Monday morning. . .

and back to work.  Luckily even though I was off last week, so were many other people at my office so the piles I thought would be on my desk aren’t as big – whew!

Breakfast was a homemade mcmuffin with 4 ounces of mandarin oranges.  I am still trying to figure out my camera, so be patient!


Okay, my break is over.  I am going home at lunch today to check in on Tony so for the time being, my lunch/dinner post will be posted together at the end of the day.   See you tonight!

9 thoughts on “Monday morning. . .

    • Yippee! I think I'll do a post in the next couple days and see who else would be on board. Maybe everyone could pick their own goals, but I'll be checking up with them via reading their blogs (and them reading mine!) to keep us all on track!
  1. Mel
    I dislike Mondays too, but at least coming back from vacation wasn't too horrible for you! I love your egg muffins, they always look so good!
  2. I must've missed the post about supporting each other...can someone let me know which one it was? Sounds fun! I was glad to read that Tony's home and that you all enjoyed a great Christmas, Biz! :-)
  3. I'm sure your busy. I'm glad to hear everything is getting back to normal...or will be getting back to normal, except for the back to work part. It always takes me a while to get back in the grove after a long break. Hope Tony's doing well =)

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