phone and it’s time to pack up.   I was with Saran Wrap Belt Kid – and he’s a smoker, so he took three 15 minute “bathroom breaks” which I am sure he was just smoking.  Gah.   There are a couple of kids that the owner hired that have absolutely no work ethic at all.

So it is not ironic at all that after a day singing the praises of vegan burgers that are gluten free, dairy free and organic, that I want to come home and grill up some steak!   I follow this guy on Instagram (Scott at Grillin Fools) because he posts the most amazing BBQ pics.   He reposts other peoples pictures, and has featured a few of my BBQ pics before.  He showed a video of a black meat rub that piqued my interest right away.  Jess Pryles is an Australian living in Austin, Texas now, and she basically has the best job ever – talking about beef, going to BBQ competitions, doing t.v. shows about beef.  Anywho, I knew right away I wanted to order her steak rub.


When I received my package, it has a cute gummie burger in the bag – too cute!  You only need to season the beef right before you grill it.  The premise is that you’ll get that nice bark on your steak like you do in a cast iron skillet, but on the grill and because of how gorgeous the crust is, you won’t be tempted to overcook the beef to get the crust you want.  I hope that makes sense!


Jacob’s dad came over for dinner.  He and his dad had ribeye’s, and I had a petite sirloin, which wasn’t really petite at all. 


I tagged Jess in my Instagram post, and within minutes she reposted it and is now following me – how cool is that?  Guys, this is the best steak I’ve ever made.  The flavors were amazing – it actually has activated charcoal in the rub to get that dark color.  If you have a BBQ person in your life, get them this rub.

Then it was early to bed again on Saturday night – although I wake up at 4:45 on Sunday’s.  The weather forecast looked like we might get hit with storms, and sure enough as we were packing the van, it started to downpour.  But we were driving 45 minutes south to the market, and it still looked clear there.  As luck would have it, the rain stayed away, and even though it was hot as balls, I’ll take heat over rain any day of the week.


That’s my buddy Alberto – he cooks up the wraps and salads – we killed it and made nearly $2,000 in five hours!  And before I knew it, it was time to head back home.  Except I haven’t done a meal plan for this week, and probably won’t.  I work on Wednesday, and then go to my Mom’s on Thursday – my sister, my Mom and our friend Laura are going to see James Taylor in concert Thursday night, then my Mom and I have a very early flight to Virginia on Friday morning for our family reunion this weekend.  Cannot wait to see everyone. 

So that led to ordering a pizza for dinner last night – I am sure the WW scale is not going to be friendly to me this week, but it’s all good.  Although I don’t think I’ve gone over my points this week.  Going into dinner last night I had 17 points, and I still hadn’t used any weekly points or activity points.


So today I plan to hit up the gym today, get a nice walk outside before it gets too hot – it’s sunny and 75 right now – perfect!  And laundry and other stuff around the house – Monday and Tuesday are my new weekend! 

How was your weekend?  Do anything fun?  Make it a great day!

Avocado Toast is My Jam

Usually on the days I work the market, doing an extra workout isn’t even on my radar.  But because I was doing yesterday’s market with another person, I thought to myself “well, that’s 50% of what you’ll have to do if you were by yourself” and ended up doing a 45 minute walk yesterday morning.  It was cool and humid at the same time – it was 68 degrees but almost 100% humidity.  I wore a jacket and I was sweating balls by the end of my walk.

random heart

Roz, I thought you’d enjoy the random heart on my walk! 

I purposely stager my breakfast later on the days I work at the market, and I think it works well.  I had an avocado to use up, and can you believe I’ve not jumped on the avocado toast bandwagon?  Seems it’s everywhere on social media these days!


I used Aunt Millie’s whole grain bread.   I am not a fan of the bread not toasted because it’s a bit too soft for me, but toasted, it’s delicious.  And no matter how many slices you have, each slice is 1 point.  On the left was 1/2 an avocado mixed with lime juice, salt, pepper and crushed red pepper.  On the left, an egg, egg white scramble with Tapatio and one slice of uncured turkey bacon, and cherries for dessert.  10 smart points and super filling.

I was working with a young girl yesterday.  I was so excited because I was going to jump on the wrap/salad cooking station!


We got there an hour early – you never know with Chicago traffic so better safe than sorry.  I look down at my phone and it’s the Chef/Owner telling me he wants the other girl to do the wrap station because he needs her to get experience to do wraps at the Schaumburg farmers market.  Waaaaa!!   So I tell this girl she has to do the wrap station and she tells me, “I’ve never made wraps before.”  So I texted him back and said “she’s never cooked these before!” and he replied “she’s lying – she’s made them 1/2 a dozen times – she just doesn’t want to do it, but I need her to do it.”  Great.

Can you see that there is room behind the cooking station?  That’s where people can stand, watch you cook, you can talk about the product and really get a crowd going at your tent.  One thing I’ve learned is that if you have no one at your tent, no one wants to stop by.  The second you get a crowd around the tent, all of a sudden people are curious wondering what everyone is looking at.  And bonus is that we are the ONLY tent at this market that serves food!

At least 1/2 a dozen times, this girl would turn her head around to me and say “I hate making wraps!” basically right in front of the customer.   Face palm.  I did get to make the demonstration wrap.  That would be our vegan, dairy free, gluten free Southwest burger in a spinach flour tortilla with mixed greens and a roasted red pepper sauce.  I could also add a farm fresh egg and cheese to it!


As usual, the time flew by, but the traffic kind of sucked coming home.  It took me an extra 15 minutes to get back to the shop, then I had a brief talk with the owner.  He’s dying to hire me full time to do more administration stuff in addition to the markets, but to be honest, he can’t afford me, and he can’t afford to provide insurance.  I told him that I would keep my word and stay through the summer, but that I never intended for this to be a long term gig.  He replied “you know I am still going to keep trying!”


I ended up eating my ham/lo carb wrap, veggie sticks, and strawberries I made on the car ride home, so no picture of that.  Since I didn’t get home until 10:30, I didn’t eat anything, just had a glass of wine and hit the hay.  I must have been tired because usually I wake up at 7:05 with no alarm.  This morning I didn’t wake up until 9!

I have a big to do list to do.  But I may also have to squeeze a pedicure in today too – I am going on vacation next weekend to Virginia and my piggies look horrible!

And if you have time today, can you send some virtual hugs to my friend Dana at The Kitchen Witch.  Today is her Momma’s birthday, and her Mom passed away not too long ago.  She was so wonderful to me when Tony passed away.  I know today is going to be hard for her.

I am off work today!  Actually only three more work days before I go to Virginia for my family reunion!  Cannot wait.  A week from today I’ll be there.

Alright, I’ve got a long to do list today – better get at it.  Make it a great day!

Rain or Shine

The weather forecast looked pretty bleak yesterday.  It looked as if the brunt of the storms rolling through were right through the hours I’d be under a tent at the farmers market.  I texted the owner and was like “did you see the weather forecast?”  His reply?  “Be sure to bring rain tarps.”   Apparently the markets are a go, rain or shine!

I made another big breakfast – this one is only 7 smart points though – egg white omelet with romaine inside (nice crunch!) with a tablespoon of feta cheese, 3 ounces of potatoes sauteed in 1 teaspoon grapeseed oil, 2 slices of turkey bacon and strawberries so sweet, they tasted like candy.


I waited until the last second to get ready for work, so Hannah put my lunch together.  Later in the afternoon when I ate half my sandwich, I noticed she put a note in my lunch bag – so sweet!


And as promised, the rains came through, but it wasn’t too bad – just a good 20 minute soak, but that brought the market to a halt basically.  And after the rain went away, it took another 20 minutes to bring people back out. 


The best part about yesterday is that they let us park next to our tents.  Usually at this market I can drive my car on the street, drop my stuff of, then drop it off at a church parking lot two blocks away.  As I was driving to the market, I realized I never checked to see if I had the Square adapter so that I could scan credit cards.  At a stop light about 5 miles from the market, I took a look in my cash box, and lo and behold, I didn’t have one.  And credit card sales account for 50% of my sales at this market.  Rat farts.  So I did a quick side trip to Target, spent $10 on one, and made it to the market with 15 minutes to set up.  Whew!

Then at 6:30, the director of the market blew a whistle to start packing it up, a half hour early, because the next wave of storms were coming in.  I got back to the shop with no rain, and it stayed away all through emptying my car, but the ride home was pretty bad.  Bumper to bumper driving at 25 miles per hour.  I drove with my hazards on so the car behind me could see me. 


That’s my cell phone holder on my car!  I got home around 9:30 and is becoming customary for my Wednesday night, I brought home a Walgreen’s brand frozen pizza, and spent 15 points on a slice of pizza and a glass of wine.


I cooked it on my baking steel so the crust came out really good.  All I did was sprinkle a bit of dried parsley over the top.  Hit the spot!

I saw this on Pinterest or Instagram yesterday, can’t remember where, but it really spoke to me – hope you get something out of it too!


I have to drop of Tony’s car to the shop today – the air isn’t working and Hannah and Jacob share that car for work and school.  It’s also time for an oil change.  I work again today – another night market in the city.  Looks like the temps are going to be in the low 70s – perfect!

Make it a great day!

Two Weeks In A Row!

Imagine that, I actually had a loss on the WW scale two weeks in a row!


So in the 8 weeks I’ve been going back to meetings, I’ve managed to lose 1.2.  It’s funny and not at the same time.  I know exactly what I am doing wrong, but sometimes can’t get myself to change.  I know eating late at night on the days I work probably isn’t the best idea.  I know I have to put the wine back in the closet.  And I have to get the water in.  Oh, and stop eating cheese curds every time I open the refrigerator!  But I do have to say, without being on WW, I’d probably be up 20 pounds, so there is something to be said for maintenance.  I’d just rather maintain 30 pounds lighter, thank you very much.

I brought breakfast tacos to the meeting.  I usually do a show and tell of my breakfast, but our regular leader was on vacation, and it didn’t seem right to step on the toes of the guest leader.  Also, I was sitting in the front row because that’s the only seats that were left.  Usually I sit in the back so I can eat my breakfast during the meeting – I just felt everyone’s eyes would be on me if I started eating breakfast tacos, so I just reheated them when I came home.  8 smart points for this plate:


Rainier cherries are back!  They are twice the price of regular cherries, so I buy a small bag and mix them with the regular cherries.  So good.  It was gorgeous yesterday – low humidity and a high of 82.  I got my walking shoes on and went on a 45 minute walk.

PicMonkey Collage

Do you guys remember Erica from Itzy’s Kitchen?  She no longer blogs, but I follow her on Instagram.  She just had her second child, a son, not too long ago, but is already back up to running 10 miles.  She’s my hero!  Anywho, she posted that she listens to Chris Gethard’s Beautiful Anonymous podcasts and I had to check it out.  It’s fascinating.  People call into his podcast, never tell their name, where they live, etc. and can talk about anything for up to an hour.  The guest can hang up whenever, but Chris commits to the full hour if you want to talk that long.   It made my walk go by so fast!

It was pantry cooking yesterday at lunch.  Hannah is the organizer of my pantry, and has declared that I have far too many canned goods, but I disagree.  For some reason falafel popped into my head for lunch and when I got back from my walk, realized I had everything to make it.  It helped that I had 10 frozen naan bread in the freezer.  They only take a couple minutes to defrost on the counter since they are thin.  I followed my recipe, but was talking to Hannah while I was making the batter, and realized I forgot to just pulse the mixture together, instead I pureed the whole thing.  Damn.  I didn’t want to add anymore flour because that would add more points, so I decided to see if I could just scoop out the batter into the fryer and see how it went. 


Guys – these are the best falafel I’ve ever made.  Super flavorful, so light and airy!  The recipe made 20 heaping teaspoons of falafel, I made it 4 servings and 5 falafel turned out to be 4 smart points.  Here’s the deal with figuring out the deep fryer.  You know I’ve been a big advocate for the fryer – a good one – that holds the temperature.  Frying food at the right temperature makes all the difference.  It sears the outside without soaking into the food you are frying.  So in every recipe I build into the Weight Watchers recipe builder, I had 1 tablespoon of oil for the fryer for the whole recipe.  I sincerely doubt that 1 tablespoon of oil is even absorbed, but that’s how I account for the oil.  This whole plate above came in at 7 smart points.

I then did some more stuff around the house, then hit the gym for my lower body workout and then did 2 miles on the treadmill at 10% incline.


I cleaned out the fridge and found that I still had my healthy bolognese and needed to use some of it up before freezing the rest.   Hannah is convinced that shaped pasta has more flavor than spaghetti, so I used bow tie pasta for dinner.  I had 1 1/4 cups pasta (7) with 1/2 cup of my bolognese (3) and two ounces of Italian sausage (2). 


This was so good.  I think I am going to make stuffed zucchini next week with the remaining leftover Bolognese.  I think it tastes better than when I made it – all the flavors melded together.  Yum!

So it’s a work day for me.  I am doing the market by myself, which makes me very happy.  What doesn’t make me happy is that the forecast is for some strong storms today.  I know the owner has called off people in the past for bad weather, so I’ll see.  The market doesn’t start until 3:00 p.m., so I guess time will tell.

I ended up with 14,300 steps, drank nearly a gallon of water and had no wine.  Now I just need to do that for the next six days before my next WI and see if that moves the scale. 

Wish me luck today – make it a great day!