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June 2014


Cheese for the Soul

Saturday morning I did something I haven’t done in a while on a weekend – workout!  Shaun T and I got busy with Beta Cardio and then I did the Ab Interval.  With the central air not on, and the temps in the mid 80s outside, it was kind of doing a hot yoga only with Shaun T!

6.29 - weekend 024

As I was showering and getting ready for work, I told Tony that I had a taste for a chicken pita that’s at a beef place by us.  It’s so simple, yet so good, so while I ironed my work shirt for the last time, he did a lunch run.

6.29 - weekend 025

So by the time I got to work, everyone had heard that I quit, except they thought by seeing me there that I changed my mind and was staying.  This one woman came in and said “oh, so glad to see you – we need good people like you staying.”  I hated to tell her an hour later when she wasn’t busy that it was in fact my last day.  I had to be there by 3:30 to set up for a party of 45 for a 90th birthday party.  I split the room with one of my good friends and we had a fun time with it.  The Chef was there, he told me the door is always open if I want to come back, or if I just want to work private parties.  I always leave a job on good terms because you never know – never burn any bridges.

So here’s a twist in things.  I quit on Monday – and the two GM’s quit on Wednesday!  This week is going to be their last week, and the Chef apparently is going to play a bigger role in the front of the house.  He mentioned again how they were going to break ground “any day” on the outdoor patio.  Um, that hasn’t happened yet, and I think by the time it does break ground by the time they finish they’ll need space heaters!   I was home by 10:30 and in bed by midnight.

Now, I am the person who LOVES to sleep in.  Like, it’s my favorite thing to do on the weekend.  Saturday?  I was up at 8:30.  Yesterday?  I was up at 8 and wide awake!  It was perfect.  I was working on the computer, had an awesome breeze coming through the window, it was quiet – it was very productive and relaxing all at the same time.  I ended up heading to our local farmers market.  We don’t get any local produce until late July, early August.  But there is cheese!

6.29 - weekend 039

I actually didn’t buy any.  I don’t know, it looked like store bought cheese so I took a pass, but I do believe that Cheese is for the Soul!  I did end up buying Cabot cheese at the grocery store, and a jalapeno havarti.  The world is right again now that I have cheese in my fridge.

6.29 - weekend 037

6.29 - weekend 036

I did buy basil though – $2 a bunch!  And I bought some flat leaf parsley and some asparagus.  $8 out the door.  Next time I go, I am going to get pizza – there was a guy in a mobile pizza oven!  He said he had it built and shipped from Italy, and then he mounted it on a custom made trailer so he could drive it from place to place.  He used hard wood and said that it got up to 900 degrees.

6.29 - weekend 040

And it was a gorgeous day – you can never have too many cloud pictures.

6.29 - weekend 043

Tony and I ended up going out to lunch before hitting up the grocery store.  We ended up going to Texas Road House – it’s our second time there and it’s pretty good.  I had to have a beer because I haven’t had this new one – New Belgium’s SnapshotCarrie, have you had it before?   It was delicious – it reminded me of a milder version of Blue Moon.  Tony thought it tasted like ass.

6.29 - weekend 044

I ended up getting a pulled pork sandwich.  It was a tad on the dry side, but nothing a few (dozens) of sprinkles of Tabasco sauce couldn’t cure.

6.29 - weekend 045

When we got back from the store I got busy.  I am entering another recipe contest – where again the prize is $5,000.  My friend at work told me about it – it’s a recipe contest for Extended Stay America hotel chain.  They have kitchens in their hotels, and it just so happens Tony and I will be staying at one when we go to Mayo in a few weeks.  She told me all the things that are provided in the kitchen, so obviously baking was out because there is no oven.  There is a two range burner, a microwave and full fridge.  And pots, skillets, utensils, plates and silverware.  I am not going to show my recipe yet, but I used one pot and two skillets and it was done in 30 minutes.  Oh, and it could only be 10 ingredients or less!  Fingers crossed – I have to submit it by July 7, and then the first round gets announced at the end of July.  The top four recipes get a trip to New York where you have a cook-off with Sunny Anderson of Food Channel, and the winner of that gets not only the $5,000, but also a 4 day pass to a Food & Wine Festival in October.  Um, yes please!

So after being bizzy in the kitchen, it was nice to sit outside with Tony, cool off and do some grilling.  I love grilling once and eating twice.  I first grilled up How Sweet Eat’s honey chipotle chicken to make her burrito bowls later this week – you need to make this chicken – so flavorful and spicy!

6.29 - weekend 006

6.29 - weekend 007

And then I grilled up some rosemary and garlic marinated pork blade shoulder steaks.  It’s pork and it’s thin enough where Tony likes it – winning!

Today starts Week 4 of my strength training.  What I am really reaching for is to be able to do a handstand like my sista Heather – is she a bad ass or what?!

6.29 - weekend 026

Today is WI day – and I am down exactly one pound.

6.29 - weekend 009

I didn’t do that great on the water intake last week, going to try to do better this week.  I have some good recipes to share with you later this week though – peanut butter chip banana muffins, chipotle roasted red pepper hummus and sesame seasoned baked pita chips – so good!

Alright, time to pack my gym bag and food for the day – make it a great day!


Chilling and Grilling

Usually Friday’s at the office are really quiet and every time you look up at the clock and think 45 minutes has gone by, and it’s only been 10 minutes.  Waaaaa.  But yesterday was steady busy all day and it actually went by pretty fast. 

Friday food is always a “throw shit in a bag” day.  I had some baby new potatoes that were cooked and hanging out in the fridge.  I had thick cut deli ham, egg whites, spinach, cheese – a hash was born.  I sauteed the potatoes in a touch of olive oil, salt and pepper.  While that was cooking I went downstairs and ironed a shirt for work.  When I came back up, I added everything else (but the cheese) to the pan, turned the heat to medium low, put a lid on it and got dressed and brushed my teeth.   I just threw the contents of the pan into tupperware, but it in my lunch bag and I was good to go.

Once at work, I put the hash under the broiler in the office toaster oven, topped with about 3/4 an ounce of Cabot pepper jack cheese (which I found in the back of my deli meat drawer – score!) and it came out delicious.  The top was all melty cheesy goodness, and the potatoes were a bit crunchy from when I pan fried them.  On the side?  Is a splash of the guajillo pepper salsa.  I need to make more of that stuff – so good!

6.27 002

Yesterday was arms on the strength menu.  My step-son gave me a holder for my iPod several years ago, and I made it kind of work to hold my iPhone while working out – I sent him this text message, love that he blew me a kiss! Red heart

6.27 010

6.27 004

It works for now, but I may need to look into something else that actually is meant for an iPhone – any suggestions?  And you will be happy to know I wasn’t alone in the gym again Kym and Louise!

6.27 005

Yep, that’s me doing my close grip bench presses with 20 pounds – I am definitely going to kick it a notch up next week.  I had plans of doing my cardio afterwards, but I could feel my blood sugar dropping, and knew that wasn’t going to happen.   I got back to work and heated up two pieces of leftover Mexican pizza.  Again on a klassy Styrofoam plate.

6.27 028

When I got home Tony was just setting up shop if you will at our table under the gazebo.  So far we haven’t had to put the mesh sides up because the bugs haven’t been too bad – we both spray ourselves with Off and that seems to do the trick.  He made me a delicious vodka lemonade drink with seltzer and lemon, we listened to a Doug Benson podcast – there is this guy that he has that does an awesome impression of Mark Wahlberg – Heather, do you know what I am talking about?  I also need to get that one youtube podcast with the cat that you said was so funny – not sure Tony has seen it before.

I brought out some chips and baja fresh salsa – Amee – here is the link for the salsa – so simple, I think you’ll really love it! 

6.27 014

Before we knew it, it was 8:00 and we hadn’t fixed dinner yet!  Tony bought a bone-in ribeye for us to split, and while we were sitting outside, I cooked some red potatoes.  I just finished them off on the grill.  I think the ribeye is my favorite cut – I normally do my 2x2x2x2 method to cook steak – meaning I cook 2 minutes on one side, 2 minutes on the other, then in the opposite direction cook 2 minutes then the last 2 minutes.  I literally use a stop watch on my phone.  That gives you perfect medium rare every time.  But this steak wasn’t as thick, so I did it 1.5×1.5×1.5×1.5 minutes.  Perfect!  And I may have switched to wine with dinner. Thumbs up

6.27 017

6.27 018

It was a perfect night!  Today is my last day at the restaurant.  I got a call yesterday telling me that I am working a party that starts at 5, so I have to be there at 3:30 so I have to leave my house by 2:45.  I am a bit sad to see it go, but it isn’t cost effective for me to make the equivalent to gas money to get there.  And sadly, true to form, I probably will never talk to any of these people again.  I am weird that way.  When I leave a job, doesn’t matter if I’ve eaten lunch with you every day for years, as soon as you leave, or I leave, it’s a closed chapter in my book.  I normally leave a place and say under my breath – have a nice life!

So I didn’t get in all my steps yesterday because of the lack of cardio at lunch, but I didn’t do too bad!

6.27 030

And thanks for cheering my on Treasa!

6.27 029

Alright, I am actually going to do a T-25 dvd this morning to get my sweat on.  And sweat I will – It’s nearly 85 degrees and we don’t have the air on – it will be like doing T-25 in a hot yoga studio!  I’ll post the after sweaty pick on Instagram – are you following me?  mybizzykitchen

Have a great weekend!  See you Monday!


Spicy Crab and Carrot Sushi Rolls

Yesterday as I headed out the door to squeeze in a quick 30 minute walk before work, it was overcast, misty, foggy and 60 degrees.  Did I mention it was also exhilarating too?!

6.26 004

6.26 007

And thanks Kim for cheering me on during my walk! Open-mouthed smile

6.26 005

By the time I got back home to get ready for work, I already had 4000 steps – nice!  Breakfast was another egg McMuffin maker – egg white/spinach/cheese/high fiber English muffin.  How the hell did that hot sauce get on there?!   I never did end up eating the apple.

6.26 005

Just ended up keeping my head down at work, and before I knew it, it was time to get bizzy at the gym.  Yesterday was shoulders, and again, new to me exercises.  I have never done lateral arm raises on a Smith Machine before.

6.26 008

Strength took me about 35 minutes, and then I finished off with a mile run.

6.26 010

6.26 009

So although I am a Pinterest whore, I have really become an Instagram whore too.  So many people to follow!  My following is quite eclectic, which I like, you never know what you are going to see.  Last week I saw this cucumber “sushi” dish and it looked really good.   I was inspired by this recipe, but I knew I wanted to switch a couple things up.  First, while I like that she cut her cucumber slices thin and then used a toothpick to keep it together before stuffing, I realized that I wanted a more “finger food” approach, so I cut thick slices of an English cucumber and hollowed it out a bit with a melon baller, leaving a little bit of the bottom so I wouldn’t lose any of the filling.   I also wanted a creamier filling, so enter in Chobani greek yogurt and sriracha!


6.26 012

6.26 013

6.26 019

6.26 011

Can I just say yum?!  While these were messy to eat (I ended up eating off the shrimp first) the flavors were so good – a little bit sweet from the fake crab, yet spicy with the jalapeno and the sour cream sriracha mixture was amazeballs.  On the side was a veggie egg roll I made over the weekend over a bit of spinach white rice.  This lunch was so filling.  #winning!

I also am going to be putting a logo on my Instagram pics – do you think that it is obnoxious?

6.26 016

I was actually busy at work yesterday afternoon so it went by really quick.  I just can’t wait to see 5:00 on the clock to get the hockey puck out of there.  Tony and I sat outside for a good hour – it was so nice out!  I didn’t have to do a thing because Tony made dinner.  A cold pasta salad – tri colored cheese tortellini, with carrots, celery, artichoke hearts, Parmesan cheese and some Newman’s Own light balsamic dressing – I did add a bit of chopped giardiniera to mine, but this was delicious – thanks honey!

6.26 030

And I had a guest for dinner!  Although he didn’t stay long!

6.26 031

6.26 022

Thanks to my walk before work, I had no problem meeting my 10,000 step goal – nice!  I am actually taking it easy this morning – my back and shoulders are a bit sore this morning after the last couple of strength workouts, so I am a bit slow going today.  But I have arms on tap for my lunch workout Open-mouthed smile

Off to get myself a cup of coffee and do some blog reading – happy Friday – make it a great day!