I needed yesterday.  Like big time.  After last Monday’s wine tasting, food tasting Tuesday, Wednesday AND Thursday night, the working Friday and Saturday night, I was pooped!  But I have to say – the strength training I’ve been doing helped me ten fold.  Since I have a desk job, I wasn’t sure how my legs and feet were going to feel standing up for 8-10 hours, but it hasn’t been too bad.  And as the restaurants gets more efficient, I won’t have to go in as early and will just be able to work a 4-5 hour shift and call it a night.

But so far, so good.  I made $260 between Friday and Saturday night – my average tab per person was $55 – nice!  And all the servers, the management and Chef could not be nicer.  There is only one douche bag, and he’s already says he is, and isn’t apologetic about it at all.  Here’s another strange fact – I was talking to this 26 year old server Zach.  Super nice, he’s getting married in the spring and is working a second job to pay for his wedding.  I don’t know how we got on the subject, but I said something about my twin sister and he said “are you identical?”  I answered yes, and he said “I have an identical twin brother!  And the bartender Rick has an identical brother too!” 

And just like me and my sister – they both were different from their brothers.  I’ll never forget in high school my sisters boyfriend would pick us up from school.  I shared a room with my sister and she would literally get up two hours early, change clothes six times, hair, makeup, the whole 9 yards.  Me?  I’d be buried under the covers in sweats and a t-shirt.  I wouldn’t even get out of bed until he honked the horn, and then I’d stand up, deem my sweats school worthy, throw on a bra, different t-shirt, washed my face and brushed my teeth and would be ready in 5 minutes.  So when people would pass by my sister and accidentally call her Beth I am sure she was like “what the fuck – do you see me wearing a stained t-shirt and flip flops!”  Ha!

I will show you another cake the restaurant offers – an 8 layer cannoli cake!  It’s the same fresh homemade ricotta filling they use for the small cannoli’s and that’s crushed pistachios all around the outside.  Wow!

kyle 015

Tony and I slept in yesterday – I don’t think we even got out of bed until past ten.  We did a quick Sam’s Club run, got my car filled up when Tony said “let’s do lunch!”  Yes please!  While in the back of my head I thought of all the things I should be doing (mopping kitchen floor, laundry) I welcomed the opportunity to sit down and relax.

kyle 021

I enjoyed a Boddington’s on tap, we split a meat lovers pizza, and it was the perfect way to start a Sunday.

kyle 034

That hit the spot!  I really hadn’t had a true “meal” per se in a while.  Tuesday – Thursday were just tastes, and Friday I had two soft beef tacos from Taco Bell for lunch, a small Chicken Parm slider the Chef prepared and then ate some Flaming Hot Funyun’s Tony bought for me earlier in the week.  Saturday I ate some nachos around 1:30, had about 3/4 of a lobster salad the Chef prepared (with red onion!) and then again ate some Funyuns.  I am sure if I did a calorie count on my days this past week, I am sure I haven’t hit 1300 all day.   Oh, and for the record?  These Flaming Hot Funyun’s are amazeballs!


And I know I’ll probably get shit for eating onion flavored rings, there is really nothing oniony about these!

So last night I was more than happy to cook a decent meal.  Tony went grocery shopping on Friday and bought a whole chicken.  I ended up brining it Saturday overnight, then patted it dry, salt and peppered it and then did 2 tablespoons of mayo mixed with 2 tablespoons fresh chopped rosemary, juice of half a lemon and zest of one lemon and spread that all over the chicken.  We did that with our turkey this year at Thanksgiving and it made the best crispy skin and it held in the juices really well.

chicken 004

chicken 006

With mashed potatoes and green beans on the side – perfect Sunday dinner.  And that would be my sriracha honey mustard sauce drizzled over my chicken breast.

So I am off at the restaurant until Thursday this week.  I did notice that Friday night I have a “B” next to my name – not sure if that means I am working the bar tables or it probably just means that I am the “B”est server already – ha! Open-mouthed smile

So I am back to the routine – week 12 of the strength training program and tonight I hope to catch up on more of my blog reading while Tony watches the Bears game.  He gets a tad bit emotional during those games so its best if I just leave him alone.   I have my food packed – breakfast tacos with egg whites, 1 ounce taco meat and baby spinach with Chobani for breakfast, Lasagna Soup (no noodles) for lunch with baby spinach and I am not sure what’s for dinner yet – there’s still time to figure something out!

Oh, and Kyle the Squirrel stopped by yesterday.  She now barks at me when she wants to eat!  I gave her some of my granola and she loved it.  She ate about half of that piece and then hid the other half on the shelf of our gazebo!

kyle 006

What was the highlight of your weekend?  Make it a great day!

Oh, and before I forget – if you have runners in your family and need some good gift ideas – check out Lisa’s picks for this year

27 thoughts on “Ahh….Sunday.

  1. Ah Kyle is supercute!

    Love your Sunday and the food you had. I admire you for taking up that second job and make those long hours in a week. Not sure if I could do that but think if I had to, I just would do it.

    And the B behind your name? Of course that’s for the BEST server!

  2. I just love how you can see the tiny little flecks of snow on Kyle. She is really holding on to that granola. I hope the lack of calories you are consuming doesn’t throw your metabolism off. I can’t believe you still felt like cooking after the week you had.

    • Kym, cooking for me is my relaxation! I still don’t plan on weighing in until December 31 – we’ll see! I am actually not minding the month between weigh ins – I used to weigh myself every day!

  3. Glad the new job is going well. I was actually thinking about how the lost pounds and strength training were all a bonus for the physical aspects of the new job. Enjoy the next few days before the double schedule hits again.

  4. Love a good roast chicken, although I tend to buy the rottisserie chickens at my local BJ’s more often than I roast one myself.

    It’s nice that you’re getting to work the weekend shifts. I’d bet most of the good tips come on those days.

    • I agree with you Helen. And I read somewhere that stores that roast their own chickens just cook the ones that are close by the sell by date so they just cook them off – have you heard of that before??

  5. Sorry, but I still think Funyons taste like onions…which means you really are a SECRET ONION LOVER!!! ;)

    Glad you are getting some rest and only working one job (ha!) for a few days – equally glad that you did so well on your first weekend!

  6. Funyons totally taste like onions LOL! I think you are like me, you like the flavor of onions, but hate the onions themselves. That’s why I puree them when cooking with them :D

    How long will you be working at the restaurant?

    • See, if I don’t know they are in there, I guess I don’t mind too much. I am not sure – at least a couple months just to get us ahead and I’ll just see from there?

  7. I’m checking out that gift list for myself ;) haha. Sounds like the restaurant is just awesome. Glad you’re enjoying the new job. That cake- oh my gosh! mmm. That chicken looks perfectly cooked. Today is a little nutty. I taught twice this morning and am working now. Hoping the afternoon is a little more chill. Want to take peanut to get new shoes and clothes.

  8. The story of you and your twin sister getting ready cracked me up – I’m sure it did piss her off a little when people mixed y’all up – just goes to show that clothes really aren’t that important!!!

  9. What a great photo of that squirrel!!

  10. So glad you had your Sunday to relax a bit! :) That cake is outrageous…..!

    My highlight of the weekend – hmmmm. I did a little Christmas baking with the boys yesterday – it was a lot of fun and the cookies were awesome!

  11. I don’t know what the heck is going on. I just came over here to see why you hadn’t posted anything in a long time–you have posted. Somehow you are no longer on my blogroll????? I just tried to re”follow” you but can’t figure out where to do that so I’m subscribing to e-mail. Gee, I have some catching up to do.


    • Sorry about that Bonnie – I switched to a self-hosting site and I am waiting for wordpress to transfer over my subscribers – glad you found me again!

  12. I always liked when people asked me if Alex and Zoe were identical. Oh, yeah, duh. Of course … one is a boy and the other a girl, but other than that they are pretty identical! Love the way you treated that chicken!

    • Sometimes people would ask us if we were twins or sisters and we’d say “both” and that would confuse them even more!

  13. Your work schedule for last week made me tired just reading it!! Yah you on the tips! Nice! Glad you have a break for a few days…sounds like you need it! Okay, back to the Bears game I go! lol

    • Ha, thanks Sherry! And my husband was very pleased with the Bears game! I cannot imagine being a fan and sitting out there in below zero windchill!

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