He’s Home!

When I went to the hospital yesterday morning to see Tony, none of his doctors had been by yet.  So I headed to work, but not without spending $1.65 at the cafeteria for 2 scrambled eggs, 2 turkey sausage patties and an english muffin.  When I got to work I toasted the english muffin, then with 1/2 ounce of cheese I had in the work fridge, finished it off in the toaster oven – this is 13 points but totally filling!

um, maybe with some Tabasco added 😀

Then late in the morning Tony called me to say that his discharge papers were being put together – woot!  I quickly got permission to take the rest of my work day off, and went straight to the hospital.  Turns out when they say they are “starting” the paperwork, three and a half hours later we were ready to go – Tony was so ready to come home!

he's so tired 🙁

When we got home he was able to eat a bowl of soup – probably the most he’s eaten in well over a week!  I heated up 1/2 cup of my three bean chicken chili and had it over 2 ounces of leftover pasta – still using what I have in the house! 😀

7 PointsPlus

While I plan on doing a full grocery shop over the weekend, I started thinking about things that Tony could eat – you see he is on a low fiber diet, i.e. white bread, white rice, regular pasta all get the green light!

Tony is not huge on eating breakfast, but when I mentioned pancakes he said yes. 😀  The only problem was that I didn’t have any milk.  But I did have fat free half and half!

Simple Fluffy Pancakes (adapted from Lick My Spoon)

Each pancake: 98 calories, .5 fat, 19.1 carbs, .7 fiber and 3.5 protein = 2 PointsPlus)

  • 8 ounces all purpose flour
  • 1 tablespoon baking powder
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt
  • 2 eggs
  • 10 ounces of fat free half and half
  • (I left out the butter in the batter)

I am the queen of throwing everything in a bowl and just using a mixer, so that’s what I did.  I’ve mentioned it before, but the secret to fluffy pancakes is to let the batter sit for at least 15 minutes to let the baking powder do its magic.

I cook my pancakes over medium heat to start, and then to medium-low as the pan gets hot – about 1-2 minutes a side.

I didn't put syrup on them yet because they are for tomorrow - but Hannah tasted one and they got a thumbs up! 😀

I am submitting these to Christina’s Friday Firsts – first time I’ve used half and half to make pancakes!

When I got home yesterday, I got a package that I forgot I won from Danica:

Cannot wait to try this one though:

Hannah had to take my picture yesterday . . . more details later but I am going to be in a diabetes magazine in April – I thought I would leave you with this out take picture – keep it real peeps!  Have a great weekend!

p.s.  you still have time to enter my giveaway – entries accepted until Sunday night and a winner will be picked on Monday, February 28! 😀

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  1. I'm glad he's home. Your cooking and rest will heal him fast. You both look so good though, love the pics. Pancakes, sound good...taste for me, not so good but maybe these would be better. I'll make them for the daycare and see. Take care Biz and have a wonderful day today. God Bless you all!!
  2. So happy Tony is home! Geez, he's gotten permission to eat the diet we all dream of LOL! I didn't know Annies was making a line of light dressings. I'm going to be looking for those. Have a great weekend Biz!
  3. So glad to hear that Tony is home, I hope he can get some good rest now :) Even though it's just a funny picture, you look great! Hope you have a great weekend Biz.
  4. I could not have a bigger smile on my face if I tried. I am so, so happy for you and Tony, Bizzy. :D He does look tired, but he looks GREAT! YAY for being home. And you are a nut. That picture is so funny. Have a nice, quiet, relaxing weekend my friend. Y'all deserve it.
  5. Excellent news! Healing wishes to Tony for a speedy recovery :) Heh - love that pic of you, and I am totally going to try out that pancake recipe. Um, maybe with single cream - am not quite sure what half & half is, as I've never seen it at the supermarket here.
  6. DiningAndDishing
    So glad to hear Tony is home!! I hope he enjoys his low fiber diet - pancakes is most certainly a good way to enjoy some white flour!! :) - Beth @ www.DiningAndDishing.com
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  7. Yay! So glad Tony is home :) Enjoy your weekend with hubby!! I love the picture - keepin' it real! And those pancakes - YUM! They look soooo fluffy, just like the recipe says! :)
  8. That's great! I bet it was so nice to snuggle up with him last night. I so miss that when Den is gone. What is the last word on Tony's shirt? I wanted to read the whole thing! Congrats on getting into a diabetes mag--that is so cool! Love the outtake pic--haha!
  9. Tony is looking good! So happy he was sprung - I hope his recovery is both uneventful and quick. :) That is a cute picture - shows your personality...are you sure you don't want to submit that one?!?
  10. glad to hear Tony is home!! How great is that?! Congrats on winning Danicas giveaway!!! woo hoo! I just recently bought the lite gingerly, and I am absolutely convinced it is the best salad dressing EVER! Wish my stores would carry more varieties! And congrats on your new diabetes magazine feature!
  11. Awesome news!!!!! Yay Tony! That's so cool that he's home in time for the weekend for you two to get to spend some quality time together!! Plus he'll get to finally rest in his own bed and eat your food! Thanks for sharing with Friday Firsts and for the shout out!
  12. YAY!!!!!! BIG YAY!!!! So glad Tony is home with you and Hannah!!! What a relief for all three of you. (and your dog!!) Congrats on the magazine feature, when your media star rises, don't forget us!!! :) Take care of yourself while you're taking care of everyone else, ok?? Still sending good recovery thoughts down to Tony! Have a good weekend.
  13. So so so happy he is home. Seriously, what is it with discharge papers? It's like they have to chop down the tree and make their own paper..... Have a GREAT weekend.
  14. You're so gangsta! I've been working on keeping the kids in my room "G" at work. I let their parents know I'm teaching them a life skill. I'm also working on teaching them how to scratch and massage my back too. It's hard teaching 1 year olds these things, BUT I'm a pretty determined lady. So glad Tony is home! Enjoy your weekend!
  15. Welcome home Tony! You look great. A white food diet, who would have thought you would get permission to do that? I did a pancake post today too but mine are all grainy and full of fiber! Enjoy having your sweety back home and I know you two will be so happy being together this weekend!
  16. HOOORAYYYYYYYYYY! SO happy hes back home! And pancakes look perfect- nice and fluffy. I hope he is back on his feet in no time. haha- that outtake picture is awesome. Congrats on being featured in the magazine!!
  17. so glad tony's home! it's not easy having to stay at the hospital, he'll feel much better being in his own bed. LOVE that last pic of you, i can see in your face that you're losing, lookin' good! ;)
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  18. Woo hoo! I'm glad he's home...he looks like he's about to fall asleep though. I hope he got some nice rest! Your pics are getting better and better, Biz! :-)
  19. What GREAT news, Biz!!!! Wahoooooo! What a great start to your weekend. And you're going to be in a magazine?! Too cool!! I can't wait to hear the details....my mom subscribes to a Diabetes magazine so maybe it's the same?? I LOVE that picture of you! You crack me up. :-)
  20. Cb
    Hey Biz---long time lurker but big fan of yours, all of your recipes are gold!! Just wanted to come out of hiding to send warm wishes to you and your husband. So glad to see him home and on the road to recovery!! Take care!!

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