I am going to New York City!

By now, if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you know that my recipe was one of the top voted recipes in the Away From Home Cooking contest, so now I’ll face three other dishes for the cook-off in New York with Sunny Anderson!   I had to fill out paperwork, disclosures that I am not a professional chef (ha!) and I had to send a head shot for their announcement yesterday.  I had that photo shoot done back in October and I have actually been trying for a few months to get pictures once the article was published, but to no avail.  He finally came through after I told him “I am a finalist in a national cooking contest with Sunny Anderson of The Cooking Channel and Food Network” that suddenly he was able to send me some.  I couldn’t decide, so I ended up sending four and this is the one they picked:

aj-kane_131111_beth-velatini_099.jpg - pic

The only thing I did was whitened my teeth with picmonkey.   If you haven’t used their photo editing, it’s super easy and most of the site is free.   So I’ll be making my first trip to New York in a couple weeks!  My cousin Sue and her husband live there (hi Sue!) so hopefully I will be able to hook up with them at some point. 

So my co-worker knew I was still looking for the watermelon Chobani, and she finally found it and got one for me.   I added about a tablespoon of my granola on top. The verdict?  VERY TANGY!  Like almost a bit too tangy, but the granola was a good compliment.  My vote is still for the grapefruit – I hope they make that a permanent flavor.

8.29 001

I had errands to run at lunch, so no walk or workout.  I had two slider ham sandwiches – I put the ham and cheese on the bun, then put it under the broiler to kind of crisp up the bun and melt the cheese – I ended up burning the tops of the buns, so I cut off the burnt part, flipped it upside down and ate them that way – it looks like ass, but it was a tasty lunch.  With sweet potato chips and black grapes.  And just a little bit of yellow mustard.  First bite and I had mustard all over my shirt – I am klassy like that!

8.29 007

Tony’s appetite is coming back with a vengeance and I could not be happier.  He had a taste for Lou Malnati’s pizza and pistachio gelato.  Done and Done.   We both think Lou Malnati’s is hands down the best deep dish pizza in Chicago – better than Gino’s East, Uno’s or Giordano’s.  If you don’t live in the Chicagoland area, you can have any pizza shipped across the U.S.  Or, you could make my copycat Lou Malnati’s deep dish pizza.  A bit more effort, but totally worth it.

8.29 022

It was dark by the time we ate it, so no pics of the final product – but this is what it looks like – so fricken good!  The crust is flakey and buttery, you get a bit of sausage in every bite since it’s a layer of sausage, not just pieces of sausage here and there, all the mozzarella cheese and of course, an amazing tomato sauce topping.   We eat had one piece, and then split a second – so good!


And if you want good gelato – check out Talenti.  While sea salt caramel is still my favorite, this one was pretty amazing too – just one spoonful is all you need.  Or the whole jar – your choice! Open-mouthed smile

8.29 016

We sat outside for a good two hours when I got home – such a better way to spend a Friday night than last week in the hospital – what a difference a week makes!

8.29 024

He looks a bit thinner than last year, no?


We’ve schedule his next appointment at Mayo at the end of September – it’s just a morning of tests so he’ll drive up on a Sunday, have the tests on Monday, and then head home.  I don’t have a whole lot of vacation days left, and I need to use up three for my trip to New York. 

I love three day weekends!  I just lit the Weber and am about to grill up some tomatoes and jalapenos for canning salsa today.  Last week I hit the jackpot on the dollar rack and bought six packages of tomatoes for $6 – I think I have about 50+ tomatoes!

8.22we 032

I won’t be posting again until Tuesday – going to take a computer break for a couple days.  Hope you all have an awesome weekend!  Hugs!

Wellness Check and I didn’t know.

Yesterday was another “throw shit in a bag” food day for me.  I kind of don’t mind those days – makes you get a bit creative I guess?  Breakfast was the last of my blueberry pancakes – I must have gotten interrupted because this is the one and only shitty pic of breakfast, but it was tasty!

8.28 002

One of my co-workers asked if she could go walking with me and of course I said yes.  I reminded her “don’t forget your walking shoes!”  It got time to go, I said “I need to run to my car and get my shoes out of my bag.”  I get to my car – no gym bag.  What?!  Yep, me – the one who walks or goes to the gym pretty much every day at lunch, forgot my bag!  So I ended up wearing my flip-flops for our 3 mile walk.  It worked!

8.28 006

And we saw a snake on our walk yesterday – first time I’ve seen one there!

8.28 003

8.28 007

I ended up making a taco salad for lunch – chopped Romaine, baby spinach, carrots, pickled radishes, taco meat, white beans – the only thing was that I had balsamic dressing at work and thought that would be gross.  So after our trail walk I popped into Subway and for .50 cents bought some ranch to mix with hot sauce for my dressing.

8.28 014

8.28 019

8.28 022

So I usually talk to Tony around 11:30 every day just to touch base.  I called and got voicemail, but left a message that said I was going on a walk.  When I got back I called again, got the machine again.  Huh.  By 1:45 I called his cell phone – still no answer.  By 2:00 I was really getting worried – I had never gone that long in a day without talking to him – and he had a blood test.

So I left work and drove home.  You guys, I was a nervous wreck.  I kept thinking “what if he fell on his way to the bathroom” and couldn’t get up.  I kept going to worst case scenarios and then quickly trying to get them out of my head.  When I walked in the back door, I could hear our turbo fan on in the bedroom – by now it’s 2:20 and because Tony turns off the bedroom light on the lamp next to his bed, I had to get a flash light to turn on the light.  When I looked in the bed, he was flat on his back – sound asleep.   I shook him awake and he was so confused, but thank God he was alright.  I guess he couldn’t fall asleep the night before and had finally just zonked out around 4:00 a.m. – so he’d been asleep about 10 hours – the longest stretch of sleep in probably his whole life.  Once I knew he was fine, I went back to work.   Whew!

Tony asked for skinny bone in pork chops for dinner, so I did a quick stop at the store on my way home.  They still had Cabot cheese on sale 2/$4!   I had baked a couple potatoes over the weekend that were hanging out in the fridge, and decided to make twice baked potatoes on the side.  I used the Farmhouse Reserve on my potato  – holy cow is this cheese delicious.  It’s super creamy on the tongue, but it has a bite to it.  Love.

8.28 029

8.28 034

I tried to make dinner rolls on the side, but they turned out like ass.  I tried to use a mixture of both whole wheat and regular flour, and well, let’s just say they not only looked like ass, but they tasted like ass too.  Once I get more white flour I will try the recipe again.  These basically went straight from the oven right into the garbage.

8.28 010

So yesterday on Instagram I did a #tbt (throw back Thursday for those of you who don’t know).

aj-kane_131111_beth-velatini_039 [ pic

That was from the photo shoot I did last fall for Health Monitor Magazine – you can check out the article here.   Anyway, I put a hash tag of #diabetes – and after I posted it, clicked on that hash tag only to find about a million posts using that hash tag – who knew?!  So I flipped through some of them.  But one caught my eye because her Instagram name was messed_up_dia.  It was a picture of a glucose monitor – I clicked on it, and it said “this is not good.  Need help.  #diabetes #diabetessucks #diabulemia #thin #ana #depressed.  I quickly learned that #ana is anorexia, but what I never heard of before was “diabulemia.”  Well, it turns out that girls that have diabetes are withholding their insulin so that they have a rapid weight loss to stay thin.  I had no idea that was an eating disorder, but it saddens me because while they might not feel the effects of what they are doing now, they are slowing killing themselves – once you start having symptoms like visions loss, nerve damage, etc., it’s too late – you can’t reverse it, only prevent it by managing it.

So I clicked on the #diabulemia hash tag and found another girl who posted a picture of her glucose meter – the number read 31.5 – which is SEVERELY low.  She wrote “no wonder I feel like I’m dying.  Ergh.  Least I feel sick and don’t feel like eating.  Might lose some weight now.”  UPDATE!  Um, turns out this girl is in the UK, so the conversion is different.  I looked it up – her blood sugar is 550!   They want to keep their blood sugar high so that they will lose weight. 🙁

I am in utter shock.  Had any of you heard of this eating disorder before?  I don’t think I could even type if my blood sugar was 31!  It’s just so sad.

I ended up taking one more night off from Insanity, and my knee is all better!  I forgot to tell you that I joined a gym by my house again for the weekends, especially as we head into fall and winter.  They had a special offer for previous members – only $25 from Labor Day weekend through December 31!  Couldn’t pass that one up!  So I plan on hitting the gym this weekend.  I still got my steps in though:

8.28 001

Well, time to get this show on the road – happy Friday!  Does anyone have fun plans for Labor Day weekend?  We don’t have anything specific, which is okay by me.  Have a great weekend – hugs!

Fritos and Taco Meat

Since I was just grocery shopping mainly for me this week, I relied on my freezer yesterday for breakfast.  We have two refrigerators with freezers.  The downstairs fridge is usually “my” fridge for the bulky stuff like romaine lettuce, bags of tomatoes for salsa, etc.  But I forget that I put shit in the freezer all the time down there.   Sometimes six months goes by without me even taking a peek into it!  But over the weekend I remembered that I had chorizo breakfast tacos in there!  And I did a quick inventory and put a piece of paper on the outside of the freezer to remind myself what’s in there. After I crisp them up in the toaster oven, I add fresh spinach and tons of hot sauce. Open-mouthed smile

8.27 009

It was a gorgeous day yesterday.  Partly cloudy, blue skies, temps about 78 degrees.  I decided to skip the gym and get my walk in.  I kept texting pictures to my twin sister who works downtown now!  This is a 7 mile bike/walking trail about a 2 minute drive from my office.  I like walking here because I don’t have to worry about getting hit by a car!

8.27 040

8.27 046

8.27 047

8.27 051

8.27 055

I got 3 miles in at lunch – nice!  Alright, this lunch is going to look like dog food, but it tasted much better than it looked!  I ended up having reheated skinny mac n cheese with the second half of my pork chop, some balsamic cucumbers and fruit.  And everything is better with sriracha, am I right?!

8.27 012

So I was talking to Tony in the afternoon, and he said to me “You know what I have a taste for?  Fritos.”  Then we continued talking and he decided he wanted Fritos and taco meat.  What?  This coming from a man who normally eats some yogurt and fresh fruit before I come home, and maybe eat a few bites of whatever I make for dinner.  If he would have asked for a whole lobster I would have made that! 

And it worked out perfectly because I did have tacos on the menu, and a childhood friend of mine that I am friends on Facebook with now, knows how much I like spicy shit, so he sent me some hot peppers from his garden!  How nice was that?  I diced up half of the peppers on the left, and after adding them to my nachos, my face was sweaty for a while.  Perfect!

8.27 019

Tony’s plate:  He ate every bite!  There is about 1/3 of a cup of taco meat, lettuce, tomato, some cheese and Fritos.

8.27 056

8.27 057

My plate had 1/3 cup taco meat, 1/3 cup white beans, Romaine, tomatoes and cheese – and the super delicious and spicy peppers. 

I ended up giving my knee one more night to rest – I am taking Helen’s advice and ditching the squats for now.   My knee feels 95% better today, so I’ll get back at the Insanity tonight after dinner.  I still got my steps in though, even though I forgot to put it back on after changing my clothes!

8.27 001

I have no idea what I am making for breakfast or lunch today – should be interesting!  And for once in a long while, I actually have 40 minutes before I have to leave for work.  Plenty of time to power wash the deck before work – ha!

Make it a great day!

Roasted Cherry Tomato Soup

Yesterday we had a birthday celebration in our office.  Typically we bring stuff in for breakfast treats, and then have cake in the afternoon.  My contribution was my Copycat Nature Valley Granola Bars, and my blueberry lemon scones.  I made the granola last night while I was making dinner.  I have to say, I skip the step of toasted the oats and I can’t tell a difference, so I just mix the granola and bake it.  The scones?  A one bowl recipe, which I love.  I pulled them out of the oven about 5 minutes before I had to leave for work.  They cooled on the drive to work.

8.26.4 002

8.26.4 004

I ended up making a Chobani parfait – plain Greek yogurt, raspberries, some of my crumbled granola, and some whip cream on top for kicks.

8.26.4 006

8.26.4 002

My left knee has been bothering me, so I took it easy on my lunch time workout.  I did day 2 of the squats, then walked for 40 minutes.

8.26.4 007

Is there any more classic combo than grilled cheese and tomato soup?  I didn’t think so.  My friend from work gave me a bag of cherry tomatoes from her Dad’s garden.  I don’t like cherry tomatoes by themselves, the seeds are so gross to me – BUT I knew I would love it in a soup.  I ended up adding a couple hatch chiles to the roasting pan, some carrots, celery and one the tomatoes my Mom gave me from her garden.

8.22we 010

8.22we 015

8.22we 003

8.22we 021


The best thing about this soup besides it tasting awesome?  This makes 4 servings – each serving approximately 1.5 cups – 246 calories, 9.1 fat, 41 carbs, 10 fiber and 10 protein.  One serving is also 153% of your Vitamin A, 93% of your Vitamin C and 42% of your daily iron. #winning!

I had burgers and sweet potato fried on my menu.  Tony always jokes with me because I love tiny food.  Silver dollar pancakes, sliders, etc.  Now that I can buy slider buns I decided to make myself two sliders for dinner.  I started out with 4 ounces of meat, and just seasoned my meat with 1 tablespoon A-1 sauce and salt and pepper.  Topped it with light extra sharp Cabot cheese, and pickled radishes and Dijon mustard.  So good!

The fries I just tossed in a bit of olive oil and baked them for about 20-25 minutes at 400 degrees.  Dipped into my sriracha whiskey bbq ketchup – dinner was a winner!  Tony ended up eating a burger too!  Although a frozen patty – he likes skinny burgers and when I make them from ground beef, they tend to puff up too much for his liking.

8.26.4 016

I didn’t end up doing Insanity last night because of my knee – didn’t want to push it and this morning it feels 75% better.  Better safe than sorry, right?!  But I still got all my steps in!

8.26.4 008

It’s a beautiful day today after a couple days of rain.  It’s 68 degrees today and our high today is 73 – perfect!  Time to get my shit together – make it a great day!

Skinny Broccoli Mac N Cheese

One of the first things I did when Tony was referred to Mayo Clinic was to call my insurance company and find out if Mayo Clinic is in network.  I have something called an HSA insurance over a PPO.   For us, we each have a $2,500 deductible, and then everything is covered at 100%.  You may recall that Tony was hospitalized on January 1 of this year.  He was in the hospital for a week, and met his deducible by January 8 of this year.  So basically all his meds, doctor visits and local hospital stays have been covered 100% – nothing out of pocket for us.

Well, I was told by two different people that Mayo was in fact out of network – which meant we had an additional $5,000 out of pocket deductible, and bills after that were split 80/20 – meaning we were responsible for 20% of the bills after the deductible was met.  We started going to Mayo in the middle of July.  By the end of July we were getting bills from Mayo, but at the bottom it just said “pending insurance.”  So I waited.  And waited.  Well, yesterday I went on our insurance website and low and behold EVERYTHING WAS PAID AT 100%!.   Nearly 62k, and not a penny from our pocket.  Our only expense has been our transportation expenses getting to and from Mayo.  Whew!  I can’t tell you what a relief that is!

When I was meal planning for myself this weekend, I realized I had more blueberry vanilla pancakes in the freezer and brought two of those with some deli ham on the side.

8.22we 012

I decided to restart my 30 day squat program since I only did it 3 days last week.  Which really started to bug me because I don’t need any equipment for that – I could have easily done my squats while Tony slept in the hospital!  Oh well – I started my lunch workout with Day 1, then did a run/walk for 2.5 miles.

8.22we 051

One of my co-workers brought me a bag of cherry tomatoes from her Dad’s garden.  This woman is pregnant with her first baby, and since I found out she was having a baby, every time I share some of my food with her, I tell her “this isn’t for you – it’s for the baby!”  So I made her the same lunch as I had – roasted cherry tomato soup with a grilled cheese on sourdough bread.  I will share the soup recipe tomorrow, but this was an amazeball lunch – look at all that cheezy goodness – and I only used 1 ounce of cheese!

8.22we 052

Since Tony is mostly eating plain food, it’s Biz Food on the menu this week.  I love pork chops but Tony isn’t a fan anymore, so I made a lemon pepper grilled pork chop with skinny broccoli mac and cheese on the side.  I had cooked up a bunch of pasta over the weekend and just had it in a ziploc bag for whenever I needed it, which made this dinner come together pretty quickly.

For the pork chop – I melted 1 teaspoon of butter and mixed that with 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice – I brushed both sides of the chop with that, then liberally sprinkled with lemon pepper seasoning (it’s just the store brand from my local store).  Then I grilled each side 2x2x2x2 just like I do with steak.  I know some people are grossed out with pink pork, but it’s so delicious to have a piece of medium cooked pork – so juicy!


8.22we 056

8.22we 057

8.22we 041

I ended up eating all the macaroni and cheese, and half of the pork chop.  I still had Insanity to do, and didn’t want to have too much to eat before doing that – so probably about 3 ounces of pork – so good!

After cleaning up the kitchen, making granola for a birthday work breakfast this morning, I got my sweat on – I forgot how hard Pure Cardio is!  The bulk of the routine is 14 minutes long with no break at all.  And Shelley, I thought you would approve at how matchy I was!

8.22we-059_thumb - pic

And I easily got my steps in yesterday.

8.22we 002

Alright – I have to fly – I woke up at 6:45 and it’s almost 8:00 – still in my jammies and I have to leave in 10 minutes – no problem!   Make it a great day!

Sriracha Whiskey BBQ Ketchup and . . . Home

I didn’t talk about it last week because Tony didn’t want to get his parents or his son and his daughter in law worried.  Remember the lab work we had done last week that was going to go to Mayo?  Well, they took one look at it, and basically told us to get straight to our local ER.  Damn – we went 12 days without a hospital visit!

Here’s the deal.  Imagine a pendulum swinging – when we first got admitted to St. Mary’s back on July 29 – the pendulum was as high as it could go on the right hand side.  Fast forward he comes home, he’s still on diuretics to make sure he doesn’t retain anymore fluid but the medicine is basically doing too good of a job and Tony got severely dehydrated – so imagine the pendulum is now swung all the way to the left hand side.  They need to balance of medications so the pendulum can be in the middle.  So we spent from Thursday until yesterday afternoon at the hospital.

So I have to admit – my eats weren’t the best the later part of the week, I didn’t get all my Insanity in, but I am not freaking out about it.  Life happens.  Shit happens.  I am not going to throw in the towel and say “fuck it” and start eating deep dish pizza every day.  Nope.  I am back on track.  My gym clothes are packed, my food plan is set and I’ll just keep on keeping on so I can reach my goal.   I am still happy to report a loss though – I guess my hard work in the beginning of the week paid off.

8.22we 008

I did finally find the grapefruit Chobani – holy balls is this one good!  If you love pink grapefruit, you’ll love this yogurt.  And as luck would have it, it was on sale 10/$10!  I only initially bought two because I thought if they tasted like ass I didn’t want to be stuck with a dozen of them.  Um, no – I went back and bought more!  I ate it with about 2 tablespoons of my granola, and it was the perfect balance of sweet/tart/crunchy.  Still no luck on the watermelon one, but hey Chobani – if you want to send me some watermelon yogurt, I won’t say no! Smile

8.22we 002

It did sting a bit when I saw my Timehop from yesterday though.

8.22we 037

Look at that upper right hand corner pick – August 25 of last year I was 159 and had lost 8.5 inches all over my body.  Fast forward a year and I am back to almost where I was in that top left hand picture.  But such is life, you can’t go back, only move forward.  And that’s what I plan to do.

So I stayed at the hospital Thursday afternoon and night and Friday night and all day Saturday.  By 7:00 p.m. Saturday I was itching to go home – don’t get my wrong, I love being with Tony when he’s in the hospital, but he sleeps a lot when I am there (hello sleep whisperer!) but I am the kind of person who is always on the move.  So by Saturday night I was dying to get back to my kitchen and make a decent meal for myself.  Of course, with all the time on my hands, I spent hours on Pinterest.  I am a Pinterest whore – I can’t help it!

What’s weird is that I can stumble upon a food blogger who is well established, has tons of followers and I wonder how I never found it before these last couple weeks!  Minimalist Baker is becoming one of my new favorite blogs.  John and Dana are a married couple – she recipe develops/cooks/photographs and he does the technical behind the scenes stuff and web design.  Remember when I made my copycat Starbuck’s muesli bread a couple weeks ago?   I just tweaked their recipe.   So when I saw Dana had made baked fries with a whiskey ketchup – I was sold.  I had a steak in the fridge that needed to be used or frozen, so steak on pomme frites quickly became my Saturday night dinner for one.   Follow her recipe here for the fries.  So good – tossed in olive oil, salt and pepper and baked until crispy, then tossed in garlic and fresh chopped rosemary.

I did adapt her ketchup recipe – one:  because I didn’t have brown sugar (how the fuck does that happen?!) and two: you know I like spicy shit, so I added sriracha to mine!  And I added a lot more black pepper.  Oh, and I left out the icky onion powder.


I made the potatoes first and while they baked I put made the ketchup.  During the last 8-10 minutes of the ketchup/fries being done, I grilled my petite sirloin over medium high heat on my cast iron grill pan.

8.22we 008

Look for this cut of meat – this beef petite boneless sirloin steak – it’s super economical – I mean look I almost got a half pound steak for under $3!   Tips with steak.  Always cook your steak at room temperature.  Always season well with salt and pepper while it comes to room temperature.  For perfect medium rare steak – use the 2x2x2x2 method.  Two minutes one side in one direction, two minutes on the other side in the same direction, then flip directions and cook 2 more minutes each side and let rest for 5-10 minutes to let the juices redistribute.  It was dark by the time I ate, so you have my really wonderful fluorescent kitchen lighting in this picture!

8.22we 025

I ended up spooning a tablespoon of my hatch chile chimichurri sauce (and yes Nicole, I think that sauce would be awesome on tacos!)  on the bottom of my plate, added my sliced steak and had my pomme frites with the spicy ketchup for dipping.   Wow was this good.  From the herby chimichurri sauce, the cut like butter steak, the garlic rosemary fries and the spicy ketchup!  An explosion of flavor with every bite.  That meal above?  Tony wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole, so I got to enjoy a “Biz” dinner.

8.22we 027

We got home in plenty of time for me to grocery shop, although not kidding – there were CHRISTMAS decorations out already!  Not that I don’t like looking at snowmen, but let’s still enjoy our summer people!

8.22we 035

So here’s to a new week.  I have a question to ask though – what would be a meal you would eat that your spouse or significant other wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole?  Curious to see what your answers will be!  And my friend Skippy I was worried about because she hadn’t posted on her blog since July 30 and hadn’t been on Facebook for a couple weeks – happy to report she was just having some tests done, and forgot to ask her husband to update her blog or Facebook – whew!  I can stop worrying now.

And I hope all my Northern California blog friends didn’t get too much damage from the earthquake – so scary!

Hugs – make it a great day!

Instagram Question

I love Instagram.  I love how immediate it is.  I love how I can see what you guys are up to at the exact second its happening.  But what I don’t get is Instagram accounts like this:

8.22 007

It’s a glass full of home made cookie dough and it says: “want to lose weight – just follow!”  And if you look on the account there are like half a million followers and they only follow three people.  Is it advertising, or what?  Have you guys seen stuff like this before on Instagram?  Um, pretty sure I’d eat that whole glass of cookie dough in one sitting!

I got half way to work yesterday and realized I’d forgotten my food for the day.  Packed nice and neat and still sitting in the fridge.  So I went by Starbuck’s to pick up a protein pack (thanks again Heather for the gift card!) but when I went to open my App to get my gift card out to pay for it, I couldn’t remember my log in and password.  I’d parked a block away with my purse in the car, and after several tries I said “fuck it” and went to work.  I knew I had a Chobani in the fridge, and I had some granola at my desk.

8.22 006

I didn’t have a whole lot of time for lunch, so I ended up getting my walking shoes on.  It was hot – 88 degrees and really humid.  My blood sugar was 227 before I left – perfect. 

8.22 009

8.22 012

My plan for lunch was to make my own stir fry from the Chinese place across the street.  They have lunch specials usually for $5-7 dollars but the portions are huge and they tend to be a bit greasy.  So I picked up steak on a stick ($2) a small brown rice ($1.50) and a small Szechuan spicy green beans.  I chopped up the steak and the green beans, tossed in 3/4 cup of the brown rice and added 1 packet of sweet and sour sauce and some sriracha.  So good and not greasy at all.

8.22 013

But just as I was putting my food together, I could feel the sweat start dripping down my neck – dammit – low blood sugar.

8.22 016

Let’s just say I ate my lunch really fast – I hate that feeling of low blood sugar – it doesn’t last very long but as I was eating my lunch my boss said “can you scan this for me?” and I yelled “No!”  The only time I get mean is when my blood sugar is low.  Not gonna lie, it felt kind of good to say no – ha!

Then Hannah and her boyfriend stopped by!  She and my Mom were thrifting last week and Hannah found a pair of Born shoes for me for $6.50 – these would normally retail around $80 – score!

8.22 018

8.22 019

Since my feet are 1.5 sizes different, I like open heeled shoes because then both my feet fit just fine.  These will definitely be my fall/winter shoes.  Thanks Hannah – so great to kiss your face!

8.22 017

And since I enjoyed my small tasting plate the night before for dinner, I did finally end up getting my protein pak from Starbuck’s for dinner.  Who says you have to have a big meal every night for dinner?

8.22 020

We don’t have any plans this weekend, and I am fine with that.  I did a deep clean last weekend, so this weekend my only chores really are the laundry, changing the sheets on the bed and cleaning out the fridge.  I think I did pretty good food wise considering I only spent $43 on groceries this week.

Thanks again for all of you who took the time to vote for me these last few weeks.  I’ll let you know as soon as I know if I am headed to New York!

And I am worried.  You know I’ve talked about my friend Skippy (Janine) before.  She’s been on a heart transplant list for a while.  She and I have become really good friends off-line – she’s always there telling me everything is going to be okay with Tony while she suffers with her own medical problems.  She is usually the only inspiration I need because I can move and she can’t.  Here is an old post I wrote about her.

Well her last blog post was July 30.  Her last appearance on Facebook was August 11.  She hasn’t replied to my emails, texts, or instant messaging on Facebook.   And this was someone I talked to on a near daily basis.  Let’s send good thoughts her way, shall we? 

Have a great weekend – see you Monday!