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November 2012


Best Panini Ever!

We were going to meet Joe and Lizz for lunch yesterday.  I wasn’t sure where we were going to go, so all I had for breakfast was a piece of my artisan bread toast.

kelsey 002

But it looked naked.  Then I remembered that I won some jelly from Veronica’s bake sale fundraiser for Suzie!   I won them from Eliot’s Eats.  I’ve tried commenting on the blog but it must be going to spam, so hopefully she’ll see this!  The jelly I tried yesterday?  Serrano Mango!  Doesn’t that scream me?!

kelsey 004

The kids had a late start yesterday, so I ran some errands.  By the time they got here and we left for lunch it was after 2:00!  And I was hungry.  The good Biz was telling me to get a chopped salad.  But the bad Biz won!

Blackened chicken panini with mixed greens, walnuts, sliced pears and brie.

kelsey 015

Amazeballs.  The bread was super crispy, yet tender, the sliced pears were a nice balance with the spicy chicken.  It was huge – I could only eat half of it. I definitely need to recreate this one at home.

We had a great lunch.  Sadly, Tony cannot take a serious picture!

kelsey 010

kelsey 011

Then I just got him out of the picture!  I love this one.

kelsey 009

They came back to our house for the rest of the afternoon before heading back to Lizz’s parents had relatives coming over for dinner.  We will see them again tomorrow and then they leave on Sunday already – a 5 day trip does go by fast!

Neither Tony and I were hungry for dinner so we ended up just eating some popcorn.  Not the healthiest of days I’ve had – and I didn’t exercise.  I was going to take 2 rest days this week, so I’ll have to hit the gym the next three days.  No worries!

My Skinny snowman challenge score for yesterday?  A big fat zero!  I need to pick up the pace on this challenge and get to the store to get more fruit, I am completely out.

I am loving these four day weekends – I could get used to this!  But I didn’t win the lottery, so boo.  Just about to fill my water bottle up – I didn’t drink hardly any yesterday.

Happy Friday!


She Has An All Snowman Christmas Tree!

Joe and Lizz got stuck in Atlanta on Tuesday night – their flight was delayed from Austin, so they didn’t get to Chicago until yesterday morning.  I knew we were going to be meeting them out to for dinner to meet her parents, but I didn’t know where we were going so I decided to make my breakfast and lunch as healthy as possible.

I wanted to make a smoothie for breakfast, but my blender is so old and loud, and it was early and Tony was still sleeping.  I decided to blend it outside!  Yep, I am a hillbilly like that. Open-mouthed smile

lizz 001

  • 1.5 cups coconut milk
  • 2 cups baby spinach
  • 1/2 a frozen banana
  • 1/2 a cup frozen raspberries
  • 1 tablespoon peanut butter

lizz 004

While I know it doesn’t look pretty, this tasted really good.  I sipped it on my way to work.

I had to do a Sam’s Club run for work to stock up our beverage fridge.  I stopped at Mariano’s to hit up their salad bar to accessorize my lunch.  This whole container was $4, which I don’t think is too bad.  I had fat free ranch dressing at work.

lizz 007

I also had a cup of my Cincinnati chili with jalapenos – wish they were spicier!

lizz 015

We ended up meeting them at Nick’s Pizza.  We got there before them so we sat at the bar.  Love a bar that has good beer on tap!  I got a Fat Tire.  Tony?  A fucking Miller Lite.  Always Miller Lite – gah!  And peanuts are everywhere – you just throw the shells on the floor!


We ended up eating chicken wings as appetizers (I had 4) and then a double decker pizza, which is dough, sauce, cheese, more dough, sauce and toppings, then cheese.  I didn’t take any pictures at dinner – we were enjoying getting to know Lizz’s parents.

They are wonderful.  Very down to earth, they love Joe and welcome him into their family.  Lizz’s parents were both born in Mexico and didn’t come to the states until their teenage years.  Lizz’s Mom was so apologetic about her English, but she was just fine.  Lizz’s brother was also with us – he’s in 8th grade. Open-mouthed smile

After dinner we headed back to her parents house.  I felt right at home as soon as I walked in.  Want to know why? 

There were snowmen everywhere!!

She has my dream Christmas tree – every single ornament is a snowman!!  Skippy, you would have loved to see this tree!

lizz 019

lizz 029

lizz 030

lizz 033

lizz 034

Yep, I was in snowman heaven!  If I could decorate today, I would, but Tony doesn’t like the decorations up for very long – I think after December 10 he’s okay, but literally by New Year’s Day he wants everything gone.  Bah humbug!

We ended up talking for hours and didn’t get home until nearly 1:30 a.m. last night!  Needless to say, I didn’t wake up until 10:15 this morning. Flirt male

So we have plans to meet the kids for lunch today, not sure where yet.  I had a piece of toast to tied me over until then.  And I have to get to the gym at some point today.  I took a rest day yesterday and I am so glad I did – I was so sore from that exercise class on Tuesday night!

So thank you to Maria and Arturo for a wonderful dinner and evening!

   lizz 035 copy   lizz 036 copy

So how many points did I earn on my Snowman Challenge yesterday?  35 points

  • 10 points for having veggies at breakfast and lunch
  • 10 points for logging my food
  • 10 points for getting my water in
  • 5 points for 5 positives for the day
  1. Thankful that Joe and Lizz got here safely
  2. meeting Lizz’s parents
  3. taking a rest day from working out Open-mouthed smile
  4. double decker pizza – it’s amazeballs
  5. sleeping in today

Off to jump in the shower and I’ll see where the day takes me – make it a great day!


Spicy Tomato Cauliflower Soup

I hardly ever wear winter coats.  I figure I walk to my car, drive to work, walk into work.  That is one thing I do not miss about working downtown was having to bundle up to make the mile walk to my office after getting off the train.

Yesterday however?  It was cold.  17 degrees cold.  But I still went with just my sweater because that’s how I roll. Winking smile

I still had leftover pot roast from the night before last, so I made a shredded zucchini, shredded potato, egg white hash and had that with 2.5 ounces of the beef with a small piece of toasted naan on the side.  I nuked the meat for about 30 seconds only – just wanted to take the chill off and not overcook it – still super tender.

mac 005

I decided to take a group exercise class last night, so at lunch I just swam for 30 minutes.  The indoor pool has skylights and it was sunny yesterday and the reflection of the sun off the water was just so pretty.  Almost made me feel like I was outside!


I cleaned out my refrigerator last weekend.  I know I clean it out pretty decent every couple weeks, but somehow I had a container of yogurt that expired in August!  Ew.  I did find a head of cauliflower that I needed to use up.  My idea was to make a cauliflower soup, so I started with 4 cups of chicken broth, chopped up the cauliflower and started that going. 

And here is where things just went crazy.  I thought I could make an Indian inspired soup, so I added a cup of coconut milk and some garam masala.  The result?  Nastiness.  It was too watery, not a whole lot of flavor.  So I added a 28 ounce can of tomato puree and 2 chipotle peppers – the coconut milk was a tad too sweet for me.

The result of that?  Deliciousness.  I liked the sweet/heat combo of the coconut milk with the chipotle peppers.  I also pureed it with my stick blender.  The best though?  I made this four servings of 2 cups each – each serving is only 154 calories, 3.7 fat, 27 carbs, 7.7 fiber and 6.3 protein.  I had some naan cheese bread on the side.

mac 014

So I got to the aerobics room at my gym at 5:05.  The class started at 5:15.  It was described as being “high energy cardio with strength training using various equipment such as body bars, hand weights and Bosu.”

Now it’s been well over a year since I took a group exercise class.  And the fact that I chose one to start that was 55 minutes long – I was a bit nervous.  And the median age of the class of six women?  I would guess around 55 – including the instructor!  The others were obviously regulars.  The instructor came up and asked me “have you taken a step class before?”  I had, but the last step class I took was when I worked at Sears Corporate headquarters – and I left that job in 2005!

                          at gym  tools

I have to say, while the class was fucking hard, it went by really quick.  Just when I thought I couldn’t do anymore cardio, she’d switch it up and we’d move on to strength.  And when I thought I couldn’t do that anymore, we went back to cardio.

The hardest part?  At the end, right before the cool down, we did five one minute squats against the wall with our arms out – holy shizz, I am feeling that this morning in my quads and calves.


I survived though!  And I have to say that I really pushed myself, way harder than I probably would have on my own doing a video tape.  I am definitely going to make this class a regular, and am going to see what other classes I can squeeze in – I know they have spin classes on the weekend, which means I’ll just have to get my ass out of bed! Open-mouthed smile 

I got home an hour later than normal, but I had already made the Cincinnati chili, so all I had to do was cook up the pasta.  I had mine with 1 cup of chopped broccoli and jalapeno peppers. 

mac 024

The jalapenos weren’t spicy at all. Sad smile  But I was REALLY hungry, so this was delicious. 

My pre-workout fuel – at 3:00 p.m. I had a giant fuji apple with a teaspoon of peanut butter.  At 4:15 my blood sugar was only 160, so I ate a banana, and that worked out great.  I didn’t feel a huge drop in my blood sugar while I was working out. 

           SAMSUNG                  banana

So my Skinny Snowman Tally for the Day:  70 points

  • veggie serving with every meal – 15 points
  • 3 fruit servings – 15 points
  • log food – 10 points
  • 5 positives about your day – 5 points
  1. I drank all my water using my water app as a reminder
  2. my boss is out of town on business so I got to listen to Pandora all day while I worked
  3. I cleaned out a desk drawer at work that desperately needed it
  4. I didn’t chicken out taking a group class Open-mouthed smile
  5. Tony is my biggest cheerleader – thanks Tony!
  • 64 ounces of water or more – 10 points
  • 90 minutes of exercise – 15 points

Today is my Friday!! Joe and Lizz were supposed to fly in last night, but they had trouble with their first plane due to mechanical issues, so they got stuck in Atlanta for the night.  We plan on having dinner out with them and Lizz’s parents, so I am excited about that – it’s been a long time since we’ve eaten out! Be right back

Question of the Day:  How often do you take group exercise classes? 

Make it a great day!