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June 2013


I am a Winner!

I guess money motivates me.  I joined my friend Helen’s DietBet last month hoping it would motivate me to make better choices, ditch the wine (in summer – I know!) and get my butt in gear.

May 31: 175.8 

June 29?

diet bet 004

I lost 8.2 pounds in 30 days!!!!

before   diet bet 008

diet bet 010

Before and after(love my eyes being closed!)  – I think you can tell a difference?!  I sadly couldn’t wear the same top in the before and after, because the pink one got ruined when our basement got water.  I am still not wearing a bra in the after one though – you know, to keep it consistent! Open-mouthed smile

The month of June also showed a PR on my 5k – 33:11.  My goal is that by July 31, I want to run a sub 30 minute 5k. Open-mouthed smile


I measured myself in April for some odd reason, so while the measurements aren’t truly accurate for the month of June, since the last time I lost .5 inch each off my thigh, hips, waist and chest and a whopping .75 inch off my bicep!  Guess the Insanity is working!  Check out my workout calendar for June!   23.75 hours of workouts (and will be over 24 after I do Insanity this afternoon.)

I forgot to tell you that my motto for the month of June was

Train Insane or Remain the Same!”

6.28 004

I did discover that next week is a recovery week, so I am still taking the DVD with me, but it won’t be as intense.  I still plan on getting a lot of walks, swimming and hill runs in while on vacation next week though. Open-mouthed smile

And when I get back from vacation I am going to be switching up my diet a bit – making sure to get more veggies and fruits in – yesterday I didn’t get many of either!

Breakfast was a breakfast roll – ham put in the bottom of a hot dog bun, topped with scrambled egg/egg whites and spinach, topped with cheese and put under the broiler.  I never ended up eating the apple.

6.28 001

I had an errand to run at lunch, the pulled pork and cucumber I threw in my bag just didn’t cut it, so I got an Italian Beef – their website said this small one is only 375 calories!  Just beef, bun and lots of hot peppers.

6.28 008

When I came home, Tony was waiting for me outside, smoking a cigar and he had already poured me a glass of wine.  It’s funny, but after staying away from alcohol all week, I am a cheap date – I had two glasses and I was already feeling loopy!

6.28 011

Tony was making me laugh, as usual!

6.28 017

He is staying home and he’s stocked the fridge with beer and meat.  I am confident next week that Tony will not consume one vegetable.  What would your significant other eat if you weren’t home to cook for them?!

He bought Boboli pizza crusts, two small ones and we each ate 3/4 of our pies – mine was sausage, pepperoni and spinach with cheddar cheese, Tony’s had mozzarella cheese and green olives added.

6.28 022

Tony and I had a lazy morning, then ended up going to Trader Joe’s and out to lunch.  I ordered the Udon noodle soup – its only 65 degrees today – but seriously, I can soup year round no matter the temperature – who am I kidding?!

diet bet 016

Tony got sushi.  Raw shit.  Just . . . ew.

diet bet 024

So not a bad month!  Check out some of the good food I ate too – and I was still able to lose 8.2 pounds!


So a few of you have let me know you are interested in doing Helen’s second DietBet – it starts July 13.  Once the link is live I will send each of you the link who are interested – just leave me a comment if you haven’t already said you are in, or send me an email at

I leave tomorrow for Virginia.  My internet is spotty so it’s a hit or miss if and when I will post – so you may see me a few times next week, or maybe not at all!  In either case, I’ll post vacation pictures next Saturday.  Cannot wait to eat pork bbq and float in the lake!  Have a wonderful 4th of July!

Hugs, Biz


Flashback Friday

I can’t believe the month of June is almost over!  And I never knew I could stick with my program for the whole month.  I have to say, I am a bit proud of myself!  And I loved walking into the living room, after finishing my Insanity, dripping with sweat and Tony giving me high fives!  He’s the best cheerleader I could ever have. Open-mouthed smile Red heartThumbs up

So May 31 – this is what I looked like – 175.8, filled with moist brisket, sausage, wine and beer after an awesome vacation in Austin.  Yep, love that I took this picture with no bra on – ha!  (turns out I don’t care). Open-mouthed smile

5.31 004

My last official WI for the DietBet is tomorrow.  Winners of our group of 13 will be notified 48 hours after the end of the game – looks like some of the others pulled it out at the end, but I’ll wait for the official results – as of last week I had already met my goal of losing 4%, so I am hoping to add another pound off tomorrow.  I did 21 days of Insanity and have worked out more than 21 hours so far this month – just shows to go that hard work does pay off.

Some roads were still under water, but it wasn’t that bad of a commute – I got there in 35 minutes.

6.27 027

Breakfast was blueberry pancakes, sugar free syrup and two slices of deli ham. I love the salty sweet combo. Open-mouthed smile

6.27 007

It was a gorgeous day after all the rain we’ve had.  What I love about the pool that I go to is that the dedicated lap swim lane is for adults only.  I was the only one in the lane yesterday, and if kids tried to creep in, the lifeguards would tell them to get out – love it!  I do find that it’s not as boring to swim outside as it is inside – there is so much to hear and look at in an outdoor pool.

After my 30 minute swim, I decided to just chill for 5 minutes in the sun.  No worries (Morgan, I am talking to you!) I had on water proof SPF 50. 

6.27 032

6.27 033

It’s such a great way to break up the day.  If I haven’t told you in a while Tony, thanks again for getting me this gym membership!

I ended up making naan bread pizza for lunch – 1 ounce of sausage, 4 slices of turkey pepperoni, baby spinach and cheese with cucumbers and light ranch dip.  This plate was so filling – it came in at 523 calories.

6.27 010

I kept spinning the tea wheel at work – yesterday I tried this one and I really, really liked it – it is spicy!

6.27 035

By the time it was time to leave work, the storms returned with a vengeance.  There was actually two times that I had to pull over because it was raining so hard.

6.27 037

6.27 039

And then when I was just miles from our house, the skies were sunny, bright blue skies, yet behind me, in the rear view mirror, it was pitch black.

6.27 046

I realized once I got home that I never pulled out the chicken thighs I was going to cook for dinner.  So I went the easy route – sandwiches and french fries!  As you can see, I was using up the end of a loaf of bread, but I actually love the end pieces.

6.27 023

I may have dipped my fries in this! So spicy good!
6.27 026

Then it was time for Day 21 of Insanity!  Pure cardio, and I am happy to report that I did 95% of it.  Those burpees (suicides) will be the death of me – I can never do as many as they do – some day!  And when I began this program when we did certain stretches, I was only able to put my fingertips to the floor – now?  I can put my whole palm down! #gettingmoreflexible!

6.27 055

I posted that picture on Instagram (are you following me?  biz319) and asked if they were sick of seeing this sweaty mug.  They said no.  I should have posted this picture just to mix it up!
6.27 054

I am sure Tony is proud of that one – ha!

Stats for the Day:

  • 30 minute swim at lunch
  • 40 minutes – Day 21 Insanity
  • 1541 calories, 64 fat, 183 carbs, 13 fiber and 59 protein
  • 48% of calories from carbs, 31% from fat and 15% from protein

I stumbled upon a blog yesterday that talked about cool apps.  Who doesn’t love cool apps?  You can check out her run down here – thanks for sharing those Sara, I hadn’t heard of most of them!

The coolest one I downloaded right away was the Fooducate.  You can scan products at the grocery store, it will give you a letter grade on how good the food is, and also provide better alternatives in that same food group – how cool is that?!

Question of the Day:  Helen, the leader of my DietBet this month will be starting another DietBet on July 13.  The premise is you pay in $25 bucks (though paypal or a credit card) and you have to lose 4% of your weight in a month.  They give you a secret word you have to WI with, you have to take a picture of you full body like the photo of me above (no one sees it but the DietBet people) on your scale, and then at the end you have to repeat the process and they verify if you’ve lost the weight.  Everyone who loses gets to split the pot at the end.

If you have an interest in joining this next DietBet, can you please leave a comment and let me know or send my an email at  Apparently, not only a photo of myself on a boat motivates me, but money does too!

Happy Friday!  My last workday before heading to my Aunt’s Lake House! Island with a palm tree


What Lit A Fire Under My Ass

What a crazy commute it was yesterday.  It took me 80 minutes to drive 15 miles.  Roads were closed because of flooding, so that diverted traffic onto the main road that gets me to work.

6.26 038

6.26 057

Turns out out town ended up with six inches of rain the other night – so crazy!  Tony and I were talking that this has to be the rainiest spring/summer we’ve had since we’ve lived here.

By the time I got to work, the rain was still coming down in buckets and as much as I wanted to wait it out, I had to make a run for it and got soaked in the process. Sad smile

6.26 041

I was really hungry by the time I got to work, I’d only had a cup of coffee, and really could have had three cups for how long I was in the car!  But I knew I had one of my favorite breakfasts to put together – the breakfast baked potato!

  • 1/2 a baked potato, insides scooped out (5 oz.)
  • 1/2 cup of chopped spinach
  • 1 egg
  • 1 ounce of cheese
  • 2 ounces of chopped steak

I scrambled the potato insides with the spinach and egg.  Once I got to work, I put the potato skin in the toaster oven and got it super crispy.  I reheated the egg mixture, put that into the potato, topped with leftover steak, then the cheese and broiled it for another few minutes.  This is so filling and comes in at 433 calories.

6.26 002

I knew I had cardio recovery last night for Insanity, so ended up doing the stair master for 35 minutes – it is such a sweaty workout – I felt my eyelashes were sweating too!
stair master

I actually had to look up how many stories the Sears Tower was, and found that they have a fund raiser walk in October I might sign up for?

I ended up making me and my boss turkey, spinach and cheese panini’s on my artisan whole grain bread.  My boss and I both decided we really like these “tasting plates.”  They take a long time to eat and are really filling and a lot of food for the calories. Open-mouthed smile

6.26 012

A new tea that I made iced tea out of yesterday, that I think is even better than the cranberry apple?  Pom Raspberry – yum!  I think I had 100 ounces of this tea alone yesterday!

6.26 056

I had leftover flank steak in the fridge that needed to be used up.  I decided to make taquitos.  Since the fryer was already on, I decided to fry up some jalapenos for myself:

  • 1 sliced jalapeno
  • 1 tablespoon flour
  • 1 tablespoon beer (um, turns out Tony was okay drinking the rest of the beer)

6.26 021

6.26 023

My taquito filling – for each taquito – 1.5 ounces of chopped steak, 1/2 ounce of cheese, salsa and cilantro.  Since our fryer holds a temperature, these aren’t greasy, but to be on the safe side, I add a teaspoon of oil to my fatsecret food log.

6.26 025

6.26 027

Yum and yum.  The side dish?  Could not be easier.  I cheated and stopped at a Chinese restaurant and ordered a large white rice for $2 bucks to go.

Black Bean Corn & Rice Salad

  • six servings: 3/4 cup each: 151 calories, 1.9 fat, 28 carbs, 4.3 fiber and 5 protein


  • 2 cups cooked rice
  • 1 cup black beans
  • 1 cup corn
  • 1 tomato, diced
  • 1 tablespoon ranch dressing
  • 1 tablespoon taco seasoning
  • 1 teaspoon cumin
  • 1/4 cup salsa
  • salt and pepper

So delicious!  The first jalapeno almost made me choke it was so spicy, but I got used to it and quickly ate the rest.  Tony just shook his head! Open-mouthed smile

6.26 034

After I cleaned up the kitchen, I went straight to Cardio Recovery, Day #20 of Insanity.  I am proud to say that I was able to do 100% of the workout with no modifications!  I am even getting more flexible, which I didn’t think was possible.  I was super flexible as a child, I could do the splits no problem.  In the beginning I couldn’t put my hands on the ground, only to my ankle.  Last night I could put the palms of my hands on the floor – crazy!

6.26 062

So I’ve gotten a few emails from readers asking my where I’ve gotten my workout mojo this month.  They say a picture is worth 1,000 words.


That picture was taken by my step-son on vacation in Austin. May 21st to be exact.  I didn’t know he was taking the picture, and actually didn’t notice it on Facebook until we got home.  You can’t hide a stomach like that, fyi.  My sister and I always joke that we have the opposite of anorexia, the bigger we got we thought we still looked good!

And when my step-son Joe said that he could make me an Insanity DVD, game on.  I actually am as surprised myself how long I’ve kept this up.  I usually give up by now because it’s too hard and it’s easier to do nothing.  As of this typing, I am over 21 hours of working out in the month of June.  And guess what?  I still watch 2 hours of t.v. at night, so if there is a will, you’ll find a way.

Stats for the Day:

  • 35 minute Sears Tower climb on stair master
  • 33 minute Cardio Recovery Day #20
  • 1577 calories, 68 fat, 172 carbs, 21 fiber and 76 protein
  • 44% of calories from carbs, 39% from fat and 21 from protein

Only two more days until my final DietBet weigh in. . . .


Make it a great day!