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December 2013


Happy New Year!

Wow, I can’t believe another year is in the books!  I can’t believe in 2014 I’ll be 46 years old.  Seems the older I get the faster life goes!

It’s cold in my part of the world – like –4 degrees but with the wind chill feels like –15.  Jacky, I hope you keep warm when you go to work downtown!  I feel for you!

chinese 030

I never did a full grocery shop so I just had to put stuff together that I had on hand – breakfast was a 3/4 cup egg white omelet with shredded zucchini, 1/2 ounce mozzarella with leftover steak on the side and blackberries.  I ate this around 9:15, worked out and didn’t feel like eating lunch until nearly 1:30, that’s how filling this is!

chinese 033

I was so happy to see the pool was completely empty!  It felt nice to swim again – it’s probably been almost a month since I hit up the pool.  It’s just such a great all over workout, and being in the water feels like summer to me, even if I see the snow outside!

chinese 034

On Sunday when I went to my Mom’s house, I was worried there wasn’t going to be enough chili for everyone, so I ended up making a pinto bean vegetarian chili with carrots and celery.  It was just okay – almost too many beans!  I brought the balance of it home, doctored it up a bit and it’s good, but not great.  If you have a veggie chili please link to it in the comments section – I’d appreciate it!  I had 1.5 cups of chili over 1 cup of cooked angel hair pasta (not that you can see it in this pic!) with 1/2 an ounce of mozzarella on top.

chinese 004

I knew I was dehydrated from the weekend, but didn’t realize how much until by 10:00 I had already finished my second 25 ounce glass of water!  I wish I could get in the habit of drinking as much water at home on the weekend as I do during the week at work.  One of the things I need to work on in 2014.

Tony and I both had a chinese jones going on, so I picked up food on the way home – I got a small beef and broccoli, and egg roll and wonton soup – I may have had to add some sriracha to kick them up a notch. 

chinese 007

chinese 009

And I have leftovers for lunch today – love it!  I was perfectly satisfied until I got my hands on crack Chex Mix – gah!  I mindlessly ate two cups of it while watching t.v. last night – another habit that’s come back that I need to break in 2014.

Stats for the Day:

  • 1850 calories, 108 fat, 240 carbs, 107 protein and 37 fiber
  • 40% of calories from carbs, 41% from fat and 18% from protein
  • 35 minute swim

So I saw on the restaurants Facebook page that the Chef plans on bringing out a “breakfast bar” at 1:00 a.m., so that makes me think it’s going to be a long night for me.  I have to be there at 4:30, so I’ll work until 4:00 and then head on over.  I’ll miss hanging out with Tony – we normally watch Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper together – she always kills me how she tries to make Anderson Cooper laugh!

Hope you have a safe and happy New Years Eve!  See you in 2014!  Happy New Year Tony – I love you!


The Great Onion Debate–We Win!

Regular and long time readers will know that Tony and I despise onions.  Growing up our families cooked with them on a regular basis.  We would complain that we don’t like onions, our mother’s response would be “you can’t even taste them” to which we would reply “then why put them in anything?!”  I believe it was on our second or third date that we both learned of our hatred of onions and I think it was at that point that I thought to myself “I need to marry this man!”

I tried to shun them from my daughter.  I was successful until the age of 12 when she went to a sleepover.  They ordered a veggie pizza and not to be rude, Hannah took a piece of pizza that had peppers and onions on it.  When I went to pick her up the next day she ran to me and said “Mom, I had onions on a pizza and it was delicious!”  Sigh.

Flash forward a few years and Tony calls me at work.  He says “I have no idea what your daughter is cooking, but the whole house stinks of onions!”  When I called her later that day and asked what she fixed for lunch – she said “just caramelized onions with butter.”  She literally caramelized half an onion and ate it straight out of the pan.

So in November when I was helping my Mom with her churches chili dinner, I diced so many onions for her signature chili I thought for sure I would smell them on my hands for days.  I ended up bringing a container of the chili home, and upon inspection, I couldn’t really “see” the onions, so I heated it up and it was actually quite delicious.  I sent her an email saying that I loved her chili, even if it had onions in it!

Which brings us to yesterday.  My brother decided that we should have a taste test – sample the exact same chili except for the addition of onions in one.  I was bringing my award winning Buffalo Chicken Chili and I made a pinto bean veggie chili.  My Mom made the two test samples of chili.


My brother set up the ramekins – six in all – 3 of them contained the chili with onions, 3 without.  You had to rank the top three chilis that you thought had the most flavor.  My brothers argument is that onions enhance the flavor of food – not just make the food taste like onions.  His analogy is the same as adding salt to cookies – the salt enhances the flavor of the cookies, but they don’t taste salty.


My brother kept the “official” tally after each taste tester. You know when something is official is when you write it on your pad of paper.


Let the tasting begin!


PicMonkey Collage onion

The verdict???  After all the tastes were added up – ramekins 1,  4 and 5 contained NO ONIONS and received a tally of 15 votes.   Ramekins 2, 3 and 6 contained onions and received a tally of 12 votes!  Tony and I win!!  After all was said and done – my onion loving family (sans me) thought that the chili with no onions had more flavor.  Of course, my brother being scientific said that one test does not necessarily prove the hypothesis that onions don’t have flavor.  All I know is that Tony and I feel vindicated that onions don’t really belong on this earth.

All the grandkids except Hannah were there – it doesn’t happen very often so we had to take pictures – you’d think it would be easier now that they are teenagers and 20 somethings – but out of a couple dozen shots, this was the best one!


And I had to smile at my Momma taking pictures – she’s so short she had to raise her arms to take her picture!


And there was a lot of laughing!


And now its back to reality.  Monday.  Gah.  I have been so used to sleeping in this last week.  I work at the law firm today, then it’s a double tomorrow.  Since we had July 5 off earlier in the year to have a long weekend, I have to work on New Years Eve – and then I found out I am working the bar for New Years Eve at the restaurant.  We have a liquor license until 3:00 a.m, but I am hoping they are sticking to their 1:00 a.m. closing time!

Time to get my stuff together – make it a great day!


Oh hello!

Yesterday was a long day.  One of the secretaries was out at the law firm, and I was steady busy all day long.  It was a creepy drive into work – very foggy!

loot 020

loot 026

I ended up planning my food for the day – first time in a while!  Breakfast was an egg white zucchini omelet, with about 1/2 an ounce of mozzarella in the middle, 4 ounces of leftover steak and blackberries on the side.

loot 004

That whole plate comes in at 374 calories and a whopping 41 grams of protein.  This plate took a long time to eat AND it stuck with me for a long time!

My plan was to hit up the pool at lunch – just an all body workout to get me back in the game.  When I pulled into the parking lot I thought “score – hardly any cars!”  Wouldn’t you know that every lane was filled and homey don’t share a swimming lane if she doesn’t have to.  So Plan B.  Treadmill while watching The Chew.  I ended up running/walking for 30 minutes, 2.2 miles, then cool down of 5 minutes and stretching for 5 minutes.

loot 029

Lunch was a taco salad – chopped romaine, carrots, celery, 4 ounces of cooked taco ground beef, light ranch and lots of hot sauce.  Yum!

loot 006

I had planned on eating some of my buffalo chicken chili for “dinner” since I was bringing it to work for the chef to try, but it was busy right off the bat.  I had a cup of chicken noodle soup and that had to hold me for a while.   My brother and his family, my Mom and Tony came to the restaurant for dinner last night!  It was kind of weird because in all my years of working in the restaurant/bar industry, I am not sure I’ve served my family for a whole dinner!   One of the specials we had on the menu last night was a 16 ounce Porterhouse pork chop – holy cow, did that look delicious!  I love thick cut pork chops but Tony isn’t much of a fan.  I may just have to buy that meal for 50% off – it was only $18!  I wish I had a picture of it, but this is similar.

Grilled Porterhouse Pork Chop with Sorghum

So we have runners who bring the food out – so each seat at a table has a “number” so that the food runner doesn’t have to come to the table and ask “who ordered the gnocci?”  My Mom was in the #1 spot, and when I got to my niece, she said that she and her Mom were going to split the pork chop special.  I was thinking in my head “I wonder where the bone is and if they can split that into two plates?”  I was concentrating on that so that by the time I got to my brother, I just walked away from the table.  As soon as I started punching in all the orders to send to the kitchen, I thought “I never got my brother’s order!”  Having my family there just threw me off my game, but luckily they know me!   This is again a picture off of google images, but he ordered the meatballs over creamy polenta with marinara sauce – the meatballs are stuffed with proscuitto, mozzarella, and basil.


And then just as my family table was finishing up, I got to work a party of 15 people with another server.  Super nice people, easy going, but they didn’t sit down until nearly 8:30 and then the Chef came out and talked to them for a while, brought out an assortment of appetizers, and chopped salads.  I didn’t get home until after midnight, but it was worth it – even after tipping out I brought home $170.  Not too shabby!  And for the record, we declare our tips – cash or not.   Next week I found out that I am working the bar area for New Year’s Eve – should be fun!

But after working all day and being on my feet for 7+ hours, I was beat this morning.  Tony and I slept in, watched t.v.  I didn’t even get out of bed until noon other than to make coffee!   My brother and his family are going to see The Hobbit today – they saw Walter Mitty yesterday because of the time it was playing before dinner last night.  So I am going over to my Mom’s tomorrow for the day to have lunch with everyone – my sister and her kids are coming over too.  I told my brother that I would bring over my buffalo chicken chili for chili mac for lunch – he said that he might make a batch of Texas chili – which is said has no beans.  I said “that’s like Cincinnati chili” and he said “no, that’s Texas chili!”  When I asked if he used brisket he said just ground beef and no beans.  I am sure I will win!

So by the time the chili was heated up, there was only a handful of people left, so they heated up just one of the containers I brought.  They all loved it!  And the Chef said that he loved that it was a “light” chili – which it is – there’s no fat, all fresh ground chicken breast, and veggies.  Yum!  I was cleaning tables when it came out and by the time I went back it was all gone.  I ended up bringing the second container home and had a cup with a small glass of wine before hitting the sack.

I hope to catch up on some computer work today – turns out if you work 16 hours in a day you don’t get a lot of time to check out Facebook, check email or even read comments on your own blog!

Stats for the Day:

  • 1313 calories, 57 fat, 117 carbs, 82 protein, 36 fiber
  • 39% of calories from fat, 35% from carbs and 25% from protein
  • 2.2 mile walk/run in 30 minutes
  • average blood sugar 102 – nice!

Enjoy your weekend – its 45 degrees here today and everything is melting – love it!  After Christmas, I am totally over snow.  But I still love my snowmen!  Big shout out to blog reader and friend Laura (docklady!) who sent some gifts through my Mom.  Love them – thank you!!!

loot 015


It turns all different colors when you turn it on!  And then she got me a snowman mug, hand towel and holiday spoon from Pampered Chef – so cute!

loot 032