Guess what?  I found my keys!


I mean, it’s a pretty big chunk of keys, and yes, they were in the office, and got buried under paper work.  Funny thing is though, the Chef couldn’t find his keys either and had to take the catering van home – the next day they deep cleaned the Chef’s office, and lo and behold – both our keys were there.

Tony and I are off to run errands – be back later!  Just didn’t want you to think I didn’t survive my double work day yesterday.  Hugs!

5 thoughts on “Morning!

  1. Glad they were found :)

  2. Glad you found your keys and where you last laid them too. I made that soup your Chef made, Straciatella Soup. I googled it, it’s an Italian soup that most Italian restaurants don’t make make much anymore, a sort of Italian comfort soup….I really liked it and easy to make, a quick soup if there is no more lasagna soup left… :) Have a great weekend!!

  3. Yay for key finding!!

  4. Yeah, you found them!

  5. That is a big bunch of stuff on your key chain. There aren’t too many keys but lots of extras. glad you found them. My key ring is pretty similar. Two keys and 20 different “reward cards” My daughter the anal retentive organizer put them in alphabetical order for me :)

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