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February 2015


Warm Weather. . .Here I Come!

Morning!  I am at my Mom’s house this morning.  Our flight is relatively early this morning to Key West so I spent the night last night.  We went out to dinner last night to an Italian restaurant near her house that she’s always wanted to try.

Weird, we walked in at 7 on a Sunday night and there was literally just one other table.  Kind of made me a bit nervous!  But you know wine fixes everything, right?


IMG_0039She ended up getting the lasagna, and it was delicious – and huge!  



I ended up getting a wood fired pizza – meatball, goat cheese and roasted red pepper.  This doesn’t look like much, but it was delicious!


I ended up eating only two slices, but it was a very delicate crust – so good!

Alright, I have to scoot and jump into the shower before the cab comes to takes us to sunshine!  I most likely won’t blog again until next Tuesday, but you can always follow along with my on Instagram – my bizzy kitchen, or find me on Facebook and friend request me (Beth Hills Velatini).

I just wish Tony were going with me!  Well, technically, he is.  I have some of his ashes in my purse and plan on scattering them in the water near where we stayed for our honeymoon at The Pier House.  Back then the hotel cost $250 a night, which we thought was steep then, now it’s like $585 a night!




Here is your daily reminder too to vote for my pizza – the pizza with the most votes gets $1,500!

Have a great week!  Hugs and Love, Biz



Winner Winner Lobster Dinner!

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway to win Andie’s book – It Was Me All Along!  The winner is. . .

True Random Number Generator  Min 1: Max:  39 Result: 7  Congrats Molly!  Just send me your mailing address to


I am going to figure out how to use a fitbit that someone gave me.

It was so cold yesterday, I decided to stop by Panera and bring in some coffee cake to work.  Aren’t I fucking nice?!  Anyway, she swiped my card and said that I had a free bagel coming – done!  And of course, the everything bagel is the best one ever.  I scooped out most of the inside bread, so that it ended up being 2 ounces.  Cooked up some egg beaters with spinach and a bit of cheddar cheese in the microwave, and breakfast was served – this isn’t calorically too bad – just under 300 calories and 30 carbs.

2.19.15 003

2.19.15 004

Work was a bit slow yesterday so I couldn’t wait to leave to get to the gym.  I ended up doing 2.0 miles at 5% incline.

2.19.15 008

Last weekend I had a bunch of potatoes to cook up, so I ended up making another version of my smoked sausage and potato soup, only this time using real potatoes instead of the German potato salad.  My store sells on the German food aisle jarred carrots and celery.  They are shaved and in a slightly brined water, I thought I had a picture of it, but I can’t find it, but in any event, it is .99 a 16 ounce jar, so I just threw that in my soup with the potatoes, chicken broth and smoked sausage.  So flavorful and delish!

2.19.15 011

Yesterday was legs for strength!

2.19.15 012

I ended up doing squats with a 10 pound medicine ball – just held it out in front of me while I did my squats.  I am up to a 50 pound barbell for my straight legged dead lifts!

2.19.15 014

When it got to the lying leg curls machine, I saw that it was on 13.5 and I thought, “I’ll start with that.”  Holy fuck that was hard.  And I had 4 sets of 10 to do!  Between each set I had to get off, stretch my hamstrings and try not to let anyone take my machine in between.  It wasn’t until I was done that I noticed from my angel, all I saw was the kilogram plate weight – I was actually doing 30 pounds, but on top of the plates is an added plate where you can add 5, 10 or 15 pounds to the plates – so I was doing 45 pounds on the lying leg curl machine – no wonder it was so hard.  And no wonder I am going to be a Spartan bad ass!  (ha!)

I finished off with another 2.0 mile walk at 5% incline.  I was planning on doing a 5k, but my blood sugar was dropping – my leg workout took me 25 minutes to complete, so my after work routine was just over an hour.

2.19.15 013

Congratulations are in order because Jacob got a job!  He’ll be working at Home Depot.  To celebrate I texted him and said “I am picking up steak!”  His reply?  “Oh shit!”  See, Jacob loves beef just as much as I do.  Long time readers will know that Tony didn’t really care for red meat or pork since his colon cancer surgery, so it’s nice to cook for someone other than myself who will enjoy it as much as I do.  Only problem with indoor cooking is that when I use my cast iron grill pan to get awesome grill marks, well, I smoke out the whole house – it’s not a pretty sight to be choking and barely able to see each other in the kitchen when I cook steaks.  Cannot wait for grilling season!

So I ended up broiling New York strips – not going to lie I was a bit nervous.  I’ve never done that before.  These were pretty thick so I turned my broiler on high and cooked them just 5 minutes a side and let them rest.  I did a small salad on the side, and it was delicious!  I ended up eating half for dinner and plan on making a hash for breakfast this morning.  And yes, I like my meat that rare.  I missed the crust that a cast iron pan or grill pan gives the steak, but it was still delicious – I melted a teaspoon of butter and added a bit of fresh garlic and rosemary to finish off the top of each of our steaks.  Yum!  Hannah had a chicken finger salad!

2.19.15 022 - pic

I ended up with just over 15k steps yesterday – nice!  Kim, Laura and Andrea are still my stiffest competition!  You may be wondering who is #1 in my group?  Well I got a friend request from a “Dale” so I accepted it, and it’s ridiculous – it says he averages 33,000 steps a day – and I don’t know how to “unfriend” someone on fitbit, so if you know, let me know!

2.19.15 023

I forgot to link to my pizza contest yesterday!  So here is the link to vote for my Cheezy Italian Beef Pizza – thank you very much, I appreciate it! 

I am really getting into vacation mode, only one more day of work today and I am off until March 2!  I’ll probably have one more blog post on Monday before taking a week blog break.  You’ll just have to follow me on Instagram next week (mybizzykitchen) to see what I am up to and all the good food I am going to be eating!

So excited because today I am meeting up with fellow bloggers Courtney and Tia!  Well, Tia doesn’t blog anymore, but she did.  We are meeting up for drinks and pizza after work – looking forward to it ladies!

Alright, time to start cooking my breakfast hash and getting this show on the road – make it a great day!


Pork Carnita Breakfast Tacos

Over the weekend when I was passing the prepared food part of the deli, I stopped in my tracks because they were just refilling a sheet pan with pork carnitas.  Holy balls, the smell was intoxicating, and when I found out they were selling it for $5.49 a pound, I quickly grabbed 1/2 a pound to take home.  I had a taco on Saturday with it, Hannah and Jacob had a few tacos, and when I was putting my food together yesterday, there was literally about two heaping tablespoons left in the container, and I knew I was going to make pork carnita breakfast tacos.

  • 8 tortilla chips
  • 1/2 cup cooked egg beaters, cut into 8 triangles
  • baby spinach
  • 1 ounce pork carnitas
  • 1/2 an ounce of cheese
  • salsa

I have an microwave egg cooker that’s awesome.  Just 1:30 seconds in the microwave, and then I cut it like a pizza to get 8 “slices.”  I put baby spinach on the bottom, then flatten the eggs a bit and put them on the tortillas, topped with the pork and cheese and broiled for a few minutes so the cheese is all nice and melty.  Then top with salsa.  With the tangerines on the side, my breakfast plate comes in at 465 calories, 13 fat, 54 carbs, 7 fiber and a whopping 35 grams of protein.  This was so filling!  And tasty too – duh, because I made it. Open-mouthed smile

2.18 003

Wednesday’s are my semi-rest day.  Just cardio.  I ended up not going to the gym because I needed to pick up a few more things for my trip.  What trip you might ask?  I am going to Key West next week!  Yep, my Mom, Aunt and cousin and I are ditching our shitty winter weather and will be in Key West for a week.  Tony and I had our honeymoon in Key West so I am going to be taking some of Tony’s ashes with me to scatter in the water.


I ended up buying 4 pairs of capri pants, 2 pairs of shorts, 1 pair of pants for work, 5 tops, 4 tank tops and a bathing suit cover up all for $35 at Goodwill – woop!  Marie, you would have been so proud of me!

I ended up picking up a salad at Mariano’s for lunch – I had to do a Sam’s Club run for work so by the time I got back I didn’t even eat until nearly 2:45 and I was still pretty full from breakfast and ended up only eating half of it.

2.18 007

I was supposed to meet up with my friend Alison last night for beers, but I saw on my calendar that I was meeting up with my accountant to do my taxes.  It wasn’t until 7, so the kids and I ended up going out for a quick bite to eat.  Galati’s in Cary was a place that Tony and I frequented a lot the last few years, because they had our favorite beer on tap, Boddingtons.  They moved to a bigger location in town and it was the first time we’d been there.  My new mantra is that I can’t have alcohol at home, but I did have a beer in memory of my husband.

2.18 011

The owner of the bar saw me, came over and shook my hand, and I had to tell him that Tony passed away.  It was quite a blow to him, because obviously the last time he saw us, literally a month before Tony died he seemed fine.  I nearly lost it and started to cry, but I pulled it back in.  We ended up having excellent food.  We started out with pretzel bites and “bada bang” shrimp.  I had a couple tastes of each and they were excellent.

2.18 014

2.18 015

I ended up getting an appetizer for my entrée – the steak kabob over veggies – this plate was only $5.95!  Not to worry, I gave the red onions to Hannah!

2.18 019

Then it was off to the accountants.  I’ve been going to this woman for the last ten years and we’ve become friends.  As soon as I walked in the door she came around her desk and gave me a great big hug and told me how sorry she was to hear about Tony.   I nearly lost it AGAIN!  She even donated money to the Rainbow Hospice.  I still haven’t finished all my thank you cards, but I need to finish them in the next couple days.  It’s just another stinging reminder that he’s not here.

I came home, and there was Hannah’s tiny dog to greet me.  She has a sixth sense about tears, because I may have shed a few in the car ride home.  She loves licking the tears off of faces!

PicMonkey Collage - rummy

I love in the big picture how Rummy’s foot is hanging out of the sweat shirt and you can’t see it, but her paws are around my neck.  So cute!

So I got nearly 10,000 steps in.  I should have walked in place while watching American Idol, but I didn’t.  It’s all good.  Today is a cardio and strength day. Open-mouthed smile

It’s cold people.  Fucking cold.  Right now:

Cary, IL (60013) Weather

Wind Chill Advisory until Thu, 12pm

7:05 am CST

-12°F Feels Like -30°

Yep, it feels like –30!  Just so you know, the forecast next week in Key West is the mid-to high 70s.  I’ll take that!